Enact the Apocalypse; Evoke Delta Green Night at the Opera

Delta Green Night at the Opera is a 204 page book of adventures by Arc Dream Publishing and written by Dennis Detwiller, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze. It includes six adventures previously available separately in PDF and is available for pre-order in print.


Agents call a Delta Green operation a night at the opera. Delta Green operations tend to be violent, bloody, and terrifying just like the six included adventures. The introduction provides the Handler with the advice that campaigns are built one scenario at a time. Individual Agents may go insane or die. But over time the team will gel and become more than the sum of their individual parts. A brief suggestion to try to restrict Agent missions to two to three a year includes a suggested timeline for running the six adventures. At the end of the six adventures an index rounds out the collection of scenarios.

Reverberations introduces new Agents to the world of Delta Green. Dealers and users of a drug are disappearing and the Agents must investigate. A variety of skills will be called upon and straight up legwork is needed to track down where the unnatural meets the normal world. Something otherworldly and deadly may well drive some Agents insane or kill them before the operation is complete. Long time Delta Green players may recognize the Asian Tcho-Tchos, the Liao drug, and the diluted version of Liao called Reverb.

Grisly murders lead agents to discover alien tech in Viscid. A rival group of mercs and law firm steeped in secrets complicate matters while the alien tech shows up in different locations. Each bit of tech must be tracked down and dealt with to make sure the public remains safe.

Music from a Darkened Room offers Agents a haunted house to explore. The house hates and hungers. A powerful ritual must be undone if the Agents are to stop the continuing murders that take place in the house. It is possible for the Agents to stop the immediate killings only to later lose sanity when they find the house being rebuilt for future murders. A careful investigation is called for.

Alien creatures infect humanity with promised immortality in Extremophilia. If the Agents don’t stop the infection it will spread and more people will be lost trying to commune with the alien with the hopes of becoming immortal. The Agents will face off against a truly alien horror and everything comes down to a confrontation at Devils Tower in Wyoming.

The Star Chamber presents a highly unusual scenario with the Agents interrogating another Delta Green team that screwed up. The PCs also alternate characters and play the failed team, both in flashbacks and in the present as they try to defend their actions and pass the buck to each other.

Agents are sent to investigate the complete failure of the Holobeam Array to go online in Observer Effect. Time itself may become suspect and the Agents will find it hard to know which of the conclusions and observations they make can be believed.

Taken together, these scenarios can lead a team from brand new status to seasoned veterans over a span of two and a half years of game time. The Agents will face a variety of mysteries, monsters, and unnatural occurrences. The Handler will be well supplied with handouts, detailed NPCs, step by step notes of events and possible outcomes, art of creatures and NPCs, and maps of important locations. A Night at the Opera is a fine campaign to kick off a Delta Green game, perhaps after the scenario in the Handler’s Guide is run.

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