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[H=3]Arsenal [EPIC][/H]
You are an expert with guns of all shapes and sizes.
Prerequisites: Basic Firearms Proficiency, Weapon Focus (any personal firearm)
Benefit: You are proficient with all firearms. Instead of a specific weapon (such as a Colt M1911), your Weapon Focus ability (and related class abilities and feats, such as Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Focus) applies to all weapons of the same general type (handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, automatic rifles, or machine guns).

[H=3]Big Gun [EPIC][/H]
You believe in using enough gun for the job.
Prerequisites: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Strength 18, base attack bonus +10
Benefit: You can wield firearms as though they were one size category smaller.

[H=3]Bullet Time [EPIC][/H]
You are faster than a speeding bullet.
Prerequisite: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Dex 17+
Effect: If you spend one action point, you may make a Reflex saving throw (DC 20) for any successful attack (melee or ranged) against you this round to be treated as a miss. If a ranged attack normally grants a saving throw for half damage and you succeed at that save, you suffer no damage. Use of this ability is a full round action.

[H=3]Combat Savant [EPIC][/H]
During combat, you constantly analyze your opponents, seeking out the weaknesses in their combat styles.
Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, exploit weakness talent
Benefit: Add your Intelligence modifier to all melee attacks.

[H=3]Close-Quarter Shooter [EPIC][/H]
You are comfortable using firearms in confined spaces and at extreme close range.
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Benefit: You do not incur any attacks of opportunity for using a firearm when threatened.
Normal: Without this feat, you incur an attack of opportunity from all opponents who threaten you whenever you use a firearm.
Note: This is a modified version of the Combat Archery feat from the Epic SRD.

[H=3]Cutting Edge [EPIC][/H]
Your understanding of science and technology is at least a generation or two ahead of its time.
Prerequisites: Mastercraft, Minor Breakthrough, or Medical Mastery class ability, or at least one level of the Discoverer epic prestige class; and 20 ranks in one of the following: Knowledge (earth and life sciences), Knowledge (physical sciences), or Knowledge (technology)
Benefit: You can develop Progress Level 6 technology. On average, it takes three times as long to build a Progress Level 6 object as it does to build an equivalent Progress Level 5 object (for example, a PL 6 laser pistol takes three times as long to build as a PL 5 semiautomatic pistol). The cost to build a Progress Level 6 object is equal to its purchase DC (as listed in the Future SRD) +2. In addition, you must expend one action point. The DC of the Craft check to build the item is equal to that of an equivalent Progress Level 5 item +15. In addition, you gain a +10 bonus when making ability checks or skill checks to understand or use Progress Level 6 science and technology.
Special: This feat is only available at Progress Level 5.

[H=3]Demolition Man [EPIC][/H]
You can do some serious damage in a fistfight.
Prerequisites: Brawl, Improved Brawl, Streetfighting
Benefit: When fighting unarmed using Brawl and its related feats, you do 1d4+Str mod lethal damage in addition to any nonlethal damage inflicted.

[H=3]Dexterous Fortitude [EPIC][/H]
Prerequisites: Dex 21, evasion talent.
Benefit: Once per round, when targeted by an effect that requires a Fortitude saving throw, the character may make a Reflex save instead to avoid the effect (evasion is not applicable).
Note: This is a modified version of the Dexterous Fortitude feat from the Epic SRD.

[H=3]Dexterous Will [EPIC][/H]
Prerequisites: Dex 21, evasion talent.
Benefit: Once per round, when targeted by an effect that requires a Will saving throw, the character may make a Reflex save instead to avoid the effect (evasion is not applicable).
Note: This is a modified version of the Dexterous Will feat from the Epic SRD.

[H=3]Efficient Killler [EPIC][/H]
You dispatch disabled foes quickly and efficiently.
Benefit: You can coup de grace as an attack action which does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The Fortitude save against your coup de grace is DC 15 plus damage dealt.
Normal: Without this feat, a coup de grace is a full round action provoking an attack of opportunity. The Fortitude save is DC 10 plus damage dealt.

[H=3]Epic Defense [EPIC][/H]
You have a knack for staying out of harm’s way.
Benefit: Gain a +1 bonus on Defense.
Special: A character can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

[H=3]Epic Reputation [EPIC][/H]
You are well known to friend and foe alike.
Prerequisite: Reknown
Benefit: Your Reputation increases by 3 points.
Note: This is a modified version of the Epic Reputation feat from the Epic SRD.

[H=3]Field Commander [EPIC][/H]
You excel at leading others in combat.
Prerequisite: Tactical Aid class ability
Benefit: As a free action, you can provide tactical aid (per the class ability) to any single ally within sight and voice range. As a move equivalent action, you can provide tactical aid to all allies (including himself) within sight and voice range.
Normal: Tactical aid is either a move action (single ally) or a full round action (all allies).

[H=3]Flawless Riposte [EPIC][/H]
Even when confronted with multiple foes, you can reflexively and repeatedly counterattack.
Prerequisite: Dexterity 13, Dodge, Agile Riposte, Combat Reflexes
Benefit: If an opponent makes a melee attack or melee touch attack and misses, you may make an attack of opportunity with a melee weapon against that opponent. Resolve and apply the effects from both attacks simultaneously. The maximum number of attacks of opportunity you can make with this ability is equal to your Dexterity modifier +1.
Normal: You can only use the Agile Riposte feat once per round, against the opponent you have designated as your dodge target.

[H=3]Hail of Lead [EPIC][/H]
You can unleash a rapid series of shots at nearby foes.
Prerequisites: Dex 23, Point Blank Shot, Double Tap
Benefit: As a full-round action, you may fire a semiautomatic firearm at your full base attack bonus at each opponent within 30 feet.

[H=3]Immovable [EPIC][/H]
You are exceptionally difficult to push around.
Prerequisites: Defensive Martial Arts
Benefit: You gain a +10 bonus to any opposed checks against attempts to knock you off your feet or move you against your will, including bull rushes and trips.

[H=3]Improved Blind Fight [EPIC][/H]
You can sense nearby opponents, even in total darkness.
Prerequisites: Defensive Martial Arts, Blind Fight, Concentration 15 ranks
Benefit: You suffer no concealment penalties with respect to opponents within 10 feet. When blinded or in total darkness, you gain a +10 bonus to Listen checks when trying to determine an enemy’s location.

[H=3]Improved Living Weapon [EPIC][/H]
You possess deadly skill as an unarmed combatant.
Prerequisites: Living Weapon class ability (1d10 damage)
Benefit: You can take this feat twice. The first time, your unarmed combat damage increases to 1d12; the second, it increases to 3d6.

[H=3]Improvised Plan [EPIC][/H]
You can immediately assess a situation and devise an appropriate strategy.
Prerequisites: Plan talent, Knowledge (tactics) 10 ranks
Benefit: You can use the plan talent at any time as a move equivalent action provoking an attack of opportunity.
Normal: Without this feat, you must use the plan talent prior to a particular dramatic situation.

[H=3]Legendary Hacker [EPIC][/H]
You can turn a keyboard into a deadly weapon.
Prerequisites: Computer Use 15 ranks
Benefit: You gain a +10 to Computer Use checks made to defeat computer security and to Research checks when searching computer records for data.

[H=3]Lethal Weapon [EPIC][/H]
You have a talent for putting people out of commission permanently.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +15
Benefit: When your attack causes massive damage, the Fortitude check is DC 20 instead of DC 15. When an opponent is dying (-1 to -9 hit points) as a result of your attack, the Fortitude check to stabilize is DC 25 instead of DC 20.

[H=3]Man At Arms [EPIC][/H]
You are highly skilled in the use of all manner of melee weapons, from baseball bats to katana.
Prerequisite: Simple Weapons Proficiency
Benefit: The character is proficient with all melee weapons, and no longer takes a -4 penalty when wielding an improvised melee weapon.

[H=3]Man of Mystery [EPIC][/H]
Your exploits are the subject of rumor, exaggeration, and speculation.
Prerequisites: Low Profile
Benefit: Anyone attempting to learn about you (using Gather Information, Research, or the profile class ability) suffers a penalty equal to twice your Reputation bonus.

[H=3]Master Thrower [EPIC][/H]
In your hands, a thrown knife or shuriken can be as deadly as a gun.
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (any thrown weapon)
Benefit: When the character throws a weapon, its base damage increases by one die size (from 1d4 to 1d6, from 1d6 to 1d8, and so on) and its threat range increases by 1.

[H=3]Moment of Truth [EPIC][/H]
At critical moments, you always pull through.
Prerequisites: Action Boost class ability
Benefit: You can spend up to three action points in a round. You can spend one action point, see the result of the roll, and then decide to spend a another point; if the result is still not high enough, you can decide to spend a third point.
Normal: You can only spend one action point per round.

[H=3]One Shot, One Kill [EPIC][/H]
When you take your time before the first shot, you usually don’t need a second shot.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Far Shot, Dead Aim
Benefit: Any ranged attack that you line up (using the Dead Aim feat) does an extra two dice of damage.

[H=3]On The Jazz [EPIC][/H]
Once the adrenaline hits your bloodstream, the rest of the world had better stand back.
Prerequisites: Adrenaline Rush class ability
Benefit: When you spend an action point to the adrenaline rush ability, one additional physical ability score (Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution) is affected, and the scores are increased by 1d6+1.

[H=3]Ranged Blind Fight [EPIC][/H]
When you cannot see a target, you aim intuitively.
Prerequisites: Blind Fight, Point Blank Shot, Listen 10 ranks
Benefit: In ranged combat against targets within 30 feet, every time you miss because of concealment, you can reroll your miss chance to see if you actually hit.

[H=3]Right Hand of Doom [EPIC][/H]
You can throw the mother of all punches.
Prerequisites: Improved Brawl, Improved Knockout Punch, Power Attack
Benefit: As a full-round action, you can make a single unarmed attack that is treated as a critical hit (you must still roll to confirm the critical hit) and does triple damage. This is non-lethal damage.

[H=3]Scent [EPIC][/H]
You have the nose of a bloodhound.
Benefit: You gain the Scent special ability.

[H=3]Semper Vigilans [EPIC][/H]
Even when surprised by an attack, you instinctively protect yourself.
Prerequisites: Improved Initiative, Aware class ability
Benefit: When caught unaware, you are not flat-footed during the surprise round, and instead gain a +4 dodge bonus to your defense.

[H=3]Superior Combat Martial Arts [EPIC][/H]
Your martial arts skills are legendary.
Prerequisites: Combat Martial Arts, Improved Combat Martial Arts, Advanced Combat Martial Arts
Benefit: Your unarmed attack threatens a critical hit on 18-20.

[H=3]Thousand Hand Strike [EPIC][/H]
You can attack more quickly than the eye can follow.
Prerequisites: Flurry of Blows class ability
Benefit: You gain two additional attacks per round when performing a flurry of blows.

[H=3]Trap Sense [EPIC][/H]
Prerequisites: Search 25 ranks, Spot 25 ranks, sweep class ability.
Benefit: If the character passes within 5 feet of a trap or security device, he or she is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if the character was actively looking for it.
Note: This is a modified version of the Trap Sense feat from the Epic SRD.

[H=3]Universal man [EPIC][/H]
You have a natural talent for having natural talents.
Prerequisites: Jack of All Trades (from the Future SRD)
Benefit: You gain a +2 to all skills checks when using a skill in which you have no ranks.

[H=3]Well-Connected [EPIC][/H]
You have a wide network of contacts, associates, and informants.
Prerequisite: Contact (low-level, mid-level, or high-level) class ability or Unlimited Access class ability.
Benefit: By spending an action point, you can name an additional contact, subject to the GM’s approval. All the normal rules and limitations of the Contact ability apply.
Note: This feat allows characters to access specialized help, when they suddenly need someone who speaks Armenian or works at NASA. Remember that when the hero uses a contact, that contact will expect a favor in return (and may expect an epic-level hero to
provide an epic-level favor).

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