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TSR Ernie Gygax on New TSR, WotC Beefs, Trademarks, Licensees, 5E, & More

A YouTube channel, 'Live From the Bunker', interviewed Ernie Gygax about the new TSR. I've watched and decided to try to transcribe the most relevant parts of it, but the full hour-long video is below if you want to see the whole interview and full context. Ernie Gygax is one of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's sons, and recently announced that TSR, the company that launched D&D in 1974, and...

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A YouTube channel, 'Live From the Bunker', interviewed Ernie Gygax about the new TSR. I've watched and decided to try to transcribe the most relevant parts of it, but the full hour-long video is below if you want to see the whole interview and full context.

Ernie Gygax is one of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's sons, and recently announced that TSR, the company that launched D&D in 1974, and bought by WotC in the late 1990s, was returning.

All the below is Ernie Gygax's words as best I could transcribe. I'm posting the facts of what was said here, without commentary.

There's also talk about early TSR stories, Gail Gygax lawsuits and wills, etc. but I've tried to stay on topic. You can watch the full interview for more.

Why A New TSR?

TSR has been gone. There's a ton of artists and game designers and people that play..... and recently they were dissed for being old-fashioned, possibly anti modern trends, and enforcing, or even having the concepts of gender identity (laughs).

All I'm trying to do is fill in the stripmine, allow this old fertile soil to produce more games and products again. We're not gonna be able to get back the diamond that was Dungeons & Dragons. We'll be able to make things that might have chips of diamond material... we're never gonna see that great D&D diamond again, I don't think.

Why Two TSRs?

The other TSR is a licensee because [Jayson Elliot] let it lapse. But he had absolutely ... love for the game and the products. There was no reason to say 'oh you've screwed up, oh it's all ours, ha ha ha ha!' Instead, Justin [LaNasa] came to him and said ... we love that you're doing Top Secret things, we have a much broader goal for the whole thing. But there's no reason for you to stop or even have any troubles. Justin said, I'll take care of the paperwork, you just give me $10 a year, and you put out all this love for old school gaming that you can. And we appreciate that you were there to try and pick up things, and you produced Gygax Magazine, for in its time that you're also working on a game that you love to play ... because Top Secret was Jayson's love, as a young man.

On Gail Gygax, Wills, & Courts

We are in court right now with Gail Gygax, my father's last wife, who he impressed upon me, this is my wife, this was his last years, if you're going to deal with me, you're going to be dealing with my wife here. So 'OK father, understood'. And he said 'it doesn't matter what you think, because this is my wife'. That is important!

But he then did a will. The will was not put forth because the assumption was that there was not $50,000 in 19... or 2008, I should say, dollars worth of value in his estate. And right now though without that Gail had complete control of all the IPs and product, and she had pulled them all from the market hoping to sell them as one gigantic package to a large conglomerate, be it Pepsi or a studio or whatever.

Which did not happen, and at least in my opinion - and exactly that, an opinion - has lowered the knowledge and recognition of my father's name and his works. I think the best way to show and create value for anything is to have it in front of the public. And so in September there's going to be a couple of days where I get up really early - and it's not my style, like I said I was up until 6 in the morning - so by 8am I'm supposed to be bright and chipper and being questioned by lawyers as well as other family members.

Top Secret

[Top Secret] hasn't done real well, OK? But hopefully there will be a little bit of extra energy involved with Jayson and his material too, because we will be openly talking about them, and saying there's this fine gentleman, this ally. And there'll be other allies.

How Involved Are You?

With the two other gentleman as well as many volunteers and hopefully an ever expanding membership. This is kind of ... think of like an old British club where you know 'oooh, we sit around with our cigars'. This is gonna be hobby [champions?]

TSR Trademark

The TSR logo trademark was found in the dirt, by mistake, as we were setting up the museum. We were just looking for 'dungeon hobby shop', all that sort of thing, and Justin found, aching in the corridor, with the carcass of an old [counter?] this treasure. And instead of saying, like a thief and pocketing this, he said to Jeff and I, we have found this treasure. Let's make something of it!


Giantlands is a first licensee of a product that we are working with. I was involved with Giantlands just before Hobby Shop Museum became a reality. Jim Ward, he said, Luke and Ernie I would like either of you or both to be part of this project. So I said, well Jim Ward's got project, it looks like it was Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, which I loved, and then I started reading more and said 'oh there's this other gentleman, Stephen Dinehart, and look at this, Aztecs flying around on hovercraft and beam weapons, alright, this is starting to look good.

I said I really don't want to get involved deeply with actually writing, having my name on the top, I would love to be involved in basically criticizing, modifying, and polishing the work for somebody else as well as trying to see what we can do to get this to not be just a concept...

How many original TSR people are part of this new TSR?

Well, it's an ever expanding list as we go along. A lot of it are let's say it's involved in projects, so it's not like you're hired on a wage situation, it would be more like royalties, or potentially a job or an occupation. Sometime, though I doubt it will happen because my friend [couldn't make out words] I would love to have him as something to do with our shipping department. He was the longest lasting TSR employee ever, and he was a good buddy, he bought me beer when I was underage.

We have Larry Elmore, particularly interested in Star Frontiers... and he is ready to maybe actually be a [one?] project art director.

On Wizards of the Coast, Lorraine Williams, & Original TSR

They just took as all corporate raiders do the treasures and then tried to make them their own. American Indians did the same thing they would, um, wipe out another tribe many times take the women and children and murder off everything else and leave to make your tribe that much better, room to grow.

On Star Frontiers

It would not be the same game. It would be a complete remake, sadly, or at least enough, as they told my dad when they did 2nd Edition, that I'm sorry you don't deserve any royalties from this because we changed it more than 10%. We're just a small company, we're defiantly not going to go to bat against WotC, that would be a stupid move, we'd just lose.

This is to fill in, and take all those holes where they've thrown back and said 'we don't want that'. So, OK, we're picking up apple cores and panting seeds.

On Cooperating with WotC

I would hope so but they just put out a big disclaimer recently trying to divorce themselves from the ethics and style of play that was involved in the origins of the game. They're basically trying to say 'we're a better company and a better type of person' than those who started playing. At least that's somewhat of the impression they've given and 'please switch over and be part of the new wave'. You know. Join the pack of lemmings, oh yeah!

.... and the problem is my fighter returns antagonism for antagonism. So that's where we start getting into some difficulties and I'm having to throw a protection from evil up. [Can't make out words] here and there, end of the party, and hopefully someday I'll be able to throw a fireball [can't make out words].

The Future of TSR

Justin is extremely interested in dealing with a Swiss firm .... this would just be a licensee .... but it's very possible that I may be taking some of my dungeon features from the old hobby shop dungeon and putting them into a game where it's virtual reality.

On [Online Theories That This Is A Test For?] 6th Edition D&D and WotC

I wish that I had better contacts with Wizards, and some of them probably would like to talk to me at some point too, because almost anybody that plays the games have been and are fans of older material. Though every edition, everybody that got involved somehow was taking their ideas and tried to make them canon, and that's been very interesting, so I guess we all like to own our own property, and I still feel that the best game I ever played in was my father's, probably followed by Rob Kuntz, and then Dave Arneson.

More on Star Frontiers

Unless for some reason they will allow us play royalties and things. We would still like to be friends with WotC for old things. We want to pick up things that were tossed in the dirt, brush them off, but if needed we are not incapable of creation. We'll create and we'll allow people to have things that aren't the method they are prescribing for people, it is not happiness for everybody, though it is happiness for many millions.

The 2019 Giantlands Kickstarter

That was individual. Stephen [Dinehart] is a licensee and my friend, and I'm part of it, but it's not TSR as the company and the people that have the museum. Those are two separate entities, which Justin is the first licensee in that we actually expect to have glorious things occurring.

On Crowdfunding & Late Kickstarters

I had a problem because when I did a crowdfunding on something called the Marmoreal Tomb, we are now just starting to deliver five years late ... its an incredible work! But I brought in an artist, a man of great talent, and more ambition than possibly foresight at the time. He's still cracking the whip, we have received years of hate from some people [can't make out words] Marmoreal Tomb, but not the whole thing, we don't have all the stretch goals, I'm saying that I have a burned hand from Kickstarters. But they do work. The reason that they really work is not just the money that they bring in, because you don't get all of it, maybe 7-10% of gets stolen by banks and other people, because that's why they do this crowdfunding thing, they say 'oh great, yeah, we'll handle your money' but it's gone.

But the idea is that we are going to be doing a membership drive, and a membership will be for playing at the museum, for buying products, and also conventions, probably having conventions where we have no fee, or a very reduced fee, if you're a member. And memberships will be lifetime memberships. A copper membership for like $50, there's a mitral or something for a grand. I don't know. That's something I don't have to worry about.

... [can't make out words] about $64,000 out of 125 or whatever they started with. I think I got 113 or something after Kickstarter peeled off their top. I've been paying for artists, I've wasted money on some accountants, I've got a gamer accountant now to help, and governments, and some people say 'oh you've got to pay tax on this, and oh no we didn't have to, the federal returned some money, the state said you give me money [laughs].

On D&D 5th Edition

The idea is let's share. The idea is there isn't a bad roleplaying game. 5th Edition to me is kinda like drinking light beer, when you could be having a Guinness. It's still cold ... has calories, some.

And more!

The above is selected quotes -- probably about half of the interview, but I tried to focus on new information. I've transcribed those as best I can, but there are a couple of bits where I couldn't make the words out. There's lots more (chat on gaming generally, old TSR stories, etc)! Watch the video for the full thing.

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Trust the Fungus
It never ceases to amaze me how many people will double-down on the defense of racism and sexism in RPGs on the basis of "historical accuracy" while at the same time having physics-altering magic, talking mushroom folk, and giant, fire-breathing flying lizards.

Doubly so when the mushroom people and fire-breathing lizards are less inaccurate than the authentic historicity they're shilling.

Reminds me of the saying I always quote but can never credit: if you're writing a historical fantasy set in Medieval England about a black yeoman farmer and his exiled samurai husband trying to save their beleaguered potato farm... the potatoes are the least realistic element.

Generally speaking, making any major life choice for the purpose of rebelling against a perceived authority is always a bad idea. If the authority is doing it wrong... develop a clear vision for doing it right, set an example, and become the authority that dumb kids rebel against. As someone who believes that TSR D&D was better than WotC D&D, I'm not interested in hearing why WotC D&D sucks... I am interested in alternatives.

And nobody ever loved TSR D&D because it was more racist and sexist than the alternatives. Not a single person I have ever lost my temper with, raised my voice towards, or put on my Ignore List has ever said they wanted WotC D&D to be more sexist and more racist than it was.

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Also, if I'm reading that right (and I hope I'm not), is he outright saying that the whole purpose of doing this is to cater to people who feel "dissed" because they want to enforce two genders?

If that's true, they can all go to h e double l.

I don't think he meant it in a trans bashing way, I think he just meant regular old school fans who don't use woke jargon and maybe don't really understand it. Like emphasising its an apolitical company.


Voice Over Artist & Author
Although I am not for racism or sexism in an fashion, you might be surprised on how many people NEVER have this drama or debate at their table. I have played since the 80s, and never has OOC sexism or racism been an issue.

My my my the sensitive might not like my games. OOC, sexism and racism and anti-LGBT+ is not allowed at my table (along with politics). IC, however, there is TONS of in-character racism when the humans enter the dwarven mine. TONS of racism when the group tries to negotiate with lizardmen. TONS of in-character sexism when the female barbarian steps up into the gladiatorial arena.

And can you believe it... no one at my table has ever been offended! (I asked)
It's never been an issue at my tables, either.

But then, there is a big difference between sexism and racism by NPCs in the narrative and sexism and racism codified in the rules.


Voice Over Artist & Author
Look, I can't speak for Ernie. I know his brother Luke much better, and I wouldn't claim to speak for him, either. All I can say what my perceptions of the situation are. And it seems to me we have a person who is jealous of all the people who have parlayed their love of his father's game into a way to make money for them. Sometimes, it seem like a substantial amount of money (I don't know how much Critical Role pulls in for its creators, but I can see how people could think Matthew Mercer & Co. are making huge bank). And, this man is upset that, as the son of one of the creators of this life-changing game, he's NOT been able to parlay that into a comfortable living for himself. Not since the days of the big Hollywood parties in the '80s when he was out there working on the cartoon and such (and wasn't in charge of the company, something I suspect he was always told he'd get to be someday and we all know how that worked out).

I sympathize with where I believe his psyche may be. Heck, I've been playing for nearly 40 years and I still get down that I haven't been able to figure out how to make it into a comfortable career. But that in no way reduces the amount of cringe I'm seeing that seems to hover around things people who want to return to The One True Way™ like a cloud of flies around a pile of refuse.


Trust the Fungus
I don't think he meant it in a trans bashing way, I think he just meant regular old school fans who don't use woke jargon and maybe don't really understand it. Like emphasising its an apolitical company.
You know, every edition of D&D ever had a sex/gender slot on the character sheet but only one of them ever had a single rule concerning it. Two, maybe, if you count drow in 3.5 having different favored classes. I never filled it in half the time, because I was a dude, the character was a dude, all my characters were dudes.

The only time the D&D rules ever told me that gender wasn't whatever the hell I wanted it to be, was when his father wrote them. Nobody ever needed Ernie Gygax Jr. to save them from the tyranny of absolute indifference before, and nobody needs him to save them now.


Golden Procrastinator
Well, I suppose the good news is that neither Giantlands or Marmolade (however it's spelled) have fulfilled their promised Kickstarters yet years after launch, so those "old fashioned gamers who only want two genders" probably won't see any actual products.
Well, I backed the Marmoreal KS because I wanted (what I thought would be) a cool dungeon and some environs, certainly not because of this political garbage, of which I was actually unaware back then, so I must say that I did not appreciate this comment, even though I get where you're coming from.
Last edited:


I don't think he meant it in a trans bashing way, I think he just meant regular old school fans who don't use woke jargon and maybe don't really understand it. Like emphasising its an apolitical company.
The phrases like "protection from evil", "fireball", "lemmings", make Ernie come across as aggressive, hostile, political, reactionary, and less innocent.

I dont want to read him this way. But I have to be honest. And concerned.


I don't think he meant it in a trans bashing way, I think he just meant regular old school fans who don't use woke jargon and maybe don't really understand it. Like emphasising its an apolitical company.
There exist LGBTQ+ people though, and always have, right? So is choosing only to portray cis-het relationships (so, if a couple in a relationship are running an inn, it's always a man and woman) making a political choice?

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