D&D 5E Escape the Underdark, Fear the Madness, and get Out of the Abyss - IC

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Grudach felt the pitch of his fear subside - he was still nervous, but somehow the quiet darkness felt soothing. He listened for an enemy nearby, clutching his glaive too hard to be comfortable.

OOC: I'm pretty sure he loses his Rage, having not taken any damage and not attacking on his turn, even if he readies an attack (which he does. If he hears one within 10', he'll thrust at it. Otherwise he stands there listening. Should we roll readied actions right away just in case? I mean, worst case scenario, we "waste" the rolls, but it seem to me to be better than making the DM have to come back and say, "you, you and you go ahead and roll because your trigger is made"... might save some time.

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