D&D 5E Escape the Underdark, Fear the Madness, and get Out of the Abyss - IC

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Thia stops herself from repeating what Kildak apparently read from her mind. She strikes again at the priestess.

OOC: Sword attack [roll0]
sword dmg [roll1]
dagger attack [roll2]
dagger dmg [roll3]
Edit: Whoot!

Charwoman Gene

Attalia dives between the summoned spiders, hoping to focus efforts on the priestess. She deftly strikes with her stolen sword, following it up with a well-aimed kick and elbow.

OOC: Move between the spiders, up to the priestess.
If she drops, remaning attacks on the male drow.
Action: Shortsword on Priestess: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18
1D6+3 = [2]+3 = 5

Bonus: Flurry of blows (Target cannot take reactions until the end of my next turn)
Unarmed on Priestess: 1D20+5 = [14]+5 = 19
1D4+3 = [3]+3 = 6

Unarmed on Priestess: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17
1D4+3 = [4]+3 = 7

[sblock=Mini Stats]AC: 15 Init: +3
HP: 15 / 15 Hit Dice: 2d8+2
Passive Perception: 22
Passive Investigation: 19



Finnan was still in the tunnel leading down, but he could hear the fight escalating quickly below. It was far too crowded in the little room, but at least noise and light would be mostly contained. He spotted the drow male - weak willed? - he hoped so. He focused his mind on the drow male as he uttered disturbing words. "Kill her!" he finished

[SBLOCK=Actions and Rolls]
Move: as requred to get LoS
Action: Cast Crown of madness on the drow male
Concentration: Crown of Madness

I don't think you wanted us to roll saves for enemies, but since you don't show the stat blocks it would be hard to do anyway. If successful, then Finnan will have the drow attack the priestess.

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
AC: 15 (Studded leather (12) + DEX (3)
HP: 11/21 HD: 3/3

Eldritch blast: +5 120ft 1d10+3F
Dagger: +5 5 1d4+3P OR +5 20/60 1d4+3P

Cantrips: Eldritch Blast (VS), Friends (SM), Light (VM), Mage Hand (VS), Spare the Dying (VS)
1/2 level 2: Dissonant Whispers (V); Arms of Hadar (VS); Crown of Madness (VS); Mirror Image (VS)


OOC: WIS save [roll0]

Ilvara takes slash after slash from both Thia and Atallia. The drow priestess's knees buckling under the strain and her ebony skin glistening with sweat and blood.

She cries out, "Shoor my rod! Help me!"

And then a look of fear crosses her features as the drow male turns to face her. A retched sneer on his face, a look of madness in his red eyes, and a crown of jagged iron upon his brow.
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Eldeth and Derendil attack a spider, the dwarf having trouble getting in a good swing in the cramped area and the quaggoth's claws barely scratching the thick abdomen.

Shoor lurches at the drow priestess his hands trying to wrap themselves around the woman's thin neck. As the spiders try and deal with the dwarf and monk. Eldeth is bit, but her dwarven race proves its resilience. The other spider clamps down hard around the shoulders of the human woman, its mandibles piercing both the chest and back of the monk.

Note: Atallia takes 15 piercing dmg + 7 poison (DC 11 save to take only 3)

Grapple contest:
Shoor [roll0]
Ilvara [roll1]

vs Spider
Eldeth [roll2]
Derendil [roll3]

Spider vs Eldeth

Spider vs Atallia
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Ilvara bats away the grasping hands of male drow and begins to chant a prayer in Elvish and Undercommon. Her body begins to glow in a dark purple light, and once it subsides most of her wounds and fatigue are gone.

Ilvara casts spell cure wounds

dmg vs Eldeth
[roll]2d8 poison[/roll]
save [roll2]
save [roll3]

dmg vs Atallia
[roll]2d8+3 bite[/roll]
[roll]4d8 poison[/roll]
roll DC 11 CON save for half[/sblock]

OOC: Group is up.
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OOC: Missed by 1 - Oh No!
But on the bright side, no death saves needed for the spider poison. You are stable and paralyzed.

Ready for feeding.

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