D&D 5E Escape the Underdark, Fear the Madness, and get Out of the Abyss - IC

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Derendil nods at Thia thinking of the surface. And Ront just grunts something that sounds like "the sun" to anyone close enough to hear.

NPC_Eldeth.jpg "Darklake do be east of Gauntlgrym. Let us hope we do be on the near side and not the far, then we not be need'n ta cross the water."

NPC_Buppido.jpg "Only way to know. Is to go," Buppido pipes up cheerfully. "And be looking out for any junctions that may give us a better clue as to where in the Underdark we are."

With that the derro starts investigating the walls of the tunnel, working his way towards Darklake slowly. Stool only watches from where it stands. It doesn't appear to understand the conversation, but is following like a youngster would. Confidante the "grown-ups" will make the right decisions.

OOC: I will advance the group to Darklake. Even though I don't have a consensus, I can retcon the post if the group decides on some other course.



"A huge trading hub sounds like a good place for us to go. We might not find help, but I think we're less likely to find open hostility. Trade doesn't work well if you attack everyone you see."

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]AC: 13 (DEX) or 16 (Mage armour)
HP: 27 HD: 4/4

Offense:Eldritch blast: +5 120ft 1d10+3F
Tentacle Rod: 3 attacks: +9 15ft 1d6B if all three hit same target make a DC15 CON save: 1/2 move; disadv on DEX saves, no reactions, only action OR bonus action for 1 min save each turn

Cantrips: frostbite, prestidigitation; light, mage hand, spare the dying; magic stones; Eldritch Blast, Friends
0/1 Level 1: Mage armour
1/2 level 2: dissonant whispers, arms of hadar, phantasmal force, mirror image, mind spike
Rituals: Detect Magic, Ceremony[/SBLOCK]



The tunnel is wide and well worked so travel the rest of the day, is easy on the group. By the time they are ready to call it a day they enter a marvelous and huge mushroom forest. Florescent fungus lights different areas and huge zurkhwood tree-sized mushrooms stand throughout surround by groups of various other fungus.

Day 7
Drow Pursuit: 2 (0 = you lost them, 5 = they caught up to you)
Food/Water Reserves: Need 10lbs/10gallons per day
- food unlimited
- water unlimited
Starvation: have found food in abundance

Traveling through the forest the whole time on the seventh day since your escape, the groups spirits raise a bit. Besides plenty of food and water the way is nearly flat and lit, making their journey a bit less tiring than all the climbing and backtracking of the caves before. Stool seems less timid in this area that he says is so much like is home, and he explores everywhere looking for myconids like himself.


At the end of the day the group reaches the edge of Darklake. And they realize they may need a boat.

OOC: Currently end of day 7. Group getting ready to bed down, and may need to discuss how to travel the Darklake. Or you can try going around (not recommended but possible). And someone can go fishing in the morning.


First Post
"Alrighty! Aint it purty?" Kildrak said gazing at the dark waters. "Thar be ways I think to navigate by walkin' but that will only take us so far...Then it may be we will hafta do some divin' and swimmin'...BUT iffin we make us some rafts it could save us some travellin' time and we be shur ta ditch them dark elves! Both ways be dangerous in thar own way. I am leanin towards fashonin' some rafts."


First Post
"Yew betcha!" Kildrak said with a bit of excitement. "Iffin we hollow a cap out and then let it smoke over a very low fire...It should toughen it up! Old Svirfneblin trick!" He looked to the Deep Gnome with a wink.

Survival check? _: 1D20+3 = [15]+3 = 18


"That ought to work," agreed Grudach, "And some of those tall woody ones have stalks that would make for good poles. Paddles even, if we can flatten the ends with some of those heavy rocks."

"And we can saute' it in some butter to make it even tastier for whatever water monster is going to eat it," Thia says. "It's fine. It's not like I have a better plan. Let's get to work."


OOC: Morning Day 8:
Drow Pursuit: 2 (0 = you lost them, 5 = they caught up to you)
Food/Water Reserves: Need 10lbs/10gallons per day
- food unlimited
- water unlimited
Starvation: have found food in abundance

The day starts with the group eager to get to work. Everyone is a bit excited to be doing something besides walking and climbing in the dark. But by midday their cheer is a bit subsided as they figure one mushroom cap from a twenty-two foot zurkhwood 'shroom will probably not fit all ten members of the group, and they will need to chop down and hollow out another. A process that may take the rest of the day.

Sitting around a nice fire and roasting (and smoking) a few fish caught from the black waters of Darklake, the group talks about what to do.

Need someone to go fishing: Wisdom(Survival) check (someone else can give them advantage)

Those on the low strength side (who might not be much help chopping down a huge mushroom tree), can explore the edge of the lake. Intelligence(Investigation) checks, again someone can Help someone else if you wish.

Also those not building the boat can forage for food stores as once you are on the water, finding food and water will be a bit harder than normal, would be smart to store some up.

Boat Builders: possibly?


The day continues on as the boat-builder's chop and shape out two row boat sized mushroom caps for travel. A few of the others search the lake for anything useful, as well as collecting fungus and smoking fish for their journey. By the end of the day the group is tired but the spirits are raised for the exciting journey the plan to take in the morning.

Before bedding down , while Grudach puts the finishing touches on the last paddle, the talk turns to who will ride with whom as well as who would make the best lookouts. So when the morning comes everyone is ready to transverse the Darklake, and hopefully leave the drow behind.

OOC: Morning Day 9:
Drow Pursuit: 3 (0 = you lost them, 5 = they caught up to you)
Food/Water Reserves: Need 10lbs/10gallons per day
- food 90lbs (3 days/6 days on 1/2 rations)
- water 10gallons (1 day/2 days on 1/2 rations)
Starvation: n/a (for now)

Kildrak and Grudach = Strength(Athletics) checks - control/speed of the boat
Thia = Wisdom(Perception) check - keeping watch
Atallia = Wisdom(Survival) check (disadvantage if no light source) - navigation
Finnan = Intelligence(Arcana) check - remembering types of denizens of Darklake


OOC: Possible how about everyone roll a Wisdom(Survival) DC 12 check before setting out. The number of success will determine how much you throw your pursers off.
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