D&D 5E Escape the Underdark, Fear the Madness, and get Out of the Abyss - IC

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OOC: Several questions: Thia was tortured by the priestess, did she witness any spells cast by the drow, spells that might hint at her level, domains, etc?
2) is the priestess wearing armor when we encounter he?


OOC: she used ray of sickness on your character a few times. And right now the drow priestess has no armor on.
I will have to remeber you can cast shocking grasp and let you know if there are any good targets when a fight breaks out.

Thia also surrounds the priestess and strikes twice, once with her shortsword and once with the dagger.

OOC: Sword attack [roll0]
sword dmg [roll1]
dagger attack [roll2]
dagger dmg[roll3]
EDIT: Hopefully she is your standard low dex cleric as that max damage on both attacks. :) Bring on Atilla!!

OOC: Well, yes, Atilla is standing where the Thia icon is on the map due to an order of entry mishap with the DM. :) So Kildak rushed forward, Thia hopped down and rushed forward.
Atilla should also do something as she's in the room and it's a surprise round.


OOC: Actually only Thia and Kildrak passed their stealth checks, so I gave them a surprise round.

The room erupts into chaos!

Kildrak moves forward and pierces the priestess causing her to scream. The sound jerks those still in the upper level into action. They dash to the ladder and down into the room. Closer now the dwarf notices a naked drow male lying among the pillows, who growls and stands swing a fist all in one motion. The dwarf deflects the blow with his shield, and the drow male yelps in pain.

Thia comes up behind Ilvara and slashes her with her drow blade, but the quick naked priestess ducks the dagger. She intones a prayer in a demonic language, and follows it up in elvish with... "Lolth's servants protect us!"

The air shimmers as Sarith, Deneril, and Eldath finally reach the floor of the room. From out of thin air come two huge eight-legged servants of Lolth, the spiders striking out almost immediately. Deneril grabs the manacles of the spider as it tries to bite his head off, but Sarith who was concentrating on shooting the priestess with his hand bow suddenly cries out in pain, and falls limp on the floor.

Ront and Buppido stand near the door their weapons in there hands wondering if they should move. Both looking at Finnan expectantly. Stool hides behind the altar quivering in fear at the sounds.

OOC: Round 1:
Enemies have gone.
Group is up.

Shoor vs Kildrak
dmg: 1d1 = 1

Spider vs Derendil
immune to poison

Spider vs Sarith
[roll5] poison[/sblock]
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