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Clearly the game's fanbase is at its best right now. Have you ever seen so many people care so deeply about a game that they will rip each other to shreds over the coming version?

Oh wait... I forgot about the sonic cycle.

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It's a loaded question of the retrospective sort. A kind of "When was the community better, like in the past, and not today..."

There have been many good things throughout the whole history of D&D. We don't need to limit ourselves to just one, and today's community should be our starting point and a valid place as well.

I'm not a kind of unreflective advocate of the now, but neither am I a an advocate of going back to another time either. I like creating futures and am willing to find potential progress anywhere.

EDIT: And they should be realizable futures of course. Sort of like game design. We have a goal for a better game, but are willing to take from every era and its a goal we could reasonably accomplish.

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