Fantasy Grounds Game Stats for 2017: D&D 5E Up By 6%, Pathfinder Holds Steady!

It's time for the statistics which tell us what games are being played on Fantasy Grounds, the virtual tabletop. This always gives a great sampling of which games are popular at the moment. As usual, D&D 5E leads by a large margin, followed by Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, then Savage Worlds. "Core RPG" in the data below refers to Fantasy Grounds' 'default' RPG module, so can reasonably be viewed as the "other" option. These stats represent the whole of 2017.

Fantasy Grounds' Doug Davison notes that there is a bit of a dip around December, but that same thing happened in the previous two years.

See 2016's figures here. Over the year, D&D 5E increased again, this time from 58% in 2016 to 64% in 2017. Pathfinder held steady at 12%, and Savage Worlds at 6%, while D&D 3.5 dropped from 6% to 4%.​



Ruleset Total Games
5E 395,748
PFRPG 74,551
SavageWorlds 37,693
3.5E 21,992
CoreRPG 12,704
Call Of Cthulhu 10,928
4E 9,948
MoreCore 8,975
Star Wars EotE 7,642
GURPS 6,176
AD&D 4,028
DSA 3,657
Castles and Crusades 3,638
WFRP 3,261
RolemasterClassic 3,208
WH40K 2,593
Numenera 2,507
Fate Core 2,300
VtM 1,852
Basic Roleplaying 1,482
Shadowrun 1,044
Mutants and Masterminds 1,006
World of Darkness 997
d20 Modern 768
Grand Total 619,481

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

So its about 33K 5E games, not 395K as the lower table says?

I would say they are the number of sessions run. The number of times the Game Master connected to the Fantasy Grounds server and had a session open for players to connect to.

Some are just one person connecting and generating a character, or a GM inputting and getting something ready to play. Some are full gaming sessions with a bunch of players connecting and the GM running it.

Some if Game = Campaign, then no, then not the same. If game means session up and running to play in, then it is number of games.

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Achan hiArusa

Okay, I can see that now. It is just natural log is denoted ln (number of games) or ln(game rank) in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology which is what confused me.

Jay Verkuilen

Grand Master of Artificial Flowers
Okay, I can see that now. It is just natural log is denoted ln (number of games) or ln(game rank) in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology which is what confused me.
In math (at least here in the USA) and statistics, "log" tends to denote natural log while "log10" denotes log base 10. Most software is programmed accordingly. I can't recall the last time I used log base 10, but in fields where one interprets numbers as opposed to derivatives a lot, I guess it shows up.


'Das Schwarze Auge' used to be (and probably still is) the most popular RPG in Germany. For most Germans it's what got it all started (although 'Midgard', another German RPG was released at an earlier date, it was much more like a fan release while DSA was released by a major board game publisher and heavily promoted).

What I cannot say, is, how many German users there are on Fantasy Grounds.
DSA is fairly popular in Austria as well, but most of the game shops in Vienna seem to have larger sections of Pathfinder and D&D 5e materials. (7th Sea, 1st ed., was also popular for my gaming group before I arrived on the scene.) We have been mostly playing D&D 5E. We also have played a bit of Numenera and Fantasy AGE but also want to get around to playing Fate, Blades in the Dark, and Invisible Sun (once released).


MoreCore has 7th Sea and Fantasy Age dice included.
I also wrote a bit of a test for Blades in the Dark with a bunch of GM controlled shareable clocks with 4/6/8 slices but I dont know the game enough to progress it further at this time.
There are rulesets for 1E, Fate and Numenera already.

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