Fantasy Grounds Unity KS Announced


Total now is over $142k USD with 2500+ backers. All initial stretch goals met, more goals being worked on as we sleep :)
Happy that this is doing well, but I hope it does even better. This is both a good and a bad way to get into Fantasy Grounds. Good in that you get the newer software at a good price. Bad in that it will be a beta test for a while and you don’t get the old program if you are buying a license for the first time.

The existing program works quite well as a VTT but has hit its limits for graphics and the networking code was running into more and more issues as ISP’s started aggregating IP addresses.

I really do not understand the earlier claims about the expense. The upgrade pricing seems quite reasonable. The program itself comes with a lot of ruleset and content that comes with the license. For 5e D&D you get the automated rules and the SRD content. The program allows you to enter the rules text, so you get most of the monsters and spells and the SRD level classes. You can add all the sub-classes if you want and the ruleset recognizes the PHB wording and will automate it. I just bought the books to save myself time but there are other options.


$250k Goal hit.

Also, you can now pledge for an Standard to Ultimate upgrade option. See the KS Updates for the details.


I thought they would hit 350k, but I'm pretty confident they won't hit 400k. Looking forward to seeing more of their demo videos. It will be a fun 6 months.
Ok, I'm going to have to change my mind. It does look like they will hit $400K, though it might be pretty close.

I hope they do, it's a whole bunch of tokens from Monster Grin Studios.