Fiendish Lore (the other fiends)

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I've tended to use Planewalker's encyclopedia of the planes, which is close enough to a wiki in and of itself. It's also not as spread over duplicate and semi-seperate entries as wiki itself, but crosspollination couldn't hurt I'm sure :)


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Shade said:

Related Creatures:

I'd add to this category the "Shrieking Terror"; according to the MM3 they are used sometimes as advance troops by the demodands.


There's another rakshasa type, the naityan from Tome of Battle. But I already added them to their Wikipedia article months ago.

Tome of Battle also gave us the reth dekala, natives of Acheron obsessed with fulfilling an ancient pact that required them to kill all their living, mortal descendants.
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Baron Opal said:
I wrote a bunch of stuff about the Hassitors for a Living City adventure, back in the day. I'll have to see if I still have it somewhere. They really caught my imagination.

Still waiting, or did you post on a Wiki?

Baron Opal

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Funny this came up.

I've saved up enough now to try and rebuild my Planescape collection. Starting from a lonely copy of Planewalker's Handbook I've just now acquired the Chaos planes boxed set. Also, I've going through my gaming stuff to determine what I can sell / trade for Planescape stuff. In doing so I came across a single sheet of about five pages of notes I had about the hassitor. (The Athens Recension, if you will.) This was a rewrite of several pages of notes that I made for the 13 adventure campaign. (Alpharetta Recension)

So, I have one page of notes which happens to contain the most interesting parallel, I think, about what we know from the Hassitors. It's triggered a fair amount of memories from the musings I did when I wrote the third chapter of the arc. I just had a bad viral crash of the main computer, so I lost all of my electronic copies that I had saved from oh so long ago. And, furthermore, I don't have my boxed copy of the Law planes anymore and haven't gotten to replace it yet.

So, once I get the Law boxed set and have some time to see if any of my 3.5" floppies still have any recoverable data, I'll let you know.


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