WotC Filing: Wizards of the Coast makes up roughly 70% of Hasbro's value

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According to CNBC who actually discussed this when the news first hit WOTC would spike almost immediately, which can cause the people who wanted it to split to dump their shares at the peak. This can crash the company leaving it far worse than it was but the investors walk away with loads of cash.

Do you have a source for this - just so I can bring that up for other people who decide to get into the "WotC should get rid of Hasbro, just like these corporate raiders activist investors said they should!" nonsense.


You might not(and I personally don't), but the investors and corporations have to.
Welcome to why investors and corporations make ready-made villains in just about everything

If an investor could get an extra dollar out of killing everything associated with Dungeons and Dragons, salting the earth so there is no hope anything related to it would ever happen again, they'd mash that option fast enough to cause cavitation


5ever, or until 2024
Well...thisnis about the profits, not that.

D&D is doing OK, but Magic is printing money at an increasingly accelerating rate. Turns out it wasn't a fad?
Actually its totally about that. At least according to these activist investors.

There are lots of indications that D&D is now a significant contributor. It has to be worth hundreds of millions, at least. I see two implications of this, one very trivial, one slightly less so:

1) So many here will never believe it. Denial of D&D's commercial success is just too deeply ingrained. Does not matter what is reported.
2) The stakes are high for the 2024 edition. A few hundred million more (or millions in earnings) if it goes well, a few hundred million less if it doesn't. No pressure Crawford.


Are you aware that corporations have a fiduciary duty to maximize the money the investors make? If they fail in that duty, they can be sued.
So, the point being missed here is, the corporation is responsible to maximize value for investors...including people who buy the stock. A rash pump and dump scheme, like these guys want, is contrary to maximizing value for all investors.

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