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From out of the 80's into the 90's erm 2021

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Yeah I stopped paying attention just after he rejoined.

King in Crimson was last thing I remember.

Tyranny of Souls was a good solo CD of his, honestly some of the better stuff he's done in 20 years. Maiden these days although still good are pretty hard to get through a whole record anymore, theyve gone kinda prog.

I am pickier in some ways about my old favorites still putting out music today, mainly when it comes to lead singers. Some bands are just not the same without the original lead singer. For example, I love Styx and Yes, both of which are still together, but for me, they both lost their soal and their sound when Dennis DeYoung left Styx and Jon Anderson left Yes. Someone mentioned Nightwish and I am undecided on what I like best of their discography, as they have been through a few female lead singers in their history.

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