From the mind of the Lonely of Providence, fear the Great Old One and Outer God (template)


Just to be clear - he is not talking about 5e. I believe "MM&M 2e' is: Master Minds and Mutants 2e?

That being said I see no point in @Rogerd1 saying you can't do what you are doing. No need to be beholding to a particular system to make the fiction you want.
Ah thx, I didn't even know about this system

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I think unless the original creator of a being determines it's power level then everyone else is just making fan fiction.

We are never going to have a definitive power level for Azathoth (among others)...but everyone can have their own ideas on what that might be.

you might want to check out a Youtuber called Webcamparrot. He does some interesting videos on lovecraft...I'd post the link but on my tablet here while my replacement laptop battery is being shipped and posting links is annoyingly fiddly.


Ah thx, I didn't even know about this system

Second edition is geared for PF 1e, or DnD 3.5 / 7.5 use.
Book of Magic stats out an elder evil @ 500 points.

It is a supers system perfectly designed for what you are doing.

you might want to check out a Youtuber called Webcamparrot. He does some interesting videos on lovecraft
He is a bit rubbish to be honest, with little to no knowledge of cosmology really especially when he starts comparing 40k warp to being bigger than DC cosmology.
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Hey Rogerd1 buddy!

Second edition is geared for PF 1e, or DnD 3.5 / 7.5 use.
Book of Magic stats out an elder evil @ 500 points.

It is a supers system perfectly designed for what you are doing.

I might check it out after my books are on sale. What stats did they give the Supreme Being?

He is a bit rubbish to be honest, with little to no knowledge of cosmology really especially when he starts comparing 40k warp to being bigger than DC cosmology.

He seems to know his stuff if you ask me. I don't recall him saying the 40 k Warp is bigger than the DC Universe. He has a pretty comprehensive detailing of the DC Universe. I haven't seen anyone do it better.


I might check it out after my books are on sale. What stats did they give the Supreme Being?
They don't, it would be a PL (power level) X entity.
Although they have scales.

M&M 3e Cosmic Handbook said:
To get you started on the road to everywhere, Gamemaster, the following benchmarks are presented. The table following lists various cosmic-level entities as they are typically represented in the cosmic superhero sub-genre.

X1: Beings limited to a particular culture and representing widespread but not universal concepts, like Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, or Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, when possessed of their full, unfettered power.

X2: Beings representing nearly universal concepts (like a god of war) or the powerful rulers of other groups of equal or lesser cosmic beings, like Zeus or Odin.

X3: Abstract beings representing truly universal ideas, like Life, Death, and Time.

X4: The embodiment of an entire universe and all that it physically and conceptually holds.

X5: Aristotle’s “the unmoved mover”, the supreme being(s) who created all—even creation itself.

M&M conversions: Welcome to Mutants & Masterminds Character Conversions - M&M Conversions

He seems to know his stuff if you ask me. I don't recall him saying the 40 k Warp is bigger than the DC Universe. He has a pretty comprehensive detailing of the DC Universe. I haven't seen anyone do it better.
He does, sadly.
There are also other multiverse models beside Tegmark.


Mythos Dragon CR +4

Sometimes a dragon comes into contact with horrors that lurk in the darkness between the stars. If he's lucky, he'll be eaten, and his bones left to float in the cold darkness of the cosmos. If he's unlucky, he'll be… changed. Herald of madness and bane of all things sane, his descent into a world portends death, madness, and misfortune.

Creating a Mythos Dragon

“Mythos Dragon” is an acquired or inherited template that can be added to any creature of the dragon type that advance through the wyrmling - great wyrm age categories who is not an outer dragon (Dragon, Outer – d20PFSRD) (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A mythos dragon uses the base creature’s stats and abilities except as noted here.

CR: As the base creature +4.

Alignment: Change to Chaotic Evil.

Size and Type: The creature’s gains the extraplanar (native of the Dark Tapestry) and mythos subtypes.

Senses: A mythos dragon gains see in darkness and thoughtsense.

Thoughtsense (Su)
A mythos dragon automatically detect and locate conscious creatures within 60 feet, as if possessed the blindsight ability.

Nondetection, mind blank, and similar effects can block this effect. Thoughtsense can distinguish between sentient (Intelligence 3 or greater) and non-sentient (Intelligence 1–2) creatures, but otherwise provides no information about the creatures it detects. Mind-affecting immunity offer no protection against this sense.

Defensive Abilities: A mythos dragons gains immunity to cold and mind-affecting effects. The mythos dragon also gains the following defensive ability.

Refuge in Madness (Ex)
While the mythos dragon has any of the following conditions, it uses the effects of the confused condition instead of its condition’s typical effects: dazed, nauseated, staggered, or stunned. This overcome the usual immunity against mind-affecting of the mythos dragon.

Speed: The mythos dragon gains the following movement ability.

Alien Geometry (Su)
An ancient or older mythos dragon is capable of bending space, moving between dimensions. A mythos dragon can move through objects as though they were not there (including force effects like wall of force), as well using its highest speed to move in any direction, including straight up or sideways through empty air (this is not fly, not require fly checks and does not consume additional movement moving upward), mounting its body upon the unseen angles between existence. It’s unaffected by effects that reverse, increase, or otherwise alter the normal effects of gravity during its movement. It can still be attacked. The mythos dragon must end its movement in an unoccupied square. At the end of its movement, a mythos dragon is no longer between dimensions, and is treated by gravity accordingly. This allow him to ignore difficult terrain and move without penalty in mythos environments (like Dark Tapestry or R’lyeh). This is a conjuration (teleport) effect that use the Dark Tapestry. Any effect that block teleport also prevent the use of this “movement”.

Special Attacks: A mythos dragons replace any breath weapon that deal elemental damage with one that deal the same damage but as cold and maintain the special attacks of the base creature and gains the following. Save DCs are equal to 10 + ½ dragon’s HD + dragon’s Cha modifier unless otherwise noted.

Absolute Cold (Su)
A very young or older mythos dragon’s breath weapon can affect creatures immune to cold damage. A creature immune to cold damage still takes half damage from the breath weapon (no damage with a successful saving throw). Resistant creatures’ cold resistance is treated as 10 less than normal.

Black Hole (Su)
An old or older mythos dragon may create a tear in the fabric of universe similar to a sphere of annihilation once per day. This spot of absolute blackness attracts irresistibly all matter in a 60 ft. radius, except the mythos dragon that created it. Objects and creatures that cannot brace themselves must succeed at a Reflex saving throw each round or be attracted 10 feet nearer to the black hole. Anything or anyone touching the black hole it utterly destroyed if it fails another Fort save. A creature or an object that succeeds at its save is instead sent on a random plane, as the anywhere but here spell. The black hole lasts for 1 round per age category of the mythos dragon. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Channel the Void (Su)
Once per minute as a standard action, a mythos dragon can channel the obliterating energy of the darkest depths of deep space and surround itself in a region of absolute nothingness that is inimical to most creatures.

All creatures within 30 feet of the mythos dragon take 1d6 points of damage per age category and must succeed on a Fortitude save DC 10 + ½ dragon’s HD + dragon’s Con modifier or become staggered and unable to breathe, speak, or cast spells with verbal components for 1d4 rounds. Creatures that can survive the vacuum of deep space are immune to these effects. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Extinction Event (Ex)
At least 100 years between uses of this ability, a great wyrm mythos dragon can draw a massive object from space to a planet’s surface. It takes 1 minute for the object to make its impact once it enters the planet’s atmosphere. All creatures and objects with 10 miles of the impact site take 80d10 points of bludgeoning and fire damage, and the damage decreases by 10d10 for every 100-mile-radius “ring” around the epicenter. A successful Reflex save DC 10 + ½ dragon’s HD + dragon’s Con modifier halves the damage. One minute after the object strikes the planet’s surface, everything within 2000 miles of the impact site is affected by earthquake and tsunami (as appropriate to the environment). For 10 years thereafter, the heat conditions are reduced by 1 step over the entire planet (severe heat becomes very hot, very hot becomes temperate, temperate becomes cold, cold becomes sever cold, and sever cold becomes extreme cold).

Feed on Madness (Su)
Mythos dragons are enhanced when they sense madness in their prey. Once per round when a mythos dragon damages a creature suffering from an insanity or madness effect (like confusion), the mythos dragon gains 1 madness point, to a maximum number of madness points equal to its HD. Madness points, once gained, persist for the duration of a combat—once a mythos dragon spends more than a minute out of combat it loses all accumulated madness points.

A mythos dragon gains a bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls equal to its current madness point total. A mythos dragon that has accumulated at least 5 madness points also gains the effects of haste for as long as it maintains at least 5 madness points.

Fragmented Strike (Su)
An adult or older mythos dragon can strike with its bite (if any) through a rift in space. This allows it to make its bite attack against a target anywhere within the radius of its alien presence as long as the dragon can see the creature. This doesn’t apply to attacks of opportunity.

Madness Aura (Su)
A juvenile or older mythos dragon has an aura that functions as frightful presence with a range equal to 30 feet × the dragon’s age category. A mythos dragon’s madness presence causes an opponent that fails its save to become mad, becoming confused for 5d6 rounds (or permanently confused, as for insanity, if the target has 4 or fewer Hit Dice). This replace any frightful presence the base creature may possess.

Obliterate (Su)
A young or older mythos dragon’s bite deals an additional 2d6 points of damage. A creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this attack must succeed at a Fortitude save DC 10 + ½ dragon’s HD + dragon’s Con modifier or be immediately slain and reduced to ashes (as the disintegrate spell). The save DC is Constitution-based.

Suffocating Breath (Su)
Instead of dealing cold damage, a very young or older mythos dragon can breathe a suffocation effect. An air-dependent creature that fails its Fortitude save (instead of the usual Reflex save) suffocates for a number of rounds equal to the dragon’s age category. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Void Gaze (Su)
A creature within 30 feet of an adult or older mythos dragon must succeed at a Will save or become confused for 1d6 rounds. This gaze attack is an insanity, mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Spell-Like Abilities: A mythos dragon with an Int or Cha score of 8 or higher has a cumulative number of spell-like abilities set by its age category. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable 1/day. CL equals the creature’s HD (or the CL of the base creature’s spell-like abilities, whichever is higher).

Table: Mythos Dragon Spell-like Abilities by Age Category
Age CategorySpell-Like
WyrmlingSleep 3/day
Very youngLesser confusion 3/day
YoungHypnotic pattern 3/day
JuvenileConfusion, Impossible arithmetic*
Young adultDeep slumber
AdultPhantasmal killer
Mature adultHungry darkness, melt flesh
OldNuclear chaos, sunbeam
Very oldGaze of ghatanothoa, insanity
AncientGrace of the king in yellow, reverse gravity 3/day
WyrmMeteor swarm, pipes of madness
Great wyrmInterplanetary teleport, temporal energy nexus
*a mythos dragon must pay the offering for impossible arithmetic unlike a normal spell-like ability

Special Qualities: A mythos dragon maintain the special qualities of the base creature and gains the following.

Agile (Ex)
Mythos dragons have always at least good aerial maneuverability regardless of their age or size.

Galactic Travel (Su)
An ancient or older mythos dragon halves the time of any starflight journey. In addition, it’s immune to any effect that bars extradimensional travel.

Immortal (Ex)
Mythos dragons age, but don’t die from old age. Barring death from violence, disease, or misadventure, a mythos dragon can live forever. Mythos dragons are immune to effects that cause magical aging.

No Breath (Ex)
A mythos dragon does not breathe, and is immune to effects that require breathing (such as inhaled poison). This does not give immunity to cloud or gas attacks that do not require breathing.

Otherworldly Mind (Ex)
Any non-mythos attempting to read the thoughts of a mythos dragon or communicate with it telepathically takes 5d6 points of nonlethal damage and must make a Will save DC 10 + ½ dragon’s HD + dragon’s Cha modifier or become confused for 2d4 rounds. This is an insanity, mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Share Defenses (Su)
As a free action, a mythos dragon can extend its no breath ability and cold immunity to a single creature touching it. It can withdraw this protection as a free action.

Starflight (Su)
A mythos dragon can survive in the void of outer space. It flies through space at an incredible speed. Although exact travel times vary, a trip within a single solar system should take 3d20 hours, while a trip beyond should take 3d20 days (or more, at the GM’s discretion)—provided the mythos dragon knows the way to its destination.

Languages: A mythos dragon gains Aklo as a bonus language.

Feats: A mythos dragon gains Psychic Sensitivity and Psychic Virtuoso as a bonus feats.


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Well, go the big name, the more famous creature of the Lovecraft universe. As the base creature I use the base PF1 Cthulhu (Great Old One, Cthulhu – d20PFSRD), with my great old one template upgraded to Greater Deity instead of Demi-Deity, with abilities of the mythic star-spawn (Mythic Star-Spawn of Cthulhu – d20PFSRD), the alternate star-spawn of the Sandy Petersen (Starspawn – d20PFSRD), Cthulhu as a sort of "environment" (Great Cthulhu - Spheres of Power Wiki), and Cthulhu 5e of @dave2008 (


Beyond Alignment (CN) Macro-Large aberration (aquatic, chaotic, great old one, mythos, psionic)

Init +187 (always first); Senses blindsight 300 ft., cosmic consciousness (plane/planet), darkvision 600 ft., divine senses (x10), mist sight, non-euclidean geometry (10 miles), true seeing, x-ray; Perception +231

Aura cloak of chaos (DC 162), divine (900 ft., DC 154), fiery storm (225 ft., 10d4 divine damage), madness (900 ft., DC 194), paragon presence (225 ft., DC 194, less than 40 HD, 80 damage), unspeakable presence (300 ft., DC 194)


AC 317, touch 195, flat-footed 286 (+98 deflection, +25 Dex, +16 divine, +6 dodge, +10 insight, +30 luck, +122 natural)

hp 27,680 (80d100+5.840)x2; fast healing 50, regeneration 80 (elder sign or epic and lawful)

Fort +214, Ref +285, Will +258; +100 vs unwilling teleport effects

Defensive Abilities all-around vision, amorphous, beyond morality, cosmic string (1d10 minutes), dimensional mastery, foresight, freedom of movement, hyperdimensional body, immobility, immortality, lesser cosmic firmament, mad mind (DC 194), non-euclidean (DC 194), sixth sense; DR 75/cursed, epic and lawful; Immune ability damage and drain, acid, aging, cold, death effects, disease, energy drain, fire, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, petrification, poison, damage from non-magical weapons, death from massive damage, Terrestrial and Stellar Hazards; Resist electricity 30, Dimensional Hazard; PR/SR 102, any power or spell which fails to penetrate Cthulhu resistance is reflected back upon the caster


Speed 1,620 ft., fly 5,400 ft. (perfect), swim 1,620 ft.; reality shift, greater starflight (2d6)

Melee 2 claws +296 (80d10+129/19-20), 16 tentacles +300 (80d10+178/18-20x4 plus grab)

Ranged lesser gamma ray burster +238 touch (225 ft.; 40d20 half cold half divine damage)

Space 7,035 ft.; Reach 2 miles (10,560 ft.)

Special Attacks cleaving attacks, command mythos 101/day (DC 194), command sea monster, constrict (80d10+158), create spawn, devastating strike, dimensional rip (DC 194), doom gaze, dreams of madness, eldritch howl (DC 194), hurl foe, mind blast, mind flaying, mythic power (16/day, surge +4d6), nova (DC 148), powerful blows (tentacle), prodigious reach, psionic mind, psychic crush, telepathic assault, trample (80d10+158, DC 179), unnamable doom

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 126th; concentration +270)

Constantcloak of chaos (DC 162), foresight (self only), freedom of movement, mind blank, speak with animals (aquatic only), tongues, true seeing

At willacid fog, animate objects, astral projection, chaos hammer (DC 158), charm monster (DC 158), cloak of chaos (DC 162), commune, cone of cold (DC 160), confusion (DC 158), control water, control weather, dispel law, dream council, dream scan, dream voyage, elemental swarm (water spell only), etherealness, fluid form, fog cloud, geas/quest, greater dispel magic, greater teleport, horrid wilting (DC 162), ice storm, insanity (DC 161), interplanetary teleport, lesser confusion (DC 155), limited wish, magic circle against law, magic jar (DC 159), mind fog (DC 159), mind thrust VI (DC 159), nightmare (DC 159), obscuring mist, phantasmal killer (DC 160), plane shift (DC 161), protection from law, psychic crush V (DC 163), rage, reverse gravity, sending, shatter (DC 156), symbol of insanity (DC 162), summon monster IX (chaos or mythos only), touch of idiocy (DC 156), vortex (DC 161), water breathing, weird (DC 163), word of chaos (DC 161)

3/dayantipathy (DC 162), contact other plane (special), demand (DC 162), dominate monster (DC 163), feeblemind (DC 159), gate, geas/quest, heal, maze of madness and suffering, time stop, tsunami (DC 163), wish

1/dayimplosion (DC 163), microcosm (DC 163), summon (level 9, mythos creatures with total base HD not superior of double the great old one HD 100%)


Str 176, Dex 60, Con 114, Int 206, Wis 86, Cha 84

Base Atk +53; CMB +312 (+314 bull rush, +316 sunder); CMD 363 (365 vs. bull rush and sunder; can’t be bull rushed, knocked down, tripped, or otherwise physically moved)

Feats Alertness, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Craft Wondrous Items, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Great Fortitude, Greater Sunder, Greater Vital Strike, Greater Weapon Focus (tentacles), Greater Weapon Specialization (tentacles), Hover, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (claws, tentacles), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Vital Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Mythos SummonerB, Power Attack, Psychic SensitivityB, Run, Swim-by Attack, Toughness, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (tentacles), Weapon Specialization (tentacles)

Epic Feats Epic Toughness, Epic Weapon Focus (tentacles), Epic Weapon Specialization (tentacles), Good Fortitude, Good Reflexes, Greater Critical (tentacles), Greater Critical Multiplier (tentacles), Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical Multiplier (tentacles), Improved Dodge, Malifiecus, Sixth Sense, Superior Initiative

Skills All skills 129 + ability modifier

Languages Abyssal, Aboleth, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Deep One, Draconic, Elder Thing, Infernal, Ignan, Yithian, Mi-Go, Necril, Protean, Senzar, Sylvan, Terran, Treant, Valusian, other 159; speak with animals (aquatic only), tongues, telepathy 10-miles

SQ amphibious, compression, dreamer, fortuity, high priest of the great old ones, ignore reality, item use, lesser constant insight, madness sovereing, massive, maven, might, omnicompetent, no breath, otherworldly insight, over mind, stars align, stars are right, virtual size category +3, unspeakable form, unspeakable grip

Cthulhu renounce to the integrated class feature for double the divine slot and 6 feats for a divine slot

Divine Abilities

• Celerity (Ex): All movements speed tripled

• Eternal Freedom (Ex): You are immune to spells and effects which impede movement

• Intellectual Mind (Ex): Int as competence to attack rolls

• Intellectual Soul (Ex): Int as competence to saving throw

• Invincibility (Ex): Fortitude save for negate damage

• Perfect Initiative (Ex): Always first

• Self Mastery (Ex): You can separate your individual appendages

• Seventh Sense (Ex): You can replay a number of rounds per day equal to your divine rank

• X-Ray Vision (Su): See through solid objects

Cosmic Abilities (esoteric)

• Abrogate (Su): Any single opponent within your divine aura has its greatest ability negated

• Cosmic Consciousness (Su): Your senses extend to the edge of the universe

• Cosmic Toughness (Ex): You have unearthly durability

• Legendary Intelligence (Ex)B: Intelligence score double

• Slipstream (Su): You are unaffected by temporal disturbances

Double Chaos Portfolio Traits (Greater Deity)

Granted Power: You cast chaos spell at +1 caster level

• Transmutation Immunity (Su): You are immune to transmutation based attacks

• Transmutation Reflection (Su): Reflect any transmutation attack within your divine aura/realm

• Greater Scion of Chaos (Ex): +24 competence bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and armor class while you are within a chaos aligned locale

• Perfect Summoning (Chaos) (Ex): Chaotic creatures summoned have 200% more HD

• Greater Taint of Chaos (Su): Healing against your damage 25% effective except in lawful aligned locale

• Uncanny Anarchic Mastery (x2 HD) (Su): Assault your enemies with anarchic attacks

• Anarchic Regeneration (Su): You gain regeneration equal to your HD while within a chaos aligned locale

Double Madness Portfolio Traits (Greater Deity)

Granted Power: You cast enchantment spells at +1 caster level.

• Ward of Madness (Ex): Allies within your aura are immune to mind affecting effects

• Greater Scion of Madness (Ex): +24 competence bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and armor class against opponents with a lower Wis. score than you

• Perfect Summoning (Aberrations): Aberrations summoned have 200% more HD

• Embodiment of Madness (Su): Immunities against your mind-affecting attacks ineffective

• Uncanny Withering (Wis.) Mastery (x2 HD) (Su): Assault your enemies with wisdom draining attacks

• Insane Soul (Su): Do nothing that round and gain regeneration equal to your HD

Double Sea Portfolio Traits (Greater Deity)

Granted Power: You can turn fire creatures as a good creature turn undead. Command sea creatures as an evil cleric command undead.

• Aquatic (Ex): You have the aquatic subtype

• Cold Resistance (Su): You have cold resistance 40

• Greater Scion of the Sea (Ex): +24 competence bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and armor class while you and your opponent are in the water

• Perfect Summoning (Aquatic) (Ex): Aquatic creatures summoned by you have 200% more HD

• Perfect Divine Cold (Su): Your cold damage is treated as 100% divine damage

• Uncanny Cold Mastery (x2 HD) (Su): Assault your enemies with cold based attacks

• Aquatic Regeneration (Su): You gain regeneration equal to your HD while in the water

Uncanny Anarchic Mastery (x2 HD)

Beam (Ray) 160d8; 6.800 ft.

Blast 80d8; 6,800 ft./425 ft. Standard action Ref 160/half

Blood 40d8; Melee automatic ability Ref DC 114/negate

Breath* 160d8; 425 ft. (cone) 1,700 ft. (line) Standard Ref 114/half

Hand 240d8; Melee Touch

Immolation 240d8; 900 ft. radius Free/Standard Ref 114/half

Storm 40d8; 900 ft. radius Standard/Free – Special Ref 160/half

Strike 40d8; Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) 80d8; all creature in 425 ft. Will 160/negate

Uncanny Cold Mastery (x2 HD)

Beam (Ray) 160d6; 6.800 ft.

Blast 80d6; 6,800 ft./425 ft. Standard action Ref 160/half

Blood 40d6; Melee automatic ability Ref DC 114/negate

Breath* 160d6; 425 ft. (cone) 1,700 ft. (line) Standard Ref 114/half

Hand 240d6; Melee Touch

Immolation 240d6; 900 ft. radius Free/Standard Ref 114/half

Storm 40d6; 900 ft. radius Standard/Free – Special Ref 160/half

Strike 40d6; Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) 80d6; all creature in 425 ft. Will 160/negate

Uncanny Withering (Wis.) Mastery (x2 HD)

Beam (Ray) 16; 6.800 ft.

Blast 8; 6,800 ft./425 ft. Standard action Ref 160/half

Blood 4; Melee automatic ability Ref DC 114/negate

Breath* 16; 425 ft. (cone) 1,700 ft. (line) Standard Ref 114/half

Hand 24; Melee Touch

Immolation 24; 900 ft. radius Free/Standard Ref 114/half

Storm 4; 900 ft. radius Standard/Free – Special Ref 160/half

Strike 4; Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) 8; all creature in 425 ft. Will 160/negate

Cleaving Attacks (Ex)
A single attack from one of Cthulhu’s natural weapons can target all creatures in a 100-foot square. Make one attack roll; any creature in the area whose AC is equal to or lower than the result takes damage from the attack. Cthulhu can attempt a combat maneuver check to grapple all creatures hits with a tentacle attack, making a single check and applying it against the CMD of all targets. If Cthulhu grapples a creature of Macro-Small size or smaller, it does not gain the grappled condition and does not need to succeed at a grapple combat maneuver check to move while maintaining its grapple. Cthulhu can grapple any number of creatures of Macro-Small size or smaller simultaneously and make a single combat maneuver as a free action at the start of its turn for maintain the grapple on them, applying its result against the CMD of those targets (see mind flaying).

Command Sea Monster (Su)
Cthulhu can command sea monsters to do its bidding as a move action, using either speech or telepathy. This ability affects all aberrations, animals, dragons, native outsiders, and magical beasts with the aquatic subtype. A successful DC 194 Will save negates the effects of Cthulhu’s command; otherwise the targeted sea monster is affected by the command as if by a suggestion spell.
The commanded course of action can have a duration of up to 16 days. If Cthulhu issues a new command to a creature, the previous command is discarded. Once a creature succeeds at its save against this effect, it is immune to further commands from Cthulhu for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Create Spawn (Ex)
16 times a day, but no more often than once every 1d4 rounds, Cthulhu can shed a portion of its own mass to spawn a fully functional mythic star spawn of Cthulhu (Mythos Monster; Legendary Games) into an adjacent space. This is a full-round action but does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Cthulhu can spend one mythic point while using this ability for apply one between the following templates to the generated creature: advanced, cleric creature, giant, rogue creature, or sorcerer creature. The newly generated star spawn is a fanatical follower of its “father” and will follow any command given by Cthulhu, even suicidal.

Devastating Strike (Ex)
Cthulhu ignores the first 100 points of hardness when it damages an object with its natural weapons. A creature struck with a critical hit from Cthulhu’s natural weapons must succeed at a DC 179 Fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round. The save DC is Strength-based.

Divine Traits (Great Old One) (Ex)
As the mightiest of the Great Old One, Cthulhu gains a +16 divine bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, etc.); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws and spell resistance. Cthulhu’s natural attacks or any weapons it wields, are treated as chaotic and epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Cthulhu does not age and requires no food or drink to sustain itself.

Doom Gaze (Su)
Cthulhu can focus its stare on one creature in line of sight (remember cosmic consciousness) as a swift action. That creature takes a penalty of -98 (equal to Cthulhu Intelligence modifier) on attack and damage rolls, initiative, checks, AC, CMD, saving throws, PR/SR, DCs of extraordinary special attacks, psionic powers, spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural special attacks and every times he roll an attack roll, initiative, check, or saving throw he rolls two times and must take the lower result. Cthulhu can maintain its stare against only one opponent at a time; it remains in effect until Cthulhu stares at a new target, the opponent dies, the opponent moves outside Cthulhu line of sight, or Cthulhu falls unconscious or dies. The doom gaze is a psychic effect, and relies more on Cthulhu’s focus than the target’s perception of its stare. It can’t be avoided in the same ways a gaze attack can. Cthulhu can use this ability even while blinded, but must succeed at a DC 200 concentration check to do so. Staring at a creature requires Cthulhu’s focus, so if it uses a gaze attack or similar ability, it must target the subject of its doom gaze or voluntarily end the doom gaze. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Dreams of Madness (Su)
When Cthulhu is sealed sleeping in R’lyeh, its telepathy extend to its cosmic consciousness range. Cthulhu cannot convey actual words but only concepts and will when in this state (this is sufficient for use command sea monster). Also, when Cthulhu contact with telepathy a sleeping creature while in this state, it automatically activate a dream or nightmare spell on it (Cthulhu choice, DC 194). Cthulhu automatically realize whenever it’s in a dreamscape or mindscape, regardless of whether it is veiled or overt (Cthulhu does not necessarily learn the knowledge needed to leave the mindscape, however). When Cthulhu uses this dream or nightmare on a creature with one or more ranks in a Craft or Perform skill, it also afflicts the creature with maddening dreams. The target must succeed at a DC 194 Will save or contract a random insanity. This is not without a gift for the touched mind, however. Whether or not the creature succeeds on its saving throw, Cthulhu grants her a +40 competence bonus (½ Cthulhu HD) on the next Craft or Perform check they make within a year. Objects crafted using this bonus almost always bear images of strange and alien creatures, which the crafter subconsciously adds, without even thinking about it. If the crafter wishes to craft the item without such motifs, she must concentrate specifically on removing them, reducing the bonus to +5. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Eldritch Howl (Su)
As a standard action Cthulhu can emits a soul-splintering howl. All creatures and objects in a 10-miles radius around Cthulhu other than him take 80d100 divine sonic damage and are permanently deafened. A Reflex save DC 194 half this damage and reduce the deafened duration to 1 minute. Each creature also has to make a Will save DC 194 or going insane (as a combination of feeblemind and insanity). Cthulhu howl is supernaturally powerful, and penetrate the effect of any spell of 9th level or lower that creates silence. After using eldritch howl Cthulhu has to wait 1d4+2 rounds before it can use this attack again. This is a sonic effect and the save DC is Intelligence-based.

Fortuity (Ex)
The paragon adds a +30 luck bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, manifester level checks, skill checks, etc.); damage rolls; difficulty class (for any powers, psi-like abilities, special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; power resistance; saving throws; spell resistance; channel resistance (if applicable) and caster/manifestion/initiator levels to all Spells, Spell Like Abilities, Psionic Manifestations, or Maneuvers Abilities (Tome of Battle and Path of War).

High Priest of the Great Old Ones (Ex/Su)
Cthulhu is the high priest of the Great Old Ones and a direct conduit to the Outer Gods that lurk in the Dark Tapestry. All the bonus of the great old one template which can be compared to the Demi-Deity template are upgraded to the Greater Deity template instead (including divine slots and portfolio) and gains the Cosmic String ability of an Elder One as additional insurance, but it only activate if its immortality (see below) is abrogated, negated or circumnavigated and automatically reform Cthulhu sealed and sleeping in its tomb of R’lyeh as for immortality instead of active like a true Elder One.

Cthulhu can demand respect from the aberrant hordes of the world. Mythos creature and cultist (even mindless) understand that Cthulhu is an ally and are well-disposed toward it in most cases (the starting attitude of mythos creature and cultist change to helpful unless the specific creature or cultist has its specific reasons for having a different attitude, like cultist of Hastur). Cthulhu can also channel negative energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + its Intelligence modifier, but only to affect mythos creatures and mythos cultist as if they were undead and it possessed the Command Undead feat, with a cleric level equal to its HD. The range of this “channel energy” is 10 miles. Outer Gods are immune to this channel energy and as well Hastur, its herald and cultists. Cthulhu can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Alignment Channel.

When Cthulhu use its commune or contact other plane spell-like abilities always contact the Outer Gods (although it can choose which of them to contact specifically), they count as greater deity for the purpose of contact other plane. Cthulhu never risk Int/Cha reduction from this contact other plane and count a roll of 89-100 as don’t know (they never give lie or random answer result to it). Once per day, Cthulhu can chose to receive a response of 25 words (like sending) to its question with this effects instead of “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” “never,” or some other one-word answer.

Hurl Foe (Ex)
When Cthulhu damages a Macro-Small or smaller foe with one of its natural attacks, it can try to hurl the foe as part of that attack by attempting a combat maneuver check. On a successful check, the foe is knocked back 1 mile in a direction of Cthulhu choice and falls prone. The distance the foe is hurled increases by 5 feet for every 5 points by which Cthulhu check exceeds the foe’s CMD. If an obstacle stops the hurled creature before it travels the whole distance, the hurled foe and the obstacle struck each take 1d6 points of damage per 10 feet of distance remaining and the foe is knocked prone in the space adjacent to the obstacle.

Immobility (Ex)
Cthulhu can reflexively adjust its mass at will, so that it is effectively impossible to move against its will. Cthulhu cannot be bull rushed, knocked down, tripped, or otherwise physically moved via a combat maneuver unless it wishes to be, and gains a +100 racial saving throw against all effects that attempt to move it, including teleportation effects it wishes to resist.

Immortality (Ex)
If Cthulhu is killed, the Immolation [Effect] activate as normal, its body immediately fades away into a noxious cloud of otherworldly vapor that fills an area out to its reach. This cloud blocks vision as obscuring mist, but can’t be dispersed by any amount of wind and work even while underwater. Any creature in this area must succeed at a DC 148 Fortitude save or be nauseated for as long as it remains in the cloud and for an additional 1d10 rounds after it leaves the area. Cthulhu returns to life after 2d6 rounds, manifesting from the cloud and restored to life via true resurrection, but is staggered for 2d6 rounds (nothing can remove this staggered effect). If slain again while it is staggered from this effect, the Immolation [Effect] activate as normal, Cthulhu reverts to vapor form again and its essence fades away after 2d6 rounds, returning to his tomb in R’lyeh until it is released again. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Item Use (Su)
Cthulhu can activate spell-trigger items like staves and wands as if it were a spellcaster of the appropriate class.

Massive (Ex)
Because Cthulhu is so massive, uneven ground and other terrain features that form difficult terrain generally pose no significant hindrance to its movement, though areas of dense forest or massive settlements are considered difficult terrain to Cthulhu (GM’s discretion). A Macro-Small or smaller creature can move through any square occupied by Cthulhu, or vice-versa. Cthulhu can be flanked only by Macro-Small or larger foes. Cthulhu gains a bonus for being on higher ground only if its entire space is on higher ground than that of its target. It’s possible for a Macro-Small or smaller creature to climb Cthulhu—this generally requires a successful DC equal to its CMD, and a Small or larger creature that climbs on Cthulhu body provokes an attack of opportunity from it.

Might (Ex)
Cthulhu deals d10's for base damage dice of all melee, natural weapon, and unarmed attacks with virtual size categories, and its damage dice cannot go below this dice but this cannot increase to more dice than its HD.

Mind Blast (Su)
As a standard action Cthulhu can emit a wave of mental energy in a 10-miles cone. Each creature in that area take 160d20 damage (2d20 per Cthulhu HD) and are stunned for 16 rounds (1 round per Divine Rank of Cthulhu; creatures with a Divine Rank of 6 or less are instead stunned for 1 minute per Divine Rank of Cthulhu). A successful Will save DC 194 reduce the damage to 20d8 and the stunned condition to staggered. Each round on its turn, a creature that fail the save may attempt a new saving throw to end the effect. This is a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. After using mind blast, Cthulhu must wait 1d6+2 rounds before using it again. This is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Mind Flaying (Su)
When Cthulhu begins its turn with a creature grappled, it can make one combat maneuver check with each of its tentacles to maintain the grapple. As long as at least one check succeeds, it maintains the grapple. If the creature is Macro-Small or smaller, only one tentacle check is make against it (see cleaving attacks). For each successful check, that tentacle bores into the target’s skull (dealing normal constrict damage) and begins devouring its brain, dealing 1d12 points each of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma drain. A successful DC 148 Fortitude save reduces this to 1d6 point of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma damage. If any ability score is reduced to 0, the target’s brain is devoured and it dies, and Cthulhu gains the benefits of a heal spell. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Mythic (Ex)
Cthulhu has Mythic Power (16/day, Surge +4d6) and counts as a 16th-rank Mythic creature. Cthulhu can use any of his spell, spell-like abilities and Psionic Mind effects as the Mythic versions of those spells and powers (if a Mythic version of that spell exists), expending Mythic Power as normal. It can also expend Mythic Power to use the augmented versions of these spell, spell-like abilities, power and effects.

Non-Euclidean (Ex)
Cthulhu does not exist wholly in the physical world, and space and time strain against his presence. This grants Cthulhu a racial bonus on Reflex saves equal to its Intelligence modifier and the improved evasion ability. His apparent and actual position are never quite the same, granting him a 50% miss chance against all attacks. This stack with hyperdimensional body for a total 75% miss chance. True seeing can defeat this miss chance (and restore to only the 50% of hyperdimensional body), but any creature that looks upon Cthulhu while under the effects of true seeing is exposed to its madness aura.

Non-Euclidean Geometry (Su)
Reality and the fundamental laws of physics go mad in the presence of Cthulhu. Creatures within 10 miles of Cthulhu suffer a number of disorienting and strange effects, as detailed below. Within its home city of R’lyeh, the effects of Cthulhu’s non-Euclidean geometry always always have a minimum area equal to the size of R’lyeh itself. While Cthulhu is sealed asleep in its house of R’lyeh non-euclidean geometry extend to cover only its palace and tomb.
  • Allies and minions of Cthulhu have their reach doubled (this is not applied to Cthulhu itself, see prodigious reach). Enemies of Cthulhu have their reach halved. If a creature has a reach of 5 feet, its reach is instead reduced to 0.

  • Physical routes change, becoming dead ends or circles. The terrain and architecture creatures traveled the previous round will be different if they return to it. The presence of cover, difficult terrain, or the like shift from round to round (randomly or at the GM’s discretion), but generally do so in ways advantageous to Cthulhu or its minions.

  • If a foe of Cthulhu moves more than 5 feet during its turn, that creature has a 50% chance of entering an area of geometry where it physically cannot exist. When a victim is exposed to such a reality, it can avoid the effect with a successful DC 194 Reflex saving throw. If it fails, it vanishes, and is transported to somewhere else in the universe (randomly or at the GM’s discretion). If the saving throw was a natural 1, the victim instead winks out of existence, along with all of its gear (artifacts are not destroyed by this effect, but are transported elsewhere). Creatures lost in this way can only be restored to life via miracle, true resurrection, or wish. A creature under a dimensional anchor, dimension lock or other effects that block teleportation is immune to this particular effect, as well mythos creatures and cultist, creatures with a Divine Rank of 5 or higher, and creatures under true seeing (but see non-euclidean above).

  • Finally, each round in a 100-ft. square, there’s a 25% chance that a dangerous creature from another dimension may emerge from strange angles or warped reality. Shoggoths and starspawn and other aliens of similar power (CR 20 ± 2) are typical arrivals.
The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Over Mind (Ex)
The sheer power of Cthulhu's mind is so overwhelming that it can use its Intelligence instead of its Charisma for all (checks, abilities, etc.), including the mad mind ability of a great old one. It also add its Intelligence modifier to Initiative. Whenever Cthulhu manifest a psionic power that targets one or more non-mythic creatures, each of those creatures must roll any saving throw against the power twice and take the lower result. Cthulhu is always considered psionically focused (thus allowing Cthulhu to spend it at will).

Paragon Presence (Ex)
The paragon radiate an aura of pure presence (Radius: 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 Hit Dice). All creatures with less than half the paragon HD must make a Will save DC 10 + ½ paragon HD + paragon Charisma modifier or fall unconscious for the overwhelming presence of the paragon for 2 hours. Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, but normal noise does not. Awakening a creature is a standard action (an application of the aid another action). If a creature make his save is instead staggered for a number of rounds equal to the paragon Charisma modifier. Once a creature make with success his save, he is immune to the Paragon Presence of that paragon for 1 day. Against unattended abject in the area (like the squares of the floor) Paragon Presence deal 1 damage x HD of the paragon every round which apply only half of the hardness. The paragon can exclude any number of creatures of objects from suffer the effects of this aura. This is a fear, mind-affecting effect.

Prodigious Reach (Ex)
As a move action, Cthulhu can redistribute its mass to extend the reach of a single melee attack. When it does so, its reach with that attack increase by 10 miles. If Cthulhu grapple a creature with that attack, the creature is move adjacent to the great old one as usual. Also, Cthulhu’s reach spans dimensional boundaries with incomprehensible geometries that allow it to attack in ways that defy conventional countermeasures. It ignores abilities, actions, or effects that normally allow creatures to perform actions without provoking attacks of opportunity, including cover (other than total cover), concealment, casting defensively, Acrobatics, mythic abilities like fleet charge, feats like Improved Trip, Point Blank Master, and Spring Attack, and spells like bladed dash and grace unless originated by a divine source with Divine Rank of 7 or higher. Cthulhu has a 50% chance to ignore this effects while originated by a divine source with Divine Rank of 7 or higher, and it can expend one use of its mythic power as a swift or immediate action to increase this to 100% until the start of its next turn.

Psionic Mind (Su)
Once per round as a standard action Cthulhu can manifest any psionic power of 9th-level or less from the list of the psion/wilder. The manifestation level of Cthulhu is 122 and it count automatically as it has spend 122 power points in the power (including the base points for manifest it). The Difficulty Class for saving throws against psion powers is 10 + the power’s level + Cthulhu’s Intelligence modifier (160 + the power’s level). This replace the alter reality of the great old one template.

Psychic Crush (Ex)
If Cthulhu stuns a creature with its mind blast, it may expend one use of its mythic power to cause the target’s synapses to overload, affecting it as a combination of feeblemind and insanity; a successful DC 194 Will save reduces this effect to that of touch of idiocy. If Cthulhu expends two uses of its mythic power, the duration of the stun is automatically doubled and if the target fails a DC 194 Fortitude save its brain implodes, killing it instantly. Creatures with a Divine Rank of 7 or higher or with Intelligence of 100 or higher cannot have their brain imploded in this fashion. This is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Stars Align (Su)
Cthulhu’s fate and strength is tied to the stars, and is stronger when under their lights. Cthulhu gains a +40 circumstance bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws as long as its under an open starry sky. This bonus is not already calculated in the above sheet.

Stars are Right
When the stars are right, the door is open. When the right star alignment is in place (DM’s discretion) Cthulhu can make an occult ritual with a 24 hours execution while in a planet of the Material Plane. At the end of the ritual, the planet and its solar system are sucked inside the Dark Tapestry for the rest of the eternity.

Telepathic Assault (Su)
All creatures within Cthulhu’s telepathy range must make a successful DC 194 Will saving throw at the start of their turns or become overwhelmed with consuming terror and madness. Cthulhu can choose from the following effects each round as a free action. Once a creature fails this saving throw, the effects persist until the creature moves out of Cthulhu’s telepathy area. Even if Cthulhu change the effect, a creature that fail the save is automatically affected by the new effect until she leave the area. While Cthulhu is sealed asleep in its house of R’lyeh telepathic assault extend to cover only its palace and tomb.

  • Anarchy: Those who succumb to Cthulhu’s telepathic assault suffer from overwhelming paranoia and hallucinations, and find it impossible to tell friend from foe. Under this effect, a creature babbles incoherently unless another creature is within 30 feet, in which case the victim uses every resource it has available to attack the perceived foe with intent to kill. Cthulhu is never attacked by a creature under this effect.

  • Despair: Those who succumb to Cthulhu’s telepathic assault cower in fear.

  • Global Enslavement: Those who succumb to Cthulhu’s telepathic assault fall under his control and do his bidding as meat puppets. This effect functions as dominate monster.
This is a mind-affecting, insanity effect. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Unspeakable Presence (Ex)
Failing a DC 194 Will save against Cthulhu’s unspeakable presence causes the victim to immediately die of fright. This is a death and fear effect. A creature immune to fear that fails its save against Cthulhu’s unspeakable presence is staggered for 1d6 rounds instead of killed. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

As a Deity


The Dreamer in the Deep

Alignment CN

Realm R'lyeh

Areas of Concern Cataclysms, Changes, Dreams, Oceanic Deeps, The Stars

Worshipers Deep Ones, Starspawn, Old Cults; half-insane artists, poets, and visionaries

Domains Chaos, Dream (Dream Domain – d20PFSRD), Madness, Void, Water

Subdomains Dark Tapestry, Insanity, Isolation, Nightmare, Oceans, Stars

Favored Weapon Dagger

Symbol Complex rune around an open eye

Sacred Animal(s) Octopus

Sacred Color(s) Black, blue, green

Unique Summon Rules
  • Summon Monster II: Deep One, Octopus
  • Summon Monster VI: Giant Octopus
  • Summon Monster IX: Elder Deep One

Boons - Deific Obedience

Carve a Great Cthulhu statuette while immersed at least up to your waist in seawater as you sing chants and prayers to your lord. Gain a +4 anarchic bonus against the extraordinary or supernatural attacks of creatures with the aquatic or water subtype.

1: Dream Waters (Sp) hydraulic push 3/day, augury 2/day, or water breathing 1/day

2: Deep Adaptation (Ex) You gain a swim speed of 30 ft., the aquatic subtype and the amphibious special quality. You also gain immunity to damage from water pressure; your body is capable of instantly adjusting to different water depths or even the surface with ease.

3: Call of the Oceanic Deep (Ex) You gain the Deep One Scion template (Deep One Scion (CR +1)[3pp] – d20PFSRD) without the need to be a deep one hybrid.


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