D&D General Gale Force 9 v WotC Lawsuit Settled

Not long after the Weis & Hickman lawsuit against WotC was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice, the suit brought by GF9 against the company has also been settled and dismissed at the request of both parties, according to ICv2 -- (the original suit asked for nearly $1M to go to Gale Force 9) -- and a continuation of the partnership between the two companies.


In both lawsuits WotC had sought to end a licensing agreement. According to ICv2, an original ruling on GF9's request for a restraining order favoured WotC; however the two companies have settled nevertheless.

GF9 told ICv2 "We are pleased to confirm that we have reached an amicable resolution with Wizards of the Coast. Our ongoing partnership for Dungeons & Dragons will continue and more news will follow at a later date."

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@TheSword according to this article, there wasn't any money in the settlement: Gale Force Nine, Wizards of the Coast Settle

The case was permanently dismissed in federal court Monday at the request of the two companies with no award of fees or costs to either party. The lawsuit, which Gale Force Nine filed in November, sought to prevent WotC from terminating GF9’s licenses to produce Dungeons & Dragons products, an award of $950,000, fees, and other remedies

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Just a fact check... where does it say GF9 were awarded nearly $1m?

The article states that they requested that in their original suit, not that they settled at that figure.

I would be highly surprised if they did settle at that, as this was the full amount they were suing for.
Yep, you're right!


Lord of the Hidden Layer
I also hope this means that translation (with good-quality standards) and production can resume.

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