TSR TSR3.5 Voluntarily Dismisses Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed by TSR3 against D&D owners Wizards of the Coast a few days ago was voluntarily dismissed.

A lawsuit filed by TSR3 against D&D owners Wizards of the Coast a few days ago was voluntarily dismissed.

Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 3.17.46 PM.png

Dismissal without prejudice means that the suit can be filed again. The suit lasted two days from the 7th to the 9th of December. The IndieGoGo fundraiser to fund it is still running.

At first glance, the below document is dated 21st October so it’s reasonable to assume that it is not related to the recent filing; however, apparently that date is incorrect. The correct date is in the footer, and this is indeed the dismissal of the recent filing and can be found on PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records).


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Krampus ate my d20s
So I'm guessing that actually filing again will be a stretch goal? :unsure:
Or top donors, Rank Onion on Belt or higher, can get access to a special discord room to crowd-write the next lawsuit. You have to understand this is not a quick fight. This is a long war against Wokists of the Coast. So starting today, TSR LLC will be funding a promising pre-law student from Guildford Technical Community College, Justinian NasaLa, to get his law degree with a sole focus of bringing these libelous dogs ruining our collective childhoods to heel. He will be a weapon, forged for a singular glorious purpose, to free D&D from the shackles Hasbro has placed on it. For as little as a $499 platinum membership to the Dungeon Hobby Shop, you can help choose a line in our forthcoming lawsuit about where WotC specifically harmed you on a vintage copy of Dungeon Geomorphs II.


I'm not a lawyer but shouldn't that be "withdraws" lawsuit. Again, I could be wrong, but I believe it's the judge who decides whether a case is dismissed or not, and with or without prejudice.


Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
Posting this not in regards to his politics, but in regards to his financial misappropriation.

Justin Lanasa is 100% a grifter who doesn't think laws or social norms around money apply to him. When he ran for office there were 5 people who donated to his campaign. Four of them were Justin Lanasa, Justin W. Lanasa, Justin W. Lavasa, and Justin Lanaga.

This guy puts as much effort in his illegal finances as your average 12 year old does in faking their identity to log onto a website they've been banned from or are too young to access. He's -absolutely- trying to scam people out of cash, here.
I know the whole thing is pretty funny - and I don't want the fun to stop - but this whole TSR 1-2-3 drama stinks of erratic behavior and, perhaps, of mental disorder. Someone is not having a good time over at TSR...
Well, y'know, lead was in paint, gas, and a lot of other things for a long, long, time before we figured out it caused behavioral issues, brain damage, and emotional stunting when taken into a child's bloodstream through inhalation, ingestion, or even prolonged physical contact...

It would go a long way to explain this sort of behavior.

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