TSR Now it’s WotC’s Turn: WotC Moves Against TSR3

I guess after you provoke somebody enough, they’ll eventually bite back. The company has begun trademark cancellation procedures against the newest TSR.

TSR3 briefly filed for a court declaration on Dec 7th as to their ownership of the TSR trademarks — with an IndieGoGo campaign to fund it — and then voluntarily dismissed it a couple of days later on Dec 9th.

This filing is dated Dec 6th, the day before TSR3 launched its campaign.

In WotC’s response, they cite fraud as one of the causes of action, alleging that TSR3 misled the trademark office in its original application.

Mike Dunford, on Twitter, breaks down the action.



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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Since "great" and "bad" are entirely subjective, if you think a movie is great, it's a great movie.
Sure, but I think this misses what’s being implied by calling a movie “so-bad-it’s-good.”

Take The Room, for example - possibly the most iconic good bad movie ever made. I don’t think anyone would call that movie good without a trace of irony. Everything about it from the script to the acting to the cinematography is of extremely amateur quality at best, and totally baffling at worst. And it’s not like Tommy Wiseau was intentionally defying convention to make a statement, he just didn’t know what he was doing. Now, good and bad are subjective, and The Room is widely beloved, so it isn’t wrong to simply call it a good movie. But people who like it tend to call it “so bad it’s good” because language is meant for communication and calling it “so bad its good” communicates something about why people like it that just calling it “good” fails to do
And that has the advantage of not using terminology that can easily be seen as insulting movies that many people think are great.
I don’t think people who like so-bad-it’s-good movies are generally insulted by calling them “bad.” We usually like them because they’re “bad.”

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Staff member
Take The Room, for example - possibly the most iconic good bad movie ever made. I don’t think anyone would call that movie good without a trace of irony.
A friend of mine and I once watched that and The Creeping Terror back to back to assess which was worse.

Dead heat.

Funny Games was a VERY close third.

May be, depending on how much cover Justin gets from his skirmish line of LLC's but aren't his lawyers concerned or have they bailed?

His lawyer hasn't changed. I believe they would have to file with the court to be recused if they want to bail, but nothing like that has been filed. Realistically, LaNasa's legal team hasn't racked up that many hours yet. His legal fees certainly aren't cheap, but WotC has spent more than he has.

And another lawsuit update...
Now they have filed an application for leave to appear pro hac vice. This is to have Russell D. Nugent represent them instead of the local counsel they engaged with to file the lawsuit. (Who is listed as their back-up should the primary not be able to fulfill duties.)
I am no lawyer, so I'll leave the interpretation of this move to others. The fact it's the same law firm they tried to start this with is interesting... Akiva Cohen warned them they should stay away from this case on Twitter.


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