TSR NuTSR Declares Bankruptcy


NuTSR, owned by Justin LaNasa, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which will liquidate the company's assets.

NuTSR's gross revenue so far for 2023 is $621.93 according to the documents filed in North Carolina. This is balanced against total liabilities of just over $384,000.

The company made the news over the last couple of years, emerging in 2020 when then-owners Justin LaNasa and Stephen Dinehart registered the defunct TSR trademarks and launched the new venture with the involvement of Ernie Gygax, one of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's sons. Over the following months, NuTSR generated controversy after controversy, attempted to sue D&D publishers Wizards of the Coast via a crowdfunding effort, and in March 2022 eventually found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from them.


As a consequence of the bankruptcy petition the current lawsuit between WotC and NuTSR is on hold, postponed until March 2024. NuTSR's website is still active.


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(Favorite thing I know about Richard Dawkins: he married Lalla Ward after being introduced to her at a party by Douglas Adams. Disclaimer: I haven’t much appreciated Richard’s more recent cultural contributions. I prefer Lalla’s Doctor Who recollections.)
Heh, I had a crush on Lala when I was a kid.

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