GAME OF THRONES #10:Fire and Blood ACT 10 Chapter 1-2011--Season Ending

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I was surprised about that as well, but considering that the nudity thing is a big draw for the show's ratings it made sense... bald chicks just are not as hot, ask brittany spears.

Persis Khambatta proves you wrong.


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If the best case for bald is a pic that is 32 years old, methinks you're suffering from a paucity of evidence in support of your argument. You could have at least have tried a Natalie Portman pic. Problem with that is, she is plainly and obviously WAY hotter with long hair.

As for long hair is hotter and more sexy, generally? Ahem


Game, set and match.
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Remus Lupin

I think it should be noted that the characters in the series are about 5 years older than their characters in the novel. I could see this woman as a 21-year old.


Quite the appropriate dress for someone playing a Tyrell ;)

That picture was from the premier of Season 2 of the Tudors, and was taken in March 2008. While she is a youthful looking actress, she is now aged 29 and will be in her early thirties when she has to do the heavy lifting with her role. More recent picutures of her are available on IMDB. She looks like a beautiful woman in her late 20s. Funny about that.

So no - she's not 16. She's not even 21. She'll look late 20's, at best, on TV by the time we get to the "meaty" part of her role in seasons 3 and 4 and beyond.

Clearly, they have decided her acting skills and marketability to draw fans of The Tudors to Game of Thrones were more important to them. The fact they can show her naked is probably a plus, too.

There is nothing to say that they are wrong in this decision -- and I am not saying they ARE wrong, either.

I do think that an older Margaery Tyrell can work and it isn't a disaster by any means. But it's clearly a difference in the role for "TV Margaery" as distinct from "Book Margaery" and it will have consequences in terms of how that character is written, portrayed and viewed. I wonder if her age is such that the Queen of Thorns will essentially vanish from the scripts and Margaery will be far more a player in her own right, and less a piece?

I tried pointing this out to people on W-i-C and the fanboi knee-twitch went insane. "She's not too old" - "they aged up all the Stark kids, too" (patiently: by 3 or 4 years, not by 13 years) but ... whatever.

Ah well. It's nice to hear casting news. I will be looking forward to the Stannis, Melisandre and Ygritte casting announcements with great interest.
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Remus Lupin

Thus far, of course, Marjorie has had the misfortune to be married to three men (well, a man and two boys) who have had little desire and/or opportunity to see her naked.

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