Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)


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I just wanted to send a thank you to Mr. Gygax that I was never able to deliver in person. Thank you for creating something that introduced to so many friends and wonderful people. Thank you for creating something that in part, made me who I am today.
Thank you for creating something that brings so many different people together.
Thanks for you being you to give us all that chance too.


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As a 30 year veteran of D&D, I am deeply saddened by this news just like everyone else.

Though I never met him face to face, I have enjoyed chatting with him in the numerous "Ask Gary" threads. Logging onto enworld/trolllord forums and seeing those threads and realizing they will never be posted to again really made it hit home for me. They were my personal connection Gary and they will sit silent now.

Thanks for 3 decades of enjoyment Gary, and I will do my best to make sure you life's work gives me 3 decades more!



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Wulf Ratbane said:
Nobody-- no friend, no mentor, no teacher, no pastor, no politician-- had as great an impact on my life as Gary Gygax. Although my family may claim credit for my moral instruction, it was the many long, happy hours spent reading Gygax to which I owe the development of my intellect.

I echo these sentiments. Gary's creations have had a huge and positive effect on my life in so many ways, and he certainly has my thanks for that.

Rest in peace, Gary.


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RIP, Mr. Gygax. We never met face-to-face, but we corresponded a few times. I just want to thank you for all the creative inspiration you've given me over the years. In the game itself, campaigns may end and heroes die, but their memories will live forever.

So too will it be for you.
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Truth Seeker

In the 1st Dm of DMs.

I am now releasing photos, taking last year at Gen Con, during Tracy & Laura Hickman's Killer Breakfast.

I had a backlogged of shots that needed editing. I made the effort to get these out. The best were selected.

Gary at Killer Breakfast...

If it was not for Tracy's personal invite to come and see this event. These shots wouldn't have been possible.

Tracy, thank you.
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This animated picture took a few days to track down, it's the picture my brother (Decamber) used as a signature here when he was still active here several years ago. I think it's appropriate.


My condolences to the Gygax family. Gary will be missed.


thank you gary gygax for introducing me to D&D, a life-changing event in my life and something i still hold dear to my heart. rest in peace.



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Late Tuesday evening I felt an overwhelming need to create my own tribute to Gary. He had a pivotal role, through the part he played in creating Dungeons and Dragons, in my surviving adolescence. I'd not be the responsible, mature, and grounded person I am today without what he's given me in this game. I grabbed my gear, and shot this:

I call it: Pouring Some Out For My Homie

Thanks, Gary.

Mark Plemmons

Along with our special KODT tribute strip PDF, we're planing some sort of tribute in Gary's memory, with Knights of the Dinner Table magazine #138. Along with the special cover, we may collect thoughts/comments posted on our forums to include in the magazine.

If you want to send letters for consideration on the letters pages you can email them to jolly(at)


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My power was out almost all day on Tuesday and while my 4 month old son was sleeping, I was looking around for something to do. Since I didn't have internet access, I knew nothing of the situation but for some reason I picked up Keep on the Borderlands and read the entire thing without stopping in amazement at the man's many skills. I hadn't picked up one of EGG's modules in five years but... well there you go. It is sad that it takes someone's death to make them realize how incredibly important they were to you. Here's to you Gary.

Thanks Gary, you'll be missed. I'd say rest in peace but the sentiment would be misplaced -- I'd rather your rest be spent rolling 20's.

Lfe may be finite, but the adventrues you have given us are infinite.


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Some of Gary's wisdom

From RPGnet

RPGNet: Any hard-gained nuggets of wisdom you can share with us as a parting measure? What's best in life, and what do we have to do to get there?

Gary: Here is some of the wisdom I have garnered over the years:

If you love the work you do it is much like play, not work, so you can enjoy so much more of your life that way.

Gaming is likely the second best thing in life. If you don't know what the first is, I ain't a'gonna tell you.

Don't play with bumble bees.

A deal isn't done until the check has cleared the bank.

The bit of writing you like best in a work you are doing is likely the part that should be tossed out.

Cash is always better than credit, save when it comes to creative credit. In that case get both!

Be careful if asked for advice, as it's likely the one asking won't want to hear what you have to say. Besides, likely your advice isn't all that good anyway. So, that fits this picture, no?


And his last answer to his Q & A here:


As I have pointed out often in the past, has anyone ever seen a mythological or folklore depiction of a female dwarf that lacked chin whiskers?

Yours for factual dwarven Physiognomy,


You will be missed Colonel.

Bran Blackbyrd

My condolences to his family.

His contribution to the world will only ever be limited by the imaginations of the vast multitude who have experienced it, enjoyed it, and shared it. That's quite a legacy by anyone's standards.

Thank you, and rest in peace, Gary.
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