GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony RPGs Also Confirmed For 2021

Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro confirmed to Forbes that GI Joe, My Little Pony, and Transformers will be coming as official RPGs, following the already announced Power Rangers tabletop roleplaying game.

While they were hinted at in their press release this week, it hadn't been confirmed that - other than Power Rangers -- these other games would be tabletop RPGS.


Casey Collins at Hasbro told Forbes "“The tabletop and roleplaying games Renegade Game Studios innovated for the Power Rangers franchise have proved to authentically connect with both gamers and the Ranger Nation and we are confident that G.I. Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony fans will love the exciting games coming soon.”

Renegade Game Studios' Scott Gaeta elaborated a little more, confirming that the games would be powered by the D&D 5th Edition rules. "Part of the strategy here is that if we want a GI Joe fan to play an RPG. We want to use the system that’s most common and widely known. Fifth Edition at this point is the common language in RPGs. We went back and forth on our discussions but we landed on Fifth Edition being what we wanted to use to achieve our design goals.”

The games should be released in 2021.


These aren't the only animated properties seeing new RPG revivals. Recently D&D Beyond owner Fandom announced Legends of Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe Roleplaying Game, and a Dragon Prince RPG, powered by the Cortext Prime system. Additionally, Monolith Edition recently announced a Batman roleplaying game.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


There’s been the ongoing debate on how to run 5th edition more like 1st edition, but all these new properties being run on a 5e engine solve that “problem” in one particular way: having your 5th edition party wander through a dungeon door into Gotham City or onto Cybertron is the new 1st edition party stumbling into Oz or onto Barsoom!

This means that we will have 5e for a few more years to come. There will be no 6e for a long time. Having commited for 5e with different brands digging into it, we at most get a consolidation for 5e rules probably in 2023, when the next book of everything might be scheduled.

I don't see it as a bad thing though. Actually a good thing.
But right now I am at the point, where I could see minor revisions to base class structure and a few mino updates to the combat engine and action structure as well as a slight imrovements to skis. I am really looking forward to TCoE right now and I hope the options presented will be good. :)

So I am crossing my fingers for new core books in a few years that replace my old ones which incorporate a few updates without invalidating my other books.

Maybe those other RPGs try out a few stealth updates for 5e rules which might have an effect for the base game later.

Hasbro could hire Silver Games LLC as outsourcer (and also Dreamscarred Press for psionic, martial maneuvers and incarnum/akasha).

I wonder about a Transformers d20 because it's a true challenge about power balance. We are talking about characters who could face daikaijus, dinosaurs and other gargatuan monsters. They are practically superheroes. They are practically bulletproof, can destroy buildings with their own fists, throw cars, and advanced firearms what could kill dinosaurs with only one-shot.

D20 G.I.Joe isn't only d20 modern technology, but practically d20 battlefield, with heavy anti-tank weapons. We are talking about a crunch the PCs could eat the monsters from Gamma World with potatoes ( = they are too powerful and defeat others too easily). How to design the encounters and how should be the XPs reward?


A suffusion of yellow
I suppose they could use Tiers to account for the higher power levels of Transformers and GI Joes, not to mention normal humans in the melee too.

I wonder too if Pony Unicorns and Alicorns will be celestials and usable in a DnD game

Hollow Man

Which is actually an officially licensed product (and a good one, too. Probably better than any possible 5e adaptation will ever be).
I tend to agree. Sure the Tails game is very light on rules, and thus on first look appears to only be for kids. But I don't see how all that extra crunch in 5e is going to benefit a property like MLP: FiM. Honestly it would probably work best using Powered By the Apocalypse...



A suffusion of yellow
I tend to agree. Sure the Tails game is very light on rules, and thus on first look appears to only be for kids. But I don't see how all that extra crunch in 5e is going to benefit a property like MLP: FiM. Honestly it would probably work best using Powered By the Apocalypse...


Yeah, Im not keen on 5e Pony Rules (or Transformers tbh) and would prefer a more rules light system - especially one that has rules for Friendship and less combat.
That said 1) some of the Pony adventures are quite playable as DnD games and 2) I’d be interested to see how far the rules can stretch to be still recognisably 5e but not D&D
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I love the Equestrian Adventures game, it's fairly well done. I'm concerned about Transformers & GI Joe using 5E rules as I recall the issues with d20 Star Wars and most especially d20 Modern - they didn't feel properly right/heroic. I feel like there are far better systems that would fit the game. Powered by the Apocalypse really seems like the better system for these games.

But hey, maybe now we can have Transformers & GI Joe help the D&D kids vs. Venger with a PC Uni!

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