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Water Bob


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Water Bob

Land of the Silver Lotus just arrived in my mailbox. I haven't had time to look through it yet, but from just flipping the pages, I know that I will be pleased. I haven't been disappointed with any of Thulsa's stuff.

I am disappointed in Lulu and how it was shipped. It came in a bubble envelope, so my module is a bit crinkled and beat up from handling in the mail. It really irritates me when things like this do not arrive in brand new condition.

I see on the last page that Thulsa has another adventure coming out called Secrets of Zadj. I'm sure I'll get that one, too.

Water Bob

-- THULSA'S SWORD & SORCERY RULES FOR D20 3e/3.5e D&D and Pathfinder --

I've mentioned to you before Thulsa's excellent collection of adventures this is compiled in The Spider God's Bride and other tales of sword and sorcery. The adventures were developed by Thulsa's personal game world, called Xoth (you can find stuff about the world on Thulsa's site), but they are 100% useable in Conan's Hyborian Age. In fact, Thulsa even has a Conan RPG conversion booklet that is free for download on the page linked above.

Thulsa used standard d20 3e/3.5e D&D as his base set of game mechanics when he wrote Spider God, but he has since moved on to Pathfinder. In the opening of Spider God, Thulsa presents some thoughts and easy-to-implement rules that will convert your standard d20 3e/3.5 game for use in a swords & sorcery setting. You could easily apply these rules to Pathfinder, too.

I won't list everything Thulsa says (go buy the book! It's a heck of a deal!), but to give you a taste, here are some combat notes....

Massive Damage for a character is CON score + half level. Save to avoid instant death is DC 15 Fort with +2 for every 10 points of damage over the threshold. Thus, a 6th level character with CON 13 would have a Massive Damage threshold of 16. That would require a DC 19 Fort save for a single blow that did 38 points of damage on the character.

Death effects, like Slay Living or Finger of Death, reduces the character to -8 HP.

There's an interesting Damage Reduction system that shows you how to convert the d20/Pathfinder Armor Class to a system where armor absorbs damage and doesn't make a character harder to hit. This system is also useful when you want to take armor that you've found in d20 or Pathfinder sources and want to use it in your Conan RPG game.

Since there is no common magical healing in a S&S universe, natural healing is increased to give a character 3 + level + CON bonus in HP after 8 hours of rest. And, there is a method of stitching up and cleaning wounds using the Heal skill.

XP is altered to be awarded on a story-based system rather than experience awards based on foe kills.

The S&S conversion notes include all these combat details plus notes for the GM on running a S&S flavored game. How to alter the magic system is included. New Feats and character classes are presented. And, of course, there is a lot of flavor about Xoth that is 100% transplant-able into the Hyborian Age.

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