Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar = 18(d20) + 19(skill) = 37 (Made it)
Hawke = 15(d20) + 8(skill) = 23 (Made it)
Sphynx = 29 (Made it)
Quixt = 25 (Made it)

Combat is imminent! State your intentions! (Sphynx has already done so.)

Hawke and Nimbar are both preparing to cast spells!

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Aust Thale

As a child, Quixt has seen a similar creature, but much smaller. A sickly creature being starved for over a year in wizard’s lab. He took pity on it until he realized it was dangerous. He still has scars on three fingers from the acid.
It’s weapons are acid and paralysis, and it’s tactics are strikingly straightforward: it simply tries to roll over its target where it stands, stun it, and then digest it.

“Sphynx, wait, I’ll draw it off. You three go through the door. I’ll pull it back down the way we came. Close the door behind you, deal with what’s on the other side, let me draw it back out as far as it will go. If we do this right, we can explore the caves and avoid this fight for the moment.”


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
... “Sphynx, wait, I’ll draw it off....
Sphynx responds to Quixt. "While I appreciate the selflessness of your offer. I cannot let you try this alone. I am keen on the use of magic, and I am adamantly certain that this abomination must be destroyed. I will keep pace with you and continue to bombard it with magical assaults."
OOC: d20 = 12

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The DM said:
Quixt, you find no traps on the door, and it is not locked; however, it does appear to be jammed. The door has long been exposed to the humid environs of this corridor, and the wood has expanded, causing the door to swell and become stuck. If there was a way to stop the dripping, and/or dry out the corridor, you surmise that the door would probably shrink. But as it stands currently, it will take a tremendous force to free the door from its predicament.

Nimbar gives a sideways glance at Quixt: "This door ain't going anywhere in the amount of time that we have to mess with it. Do you have a Plan B?"

Both Nimbar and Hawke begin to back up, as each continues casting their spell. Now that the party can tell where the gelatinous matter is, you all realize that the cube is a lot closer than you thought it was. It won't be long before it's right on top of you... perhaps MOMENTS from now!

GM: I am assuming that Sphynx will move back as well. The same goes for Quixt. All of the party members made their rolls, so everyone is aware of how dangerous this thing is, and of the fact that it can be deceptively fast when it wants to be.


GM: COMBAT HAS BEGUN. Everyone roll initiative. Initiatives will be modified (by me) to reflect the fact that spells were already "in motion" of being cast before the round began. Hawke has an 18 for initiative. Nimbar has a 7. Quixt and Sphynx: just post your rolls in LINE CHAT and I will add them here.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx will, of course, continues backward at a reasonable pace, having no desire to come into contact with some autonomous mass of digestive goo. If it appears that his magical assault is having some positive effect, he will continue it. "Whatever diabolically malevolent wizard originally generated such a thing does not deserve to have his spirit continue on in a next existence, and I hope the thing ate him, but I doubt that."
OOC: roll sent in text

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM NOTE: Went ahead and rolled for Quixt since he wasn't responding.
(He had a good reason.) :cool:
GM NOTE #2: It seems we have a tie; initiative ties are broken by Dex scores.

Sphynx 18 [Dex 19]
Hawke 18 [Dex 18]
Quixt 18 [Dex 16]
Nimbar 7
Cube -4
(Rolled a 1, has -5 initiative score) - The cube definitely goes last, lol.

Cube has suffered 8 pts. of damage so far. (From Sphynx's Magic Missiles.)

Sphynx takes notice that both Hawke and Nimbar both seem to be casting Scorching Ray. He decides that this is a good option, since he can fire two such rays per casting. He moves in front of Hawke to get line-of-sight for his spell, knowing that Hawke and Nimbar will do the same.
Spell Criticals in Combat
Normally, when a person fails a saving throw vs. damaging spells, he or she takes full damage, rather than half. For example, a 6d6 Fireball will inflict an average damage of 21 points, or half damage (10 points) on a successful save.

However, if a person were to roll a 1 on their saving throw, that person has suffered the effects of a Spell Critical. In this situation, that same Fireball spell would inflict its full potential damage (36 points) to the victim who rolled the 1 on his save. This represents the fact that the victim was standing in precisely the wrong spot, at precisely the wrong time, when the spell was at its peak intensity.

Spell Criticals on Maximized spells are double the maximum potential damage; e.g., a maximized 6d6 Fireball spell, which normally inflicts the full 36 points on a failed Reflex save, would inflict 72 points of damage to a victim who rolled a 1. This doubling rule further applies to Intensified spells as well.

For spells which are subject to Ranged Touch Attack, spell criticals occur whenever the to-hit roll is a confirmed critical. The effect is maximized, just as if the victim had rolled a 1 on a saving throw.

Sphynx ranged touch: Nat 20 [Confirmation: 17+8 = 25, confirmed Spell Crit.]
4d6 maximized over 2 rays = 48 pts.
Gelatinous Cube has now suffered a total of (48+8 = 56) fifty-six points of damage.

When the two rays from Sphynx strike the creature, something spectacular happens; Sphynx's spell hits it in just the right spot. The cube quivers for a moment, as it begins to bubble and boil. Its tiny appendages quiver violently, and then the front of the cube bursts open with a loud "Pop!" spilling goo all over the floor in front of it. The rest of the cube sags, and begins to deflate, as more and more boiling hot goo oozes out of the gaping wound.

GM: Cube is at -2 and "bleeding out."

Hawke, Nimbar, and Quixt simply stare in amazement. All three of Sphynx's fellows end their castings, knowing they are now moot. Hawke is the only one who speaks.

Hawke chuckles, "Ya know, you could have saved some for us!"

COMBAT HAS ENDED! What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx scratches his head with his left hand. "Hmm. I have never been lucky before. That was interesting. I guess we should wait a bit for that stuff to cool down before we go back to where we were or look through what fell out of that thing."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke nods, "Although it was intense, it was still only a short burst of flame, so the boiling goo should cool pretty quickly. I'd say less than 10 minutes. In the meantime, why don't we see if we can budge this door?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
DC of Door: 20
Hawke: 20 Str = +5
Quixt: Aid another (using crowbar from his pack to leverage the door while Hawke rams it.)
Roll: (18)+6 = 24 = Success! (+2)
Hawke's total roll: 1d20+7 vs DC 20 (Need 13 or better on the die.)
Roll: (17)+7 = 24 = Success!

Knowing that Hawke intends to ram the door with his shoulder, counting on brute force, Quixt decides to take a small, steel crowbar out of his pack, and insert it between the door and the frame, placing torque on the door, so that it will be easier to knock it loose. Everything goes according to plan, and Hawke is able to smash the door in a single blow, knocking it completely off of its hinges!

Hawke says, "Ow, that stung a little. My shoulder is numb. But I'm ok, I promise."

Hawke chuckles as he rubs his shoulder, half-serious, and half-joking.

Beyond the smashed door, a damp, musty, long-unused hallway goes 10 feet to the east, before descending down a flight of stairs. You can see this, because the area at the top of the stairs is lit with by an ever-burning torch, which is on the wall, in a rusty sconce. These torches are extremely rare, and are of Dwarven make. They glow with a dim, blue radiation, and put out the same amount of light as a regular torch, however, they are not detectable by creatures with Darkvision. Alas, you doubt that the stairwell is as well lit; in fact, you suspect that it is not lit at all.

Does anyone want to enter the damp hallway, and creep to the edge of the stairs?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx looks at the others and says, "We should probably take that torch, though I am not one to be carrying it. I will scout the area ahead. Let me see if I can stay just beyond the light."
OOC: 2 d20 = 9, 13

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx, you search the landing, and find no traps. As you peer down the stairs, the light from the blue torch allows your lowlight vision to function quite well. The stairs are stone, carved from the very tunnel through which they descend. You suspect Dwarven work, because of their craftsmanship, although it is more likely the work of Duergar, rather than Mountain Dwarves. You surmise that if the stairs here are so well-worked, it would probably be a good idea to check each step for traps, just to be on the safe side. There are 20 feet worth of stairs, each 10-ft section having 10 steps. So there are a total of 20 steps to check.

GM: Sphynx, it will take you 8 rounds (48 seconds) to search all 20 steps for traps; roll 8 Search checks, and post the results on LINE chat.

SEARCH: According to the 3.5e PHB, pp. 81, it takes a full round action (6 seconds) to search a 5 x 5 area. The typical dungeon uses 10 x 10 squares. Look at the illustration below:
Search Grid 001.png

NORMAL (BY THE BOOK): That means that the typical dungeon square would take 4 rounds (24 seconds) to search. This is a quick, but thorough visual inspection. Untrained searchers can find things (secret doors, simple traps) whose DC is 20 or below. Trained searchers (Rogues, and Dwarves who are inspecting stonework) can find more difficult things, whose DC is 21+.

Search Text 001.png

NORMAL (HOUSE RULE): Any searcher who takes their time will gain a +5 Caution Bonus to their skill check. HOWEVER, searchers still can't find things they're not trained to find; no matter the bonus, unskilled searchers still can't find difficult (Rogue only, or Dwarf only) things.

Taking one's time is defined as taking 20 minutes per square; 5 minutes each to search floor, ceiling, left wall, and right wall. An untrained (non-Rogue / non-Dwarf) searcher taking their time would have the following Search DCs: Ransack (5), Typical Secret Door (15), Simple Trap (15), Well-hidden Secret Door (25); this kind of careful searching is usually performed in situations where the party has some means of stealth or of otherwise remaining undiscovered, or in situations where most of the inhabitants of the dungeon have already been killed.

EPIC (HOUSE RULE): There are epic-level variations of the Search skill, but these shall not be addressed here.

Nimbar sets down the magical lantern that the party found in the Hobgoblin lair, and places it at the top of the stairs, facing backwards, so that it does not shine down the stairs. Hawke takes the Dwarven torch and says (in Dwarvish): "Licht Aus." Upon uttering this command, the torchlight goes out. Hawke stuffs the torch into his pack.

Nimbar nods in agreement. "The candle we found, which we placed into the hooded lantern, is much better than this torch. It grants Darkvision, rather than simply shedding torchlight. But we should keep the torch as a backup, in any event. Both the candle and the torch are quite valuable, and quite useful."

Ever-burning Candle of Darkvision
10th; Craft Wondrous Item, Darkvision, Permanency; faint enchantment.
Market Value: 3,500 GP.

Once lit, this candle never goes out, unless the top of the candle is carefully cut off; if the actual form of the candle is somehow defaced (smashing the candle underneath a boot heel, for instance) the enchantment is broken, and the candle is destroyed. If the form of the candle is intact, then it can be cut to any length while still maintaining the enchantment.

The candle sheds a dim light, in a 5 ft. (1 square radius) around the caster. The candle's flame cannot be seen at distances of 31 feet or more; the flame can be seen by careful onlookers (Spot DC 15) who are between 16 and 30 feet distant. Onlookers who are 15 ft. distant, or closer, can see the flame normally. A good practice for using this candle is to place it inside a hooded lantern, and turn the hood around backwards, so that the light of the candle is projected backwards (instead of forwards, as would normally be the case.) Doing this gives onlookers no chance at all to the see the candle's flame from the front (although from the back, they have the normal chance to see.)

The holder of the candle is granted Darkvision, at a distance of 60 ft.

Those who possess Lowlight Vision, and can see the flame (i.e., those within 15 feet of the candle) are granted enough light to activate their Lowlight Vision, thus, in a mixed party of humans and demihumans, this candle helps everyone. Typically, each human will carry one of these candles, and their demihuman allies will simply stay close enough to activate their natural vision.

Components for creation: a normal wax candle, and 3.5 oz. of diamond dust.

Dwarven Evertorch
10th; Craft Wondrous Item, Continual Flame, Permanency; faint enchantment.
Market Value: 2,000 gp.

Upon speaking the command word, (Dwarvish: "Licht An") this torch will produce a dim, blue flame, which will shed light equal to that of a normal torch; however, the blue tint of the light cannot be seen by creatures with Darkvision. Creatures with normal or low-light vision CAN see the soft blue light of the torch. Speaking another command word (Dwarvish: "Licht Aus,") will cause the flame to go out. The torch stays lit until the command is given to extinguish the flame. The flame is cool to the touch, and will not harm flesh, nor will it ignite combustibles. Its only function is to shed light.

Components for creation: a normal torch, and 1.5 oz of blue sapphire dust.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Room 62 001.png

The landing at the top and bottom of the stairs is 10 x 10. You know that the top landing is safe. I am still doing the prep work for the search rolls that Sphynx sent to me in LINE chat. I will have that done tomorrow at lunch, if all goes as expected.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx finishes checking all of the stairs, as well as the bottom landing. He finds no traps, and gives the party the "all clear" signal. Upon checking the double doors at the bottom of the stairs, you find that the doors are not only locked, but also seem to have runes inscribed upon them. This place must be special, or perhaps even sacred.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Waving the party down, so as to make use of the lighting, Sphynx will attempt to decipher the runes.
OOC: Read Magic: innate
Decipher: d20 + 12 = 17 + 12 = 29
Know Arcana: d20 + 12 = 13 + 12 = 25
Know Religion: d20 + 7 = 13 + 7 = 20
Spellcraft: d20 + 14 = 9 + 14 = 23

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