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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke and Nimbar both agree that returning here after visiting The Keep would be a good idea. The whole party gathers up the loot, and proceeds back down the hallway, to where the last, unexplored door is.


NOTE: Look at the map above, and discuss in LINE chat which room number you'd like to visit; for sake of expediency, given that this is a PbP game, I will tell you that none of the hallways are trapped, although the doors MIGHT be. You should still exercise some degree of caution. There might also be traps in the rooms themselves. The party should discuss and decide who will be the trapfinder of the party. Lastly, there could also be alarm spells, even in the hallways, although it's probably a moot point at this juncture; such spells would alert the Wendol Witch Mother, who is dead, along with her contingent of body guards.

Nimbar says, "We should probably check this door for traps, since it's my guess that it leads to a major area. Who wants to examine the door?"

EVERYONE: What do you do?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
As per our phone conversation yesterday, Sphynx will check the door for traps.

Roll: (20) + Skill (10) = 30.
(DC was 25; Success!)

Sphynx, you find a simple poisoned needle trap.

Roll: (14) + Skill (11) = 25.
(DC was 25; Success!)

Sphynx motions for everyone to stand back; he then showboats a little, using the tip of his dagger to trigger the mechanism, and then dislodge the needle, causing it to fall to the floor, rather than retracting back into the lock. Sphynx wipes the needle with a scrap piece of cloth from his pocket, and then uses poured wine from Tellerian's wineskin to further clean it, since he doesn't have any rubbing alcohol on hand.

Sphynx then slowly opens the door, revealing a staircase heading downward, into a deeper part of the complex.

Hawke muses, "I wonder if this is where they keep their prisoners, before sacrificing them to their dark gods?"

Nimbar frowns, nodding in confirmation, "That is very likely, my friend. If there are still-living captives down here, we must free them immediately. But what I fear the most is that we won't find anyone left to save down here. Do you notice how eerily quiet it is?"

EVERYONE: Which room number (see map above) do you want to start at? (Rooms # 60-64) ?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Moving cautiously down the stairs and into the new territory. If a light source is needed, he will call back for Hawke, who he thinks has one at the ready. As the first division is to the right, He suggests taking that option.
OOC: 17
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx is the first to approach the door to Room #64. (See map.) He walks a bit ahead of the party, moving quietly, if not perfectly silent.
GM: Move Silent: 10 + (5) = 15.

Upon reaching the door, Sphynx spies a padlock on the handle, and also takes note of the sliding "window" (about 6" square) in the middle of of the door. It looks as if opening the window would cause a brief moment of noise, from metal scraping on metal.

Sphynx examines the padlock, and it is easy to tell that it's not trapped. It's a standard chest lock.
GM: Search: 10 + (6) = 16.

Sphynx quietly picks the padlock.
GM: Open Lock: 7 + (17) = 24.

Sphynx then turns to the others, and indicates that the room may be entered, if so desired. Or perhaps the window could be opened for a peek inside.

EVERYONE: What do you do?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx digs around in his pockets and pouches until he produces a small vial of oil. He shows it to the others indicating his intention to ty to slide open the viewing portal.
OOC: d20 = 12

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx's Move Silent: +10
Application of Oil: +3
Base Roll Posted By Sphynx: 12
TOTAL ATTEMPT: 10+3+12 = 25
Misc. Roll = 15 (+1) = 16

Sphynx applies a liberal amount of oil to the little window grate, and slides it open, as quiet as a whisper.

Inside the 20 x 20 room, thanks to the presence of 4 torches (1 on each wall) can be seen numerous skeletons scattered upon the floor, except for two that are still chained to the wall. The walls are adorned with a total of 7 pairs of chains. Besides the two skeletons, there is also a robed figure chained to the wall, in the southeast corner of the room. The figure is facing away from the door, and is sitting very still, shivering slightly from the cold, damp air. The figure makes no verbal noise, and does not seem to notice that anyone is looking through the grate. The robe is a hooded garment, and the hood is pulled over the figure's head, probably in an effort to keep as warm as possible. The figure coughs briefly, and very weakly, but still says nothing, although from the tenor of the cough, you surmise that the figure might be female. Or perhaps a young child. It does not sound like a man's cough.

EVERYONE: What do you do?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Once the others have had a chance to peer through the view portal and not particularly needing to ready a weapon, Sphynx indicates, by sign, that he intends to enter the room, leaving the barring door, open. Once entered, he will first scan the room to see if he can sense any magic (Innate ability), then move toward the robed figure to get a look at its face. He is wary of the skeletons, having been apprised of previous necromantic endeavors.
OOC: d20: 14

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx is NOT attempting to Move Silently.
Robed Figure Listen Skill vs. DC 10 = 16.
Robed Figure hears Sphynx approaching.
Robed Figure Bluff skill = [+9] = 18+9 = 27 total.
Sphynx Sense Motive skill = [+6] = 14+6 = 20 total.
Sphynx is fooled! Sphynx does NOT get a bonus to his initiative.
Robed Figure Initiative w/ +5 bonus for fooling Sphynx = (5+5) = 10.
Sphynx's Initiative (no bonus, no penalty) = 10. [Tied.]
Robed Figure's Dex = 15; Sphynx's Dex = 19. Sphynx wins the tie.
Sphynx's lightning reflexes have saved him once again!

Hawke Sense Motive = 13 (Fails; Hawke is fooled. No bonus to initiative.)

Nimbar Sense Motive = 27 (Tie; Medusa's Wis = 13, Nimbar's Wis = 18; Nimbar wins the tie! Nimbar gets a +5 to his initiative!)

Anyone who beats the Medusa's initiative has the option to avert their eyes. Anyone who doesn't is SURPRISED, and will not avert their eyes. Those who beat the Medusa's initiative by 5 or more during the initial round may attack her normally, and THEN avert their eyes, because that is enough time to beat the activation of her gaze power.

Those who don't avert their eyes must make a Fortitude save, DC 15, at the beginning of the Medusa's turn, if they are within 30 feet.

Every round thereafter, the party can choose to avert their eyes. If they do so, they may NOT target the Medusa with spells, and will take a -2 penalty to their AC, And suffer a 50% miss chance on both ranged and melee attacks, as if they were blind. The player also suffers -4 on all Strength and Dexterity based skill checks, as well as a -4 penalty to Search. However, averting one's eyes means that the Medusa cannot use her gaze, unless she closes with an opponent and grapples him. (Successful grapple = the Medusa can force her gaze upon her opponent.)

Initiative Count:

Nimbar = 17
Hawke = 16
Sphynx = 10a
Quixt = 10b
Medusa = 10c

Sphynx casually enters the room, not trying to be especially loud, but not attempting to move silently, either.

As he approaches the robed figure, trying to see its face, the hairs on the back of Nimbar's neck stand up. Nimbar cries out a warning, but it is too late! The figure turns to face Sphynx and the rest of the group, throwing back the hood of its robe, to reveal a woman's face, with green skin, long fangs, and snakes for hair! It is a MEDUSA!!

The Medusa HISSES, "Curse you, and your masters! I am NO ONE's slave!! Look upon me, and despair! Your DOOM is at hand!!"

We're waiting on Quixt to submit rolls. When combat starts, Nimbar will go first. Nimbar beats her initiative by more than 5, so he can target her with spells during the initial round of combat.
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