Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
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Chapter Three Begins HERE.

The party is gathered at the Inn once more, at the end of a very long day.

It is 7:15 pm. The sun is just beginning to set. The date is Patchwall 11, CY 963.

[Everyone: What do you do?]

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Aust Thale

Respen Assesses The Day & Evening

~ Methinks it's been a busy while. Time for a meal and a smoke. ~

Upon arriving back at the Inn, Respen inquires with the innkeeper about the availability of a bath or shower, and then he has a peaceful late supper and a smoke on his pipe, engaging party members pleasantly enough. He thinks about a number of things, and discusses them with the various party members. Among them includes the expedition back to Dyvers (or somewhere else), an exposition of what the various items obtained from the orcs and Vaelik could get from the various venders in town, the extra two horses in their possession (from the Crestwall and Vaelik), and the obligation of taking Crestwall back to Dyvers. He also reminds his mates of the extra coinage south of town courtesy of Crestwall (certainly something that should be liberated lest it become contraband for more shenanigans).

Gents and m'lady, what say you about the disposition of all of this gear, particularly the weapons and equipment? If nothing else, I say we dispose with the heavier items, particularly the venison (I say keep 5 lbs. per person), falchions, and the extra saddles (from the manticores), if for no other reason than it is all very heavy, and if we meet more orcs on the ride back, I'd really not enjoy being caught in the open and not able to move quickly. And with respect to Kasnik, I'm not fighting orcs on open ground while worrying about Crestwall at the same time. He's not worth it. " Respen winks at Vale, who ignores the gesture and continues to down the rather large ale stein in front of him. "Dewydd, Vega and I sold nothing, nor committed nothing. I saved that for the morrow. What say you that you would keep?"

[sblock=The List]

Party & Transportation:
Maxwell - travelling west back home
Karth - staying in Caltaran
Vega - travelling back with party
Vale & Gus
Crestwall = 1 prisoner in manacles

8 light horses, 1 war horse (Kasnik) + 1 extra heavy warhorse (Jerome-formerly Vaelik's) & 1 extra light riding horse (Sugarfoot- formerly Crestwall's) w/o riders & a very large and polite Bear.
Lathir has his own + Sugarfoot. Jerome perhaps for the prisoner?
(Horse Carrying Capacity: Light load <=150 lbs; Medium load, 151–300 pounds; Heavy load, 301–450 pounds. Drag load 2,250 pounds.)

Items Examined & Locations visited:
- The non-masterwork weapons (the weapon-smith)
- The manticore saddles (the tannery or livery)
- The manticore saddlebags to be adapted to horses (tannery)
- The ruined magical studded leather armor (tannery) for repair
- The deer horns (to an alchemist or mage tower for spell components)
- The precious/semi-precious stones for appraisal (by a jeweler or general store).


All current coinage:
607 gp.; 322 sp. (18.6 lbs.)

Six (6) usable medium-sized deer; Field dressed correctly, yields 60 lbs of usable venison per deer = 360 lbs.:
Butchering that much venison at one time is a lot of work, and will cost you 2 sp. per pound. (720 silver, or 72 gold.) He thinks he can do it in a single day. He also says that he will wave the butchering charge if you give him 60 lbs. of meat (which will leave you with 300 lbs. even.)

2 Falchions (Pomarj Symbol) = 8 lbs.
The weaponsmith says he'll give you 60 gold apiece for each of the two Orc Falchions. They're curiosity items, and bear the mark of the Pomarj, so no one is going to carry them openly. They can really only be sold to collectors.

2 Saddles (manticore) (on whomever can carry it) - 50 lbs.
2 Bits and 2 Bridles (from manticores w/ extra long wagon bridles) - 4 lbs.
4 Saddlebags (from manticores), 4 Saddlebags (from Jerome & Sugarfoot) - 32 lbs.
1 Saddlebag (extra) w/ 3 weeks iron rations - 21 lbs.
The saddles are basically horse saddles with extra long belts to hold them in place. You could just cut back the length of the belts. (Worth 75% of book price, each.); The saddlebags are standard, horse saddlebags. No adaptation required. (Worth 85% of book price, each.)

1 set of Ruined studded leather armor (formerly magic/masterwork) - 17 lbs.
The tanner tells you that it will cost 400 gp. to fix the leather without ruining what's left of the enchantment. Then you'll need the services of a Wizard, he says.

3 sets of deer (buck) horns for spell components - 10 lbs.
Deer horns (8 racks) are worth 15 gp. per rack. The alchemist will pay cash, right now. They're useful for virility ointments.

.3 lbs. - 3 vials of dark liquid
The alchemist also says that the 3 vials of dark liquid are Carrion Crawler brain juice; hunters often use it to paralyze prey, so as not to mutilate the meat. He'll give you 140 gp. for each vial. (420 gp. total.)

All Gems in small pouch: 1 Polished Amber; 1 Bloodstone; 1 Black Opal (extremely rare); 4 diamonds; 3 rubies - .625 lb.
The Jeweler says that he can sell the Amber for 110 gp., thus, he will give you 70 gp. for it.
The Bloodstone retail is 50 gp., so he'll give you 25 gp.
The Black Opal retail is 1,150 gp.; after talking with Vega, he says that he'll give you 975 gp. for it.
He asks you were you got the 4 diamonds and 3 rubies; he says he can't afford to buy them from you, but that they're worth a small fortune. Since he's not buying them, he will charge 700 gp. (100 gp. ea.) to appraise their value. Or, if you give him the Black Opal, he'll waive the charge, and give you the difference in platinum (23 pp.)

More stuff to divvy up, sell, or utilize:

- 2 Chainmail Shirts (on whomever can carry it) - 50 lbs.
- 48 manticore spikes - 24 lbs.
- 50 ft. silk rope - 5 lbs.
- Greatsword - 8 lbs.
- Composite Longbow - 3 lbs.
- Quiver/ 20 arrows - 3lbs.
- 2 waterskins - 8 lbs.
- 1 Short sword - 2 lbs.
- 1 Dagger - 1 lb.

Magical Items:
- Rumpled Hat, was a comb? (magic) - .25 lb.
- Ornate Belt (magic) - .5 lb.
- Cloak (magic) - 3 lbs.
- 1 vial of clear liquid with a blue tint (magic) - .1 lb.
- Ornate Ring (magic)


Respen also discusses all of the information gleaned from the interrogation of the dead orcs and Vaelik. Clearly the orcs were on their way to meet with this Orc Lord in the west. The elf ear recipe was intended perhaps as a sign of goodwill? Respen shudders in disgust, glad the red orcs were pushing up daisies despite Vale's absolution. He wondered if he could make something similar with orc ears and trick them into eating it. Then a thought occurs to him.

Kasnik, we found a recipe for elf ear soup or stew on the red orcs we encountered. Anything significant about it that we might divine? Perhaps a secret message? Or is it simple a twisted gesture of goodwill among orcs?" Respen shows clear disdain toward any cultural or racial equivocation. He's disgusted by the recipe, and he isn't particularly diplomatic about it.

As the evening wears on, Respen comments to the group at large, "
Having some experience with tracking, perhaps we should scout a bit of a wider area around these parts. Lathir, you were away a little while. And you came back with a bear. I am on pins and needles to learn how you came by such a magnificent beast!? Did you discover anything of import? "

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First Post
Kasnik looks at Respen with a clear look of disgust (not disgusted with Respen, but with the vile act he spoke of), "I never ate other sentient beings before, I believe that this might just be the red orcs trying to scare others. My people eat fish and sea plants with the land orcs eating large game and berries. If they have begun to eat sentient races, this is new to me and deserves to be cleansed from the land."

As Respen comments on having experience tracking, Kasnik speaks up, "I was originally a hunter in my tribe. I am a well trained tracker and am willing to find anyone that you need or assist you with it if that is what you prefer. I'm not the best scout in terms of stealth, but if you need to find someone, I can do that easily."

OOC: I'm not sure of current red orc eating practices. Kasnik does have the Track feat and a 10 survival skill.

Kasnik turns to Vale and reaches out and grasps his forearm and says, "I apologize for my harsh actions, I harbor no ill will towards you. I hope you understand that I was simply against your 'interrogation' technique and I now know that you would not have done what you had said." Kasnik pulls his backpack around and opens it up. He pulls out a simple mug and whispers a few words and it fills with ale. He hands it to Vale and says, "I hope that this can help build something new between us. You'll have to finish it as I do not drink though."

The Orcs of the Pomarj, which have begun to exhibit more and more fiendish traits since the Schism, are known to be more cruel and vicious than ever before, and there are rumors that they eat the ears and hearts of those they defeat in battle, because of a belief that the strength of the conquered is added to their own. Typically, the ears of common soldiers are eaten, but when an especially difficult or vicious foe is defeated, such as the leader of an opposing army, a powerful wizard, a knight of renown, etc., they cut that person's heart out, and the highest ranking Orc among the victorious gets the privilege of eating it. But you have NEVER heard of even the Red Orcs eating sentient beings for actual, day-to-day, dietary reasons.

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Seeing the large bear, I raise an eyebrow and laugh heartily upon Lathir explaining he picked up a friend. “He seems quite cuddly,” I joke. Looking to Denby as we come to the gate I suggest, “Knowing what we know now, the town might want place a guard at the gates around the clock now. You know your home better than I though, so I am sure you're already coming up with various ideas to improve your defenses even further.”

At the inn, I reply to Respen, "I agree that we should lighten our load by selling off what we can in town. Gathering the goods south of town is something we should do in the morning while one or two people sell what we aren't keeping. After those two tasks are done we can meet Fathers Xavier and Clarence and pickup Crestwall."

"Before there was talk of just scrapping the ruined armor. If that's still the generally accepted idea, I'd be interested in keeping it. I think we should use the money we have found and/or gained from selling the other items to identify the magical goods. We can then decide which of those we should keep and which we would be better served just selling and splitting the profit. I like to do things fairly. As such, I think if someone claims an item that could otherwise be sold - it should only be temporary ownership and not permanent until they pay into the 'group fund,' so to speak, whatever the amount is we could get if we were to sell that item. Because of my mercantile background, I am willing to sell things for the group in order to get us better returns."
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Dewydd said:
Looking to Denby as we come to the gate I suggest, “Knowing what we know now, the town might want place a guard at the gates around the clock now. You know your home better than I though, so I am sure you're already coming up with various ideas to improve your defenses even further.”

Sir Denby (To Dewydd): "One of the things I am giving you for this trip to Dyvers is a letter, requesting a permanent garrison of 20 Dyvers regulars to serve as gate and wall guards on a permanent basis. Thankfully, the ring that was enchanted with foul magicks was not my only signet ring; I have a spare that I keep hidden in my office."


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir Addresses the Party

Lathir -

"Good evening folks. I have not simply been attending to nature while I have been away; although, you can tell by the addition of Angus, that's the bear's name, that I have spent some time communing with my element."

"Sugarfoot, as the horse prefers to be called, was originally the mount used, and often abused, by the man in green that you captured. She actually belongs to me, but that is a story for another time. While I will assume you have spent the passing time questioning the suspicious man, I was able to ask the horse to lead me to where she was before being ridden into town."

"She led me to a campsite a little ways due south of here where I discovered the site had been occupied by two people, one much larger and on a heavier mount. I surmise that the other person was Vaelik. I also discovered a sealed box buried beneath a firepit. I have not attempted to open the box as I have no skill for it nor a means of determining if it is trapped."

"Angus, Sugarfoot, and I will gladly continue on with you in solving this obviously malevolent endeavor."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

DM Record-Keeping: Re-Post of the Request by Sir Denby.
(I'm doing this so that I can keep track of the timeframe that will be required for the trip.)

Sir Denby said:
Denby, To Respen: "What would you ask of me? ... and before you answer, I have a question for you. Criminal charges are heard by the Court of Dyvers every month, on the 15th. Today is the 11th. We are a day away from Dyvers. I can't spare any of my deputies to make the trip, so I was wondering, would you and your fellows agree to escort Mr. Crestwall to Dyvers, and protect him, and deliver him safely into the custody of Lieutenant Benquist of the City Watch? Father Xavier and Father Clarence will also be travelling with you; Father Xavier believes that the High Priest of Cuthbert in Dyvers can remove the curse that afflicts Father Clarence, thereby restoring his memory. You would want to arrive the day before, so that there will be time to add Mr. Crestwall's case to the docket. So that means that if you leave on the morning of the 13th, you should arrive in the late evening of that same day, with plenty of time to rest for the night before delivering Mr. Crestwall into custody the following morning. That leaves you the rest of today, and all day tomorrow, to conclude whatever business that you have here, in Caltaran. What say you?"

Remember, the sun is setting. This day is drawing to a close. Also: Maxwell (NPC) and Karth (PC) are "parked." You don't need to interact with them. Until further notice, they're assumed to be staying here, at the Inn. Maxwell does plan on returning home, but as of yet, he hasn't made any move to begin the journey.


1. Assuming that the party spends the rest of tonight resting, everyone can simply say "REST" on the Facebook OOC chat, and I will forward the clock to 9:30 am, Patchwall 12, CY 963. The 9:30 timeframe assumes not only a full night's rest, but spell prep and breakfast as well.

2. What are the party's plans for the 12th, which will be spent here, in Caltaran? This can also include early departure, Sir Denby was merely being polite by suggesting that you take a day to prepare.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sir Denby Weighs in on the Respectability of Caltaran's Government.

Sylvar said:
Sylvar: to everyone. "It would appear that this mystery simply deepens. Might I suggest that we find out what's in the box, then letting some more powerful people know of the treachery that is afoot? Denby, are there people you know you can trust within the local government?"

Sir Denby 001.jpg
Portrait of Sir Denby
which hangs in the Common Room of the Inn

Sir Denby (To Sylvar): "Caltaran is a small town, and very rural. There are rivalries and disputes here, like any other town, but none of these folk are the devious sort. The extent of corruption in this town is limited to the fact that the mayor sometimes leaves town on 'official business' to Dyvers, only to actually end up at his favorite fishing spot for the day. You can pretty much trust everyone here. I would imagine that this level of communal trust is what Vaelik and his ilk were working to disrupt."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
A Brave, New Morning!

The party puts away several more flagons of ale before calling it a night. Everyone retires at about 10:30 pm, after chatting amongst themselves and with Sir Denby. By the end of the evening, everyone in the party is convinced that Sir Denby is the "real deal": an honest law man, trying his best to keep order in a rural town which lies in the shadow of a city that is filled with intrigue.

If anyone wants to make any last comments to a party member, or to Sir Denby, simply begin your next post with: "Before retiring, I ask Sir Denby one last question...", ask your question,and then say that you sleep, wake up, eat, bathe, prepare spells, etc., and then say whatever your character wants to say or do in the morning. We need to keep the story moving forward. On my next post, I will answer the last-of-the-evening questions in a GM bubble, before continuing the story. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving today!

The party meets once more in the common room the following morning, after having enjoyed a good night's sleep, a nice bath, a warm meal, and some quiet, contemplative time; by the time the party gathers, the town's residents are all active, well into the routine of their daily chores and activities. Edward makes a brief appearance, when he comes in for a glass of milk and a plate of eggs and pork shoulder.

It is now 9:30 am, Patchwall 12, CY 963. The morning sun shines warmly through the window panes, making the common room quite pleasant, and well-lit.

Tavern Interior Common Room 001.jpg

[Everyone: What do you do?]

Aust Thale

(during evening meal)
Vale smiles and takes a long swig of the ale in the cup provided by Kasnik.

~ Good ale. And making peace. Not like any orc I’ve ever encountered. And I must acquire one of these cups! ~

To Kasnik, in jolly, exceedingly grateful voice, “Orc, you are indeed a good one. This ale is wonderful! But I have to ask you again, Sir. Are ye daft? To have this kind of cup with this kind of ale, and ye are offerin’ it to a grumpy dwarf like me and not drinkin’ it yerself? I think I will worry about ye. I am about good in all its forms, but you, my new comrade, who would righteously protect that self-loathing, pitiful whelp of lord, are something much better than I am. You deserve a drink from ME, sir. A hearty toast to the noble holy warrior orc! You and I are quite fine. Quite fine indeed.”

Vale, characteristic of good dwarves, drains the cup in what seems like a single swallow, and when it fills again, he approvingly sucks down another round.
Thank you Kasnik. I am most grateful!

Vale laughs and breathes in deeply of the momentary mirth, thinking only a moment about the challenges which are ahead. Red orcs and assassins, undead and spiders. Adventure awaits.

He takes a moment to appreciate the innkeeper, the servers, and company in the Inn. This is a good place.

~Methinks this would be a good place to return to. Close enough to Dyvers and Greyhawk, but far enough away to be its own. Close to the water and the forest. Yes, I’d like to come back here. ~

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Gus?” Vale strokes the dog’s head as Gus peeks into the Inn looking for attention and sneaks under Vale’s table out of the sight of the Innkeeper. “There boy, you are okay. Quiet now. It’s time to rest.”

When Edward makes his appearance, he mentions returning, and inquires as to land or buildings that may be for sale. He expresses his interest in them quietly and sincerely, but he doesn’t dwell on it. Business hours are past. Eating, drinking, and sleeping deeply are his goals for the moment.
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