D&D 5E [GUIDE] A bunny's guide to the sorcerer.


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So sorcerer...

Red.- A trap. Bad stuff. Stay Away.
Purple.- In general a bad idea, can work in certain cases.
Green.- Average stuff, not necessarily bad, but there's better.
Blue.- A good choice.
Sky Blue.- A truly good choice.
Gold.- A near mandatory option. You'd be hard pressed to find something better.
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Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
Class Featuress and Ability Scores.

Class features
Let's take a look at the sorcerer chassis

Hit Points. You're squishy. No way around that.

Armor Really, stay the hell out of melee and constantly seek cover.
Weapons Toy weapons
Tools None
Saving Throws One of the few good points of the class. While charisma saves don't come around often, being proficient in constitution is something other casters have to spend a feat on.
Skills It is a mixed bag, you only get two skills out of a short list. While it has a couple of int skills that do nothing for you, the rest of it is quite good.

Equipment. Ok, it isn't normal to list Equipment into guides, but I just wanted to point out that sorcerer is about the only class that receives a weapon that you aren't proficient with.

Spell list
. Nothing to write home about, the spell list has some quite good spells, but it has a lot of glaring omissions that prevent it from being actually good.
Cantrips. One of the highlights, one to two extra cantrips is good and can get extremely good on certain builds. However, cantrips basically grow on trees, and aren't really hard to get.
Spells Known. On the other hand, 15 spells total is a huge constraint and a big weakness.
Spellcasting Focus. Standard component bags, wands and stuff. On any other caster it wouldn't be bad, but not needing a spellcasting focus would have made wonders for the class.

Sorcerous Origin.
Lack of choice so far has been a salient point in the class. In core alone, you have next to no options. But hopefully Xanthar's Guide to everything will change things.

Font of Magic. The meat of the class, this is what you are here for. Having the ability to create more spell slots is nice, but in practice you'll spend more slots into points in order to power up...
Metamagic. The one class ability to rule them all, and the reason to play a sorcerer, however as pointed out before, the Loremaster really overshadows this feature, and there is a lot of pressure on your picks, as you only get two for half your career and you cannot retrain your metamagics.

Ability Score Improvement.- Standard ASIs for a class.
Sorcerous Restoration.- It'd be very good, if you got it earlier in your career. It is not worth it to wait 20 levels for this. By the point you reach 20th, the wizard has been casting at-will magic for a few levels.

Ability Scores

Strength.- Not your priority, and you aren't really prepared to make full use of it. However it cannot hurt to put a moderate score in this, as carrying capacity is important and you might want to qualify for paladin.

Dexterity.- You are squishy, you don't have access to armor, dexterity saves are important, and you want to go first. You better get at least a 14 here.

Constitution.- Your hit dice is small, you need the standing power. However I personally don't pump all points in here, as not being hit in the first place is way better than having more hit points. But if you want to get in melee, it can't hurt.

Intelligence.- It is better to tank it and tank it hard. Characters rarely die from not making an arcana check, lore is just not your job. Int 8 or 9 isn't socially crippling so there is no point, let other party members to be the brains. If you want to be smart, play a Loremaster instead.

Wisdom.- You know what is actually your job? not being surprised. Perception is important, and cleric and druid make for nice multiclass options.

Charisma.- Your main score, your highest roll goes here. Unless you plan to go for full utility while fighting with weapons, in which case you can safely dump it. However social skills are nice so make yourself a favor and don't.
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Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
Skills and Feats


Class Skills







Non-class Skills



Animal Handling







Sleight of Hand




A set of thematic abilities and +1 to your main stat?. Yes please. A reason to be variant human.




Crossbow Expert

Defensive Duelist

Dual Wielder

Dungeon Delver


Elemental Adept.- Not bad, but unless you are focused on a damage type, you could be doing better things with your feat picks. Very good for Dragon Magic sorcerers, but only for them.


Great Weapon Master


Heavily Armored

Heavy Armor Master

Inspiring Leader.- Nice buff, it keys off your main stat and goes well with sorcerer flavor.

Keen Mind

Lightly Armored.-Armor isn't really a sorcerer thing, if you really want armor, there are better ways to get it. Be a Hill Dwarf or take a dip into Bard/Cleric/Paladin/Warlock and get nice stuff with it.

Linguist.- Extra languages are nice if you are the party face. But the bonus to intelligence is wasted on a sorcerer.

Lucky.- Thematic for Wild mages, nice for almost everybody.

Mage Slayer.- A nice pick for favored souls, stone sorcerers and paladin multiclasses. Everybody else shouldn't want to be in melee.

Magic Initiate.-
This is the one feat to rule them all, at least for you. An extra spell known from your own list or a chosen single-use spell from another list is quite good. Two more cantrips from anywhere in the game on top is gravy. Casting stat could be a problem, but you share casting stat with two classes -or you could double down from your own list-, and you can always pick more utility cantrips without saving throws or attack rolls. One reason variant human is so good.

Martial Adept

Medium Armor Master


Moderately Armored

Mounted Combatant


Polearm Master


Ritual Caster.- Let me be clear, ritual casting itself is good, extra spells known are a must and patching your limited spell list is a priority. Then why isn't this feat pure gold Moonsong? Well, this is about the worst and most inefficient way to get ritual casting, the feature won't work with your spells known, you cannot apply metamagic to the rituals, and the feat itself requires you to carry a spellbook and all rituals beyond the two freebies come out of your hard earned cash. You have better alternatives, like a single level of bard, cleric or druid, or three levels in warlock. If you really want to play poor man's wizard, how about a dip into wizard? Or play a Loremaster?.

Savage Attacker



Shield Master.- It isn't your job to take a hit for the team, and you aren't proficient with shields. If you are a Stone sorcerer it is your job and you are proficient.

Skilled.- There are better ways to get extra skills.

Skulker.- This feat dose little for you, unless you make a quite specific build.

Spell Sniper.- You are squishy and easy to hit, anything that helps you stay away from melee makes you more survivable. And if you can get a nice combat cantrip -cof, cof, Eldritch Blast- all the better.

Tavern Brawler.- What did I tell you about getting into melee?, well at least this way you can perform somatic components and remain armed.

.- You are already proficient with constitution saves, becoming proficient in wisdom or Dexterity saves is nice. But it isn't a priority unless you started your career on Warlock or Bard in which case this one looks quite better.

War Caster.- It isn't for gishes only. Anybody can get hit, not just the frontliners. The sorcerer's strength lies on buffing and most buffs are concentration spells. A must if you are a Stone sorcerer, or you have access to weapon cantrips from SCAG.

Weapon Master.- Not as bad as it seems, remember that weapons aren't limited to just melee weapons, longbows and shortbows are less cumbersome and easier to augment than crossbows and there is a certain value to fight using weapons as it lowers the burden on your spells known. Anything that lowers the burden on your spells known is good.
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Sorcerous Origins

Dragon Magic.- There

Wild Magic..- There

Storm Sorcery.- There

Favored Soul.- There

Shadow .- There

Stone Sorcery.- There

Sea Sorcery.- There

Phoenix Sorcery.- There

Favored Soul v2.- There

Divine Soul.- There
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Elemental Evil

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Cleric cantrips
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