Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
So, cicadas scream for ice cream? :D

They sure are trying! They were really loud yesterday.

Heh, My sentiments exactly

Yeah, make everything that they released prior to 4e ogl. :D
What he said!

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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Is off to demonstrate Conquest of Nerath at the UK Games Expo. According to the guideline Esdevium have sent me today I will be Wizards of the Coast. So any sweeping policy descions people want?
Yeah, hire that Jdvn1 guy to run things in the D&D department.

Relique du Madde

I think [MENTION=59727]Bold or Stupid[/MENTION] is teasing us since he has yet to reveal what sweeping policy changes he set into motion for the World's number one role playing game tm during his convention. You would at least think he would make a tweet or something on WOTC's twitter page mention the Rerelease of 3.x or something.


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He's the guy who was a competitive martial arts champion, has been in a host of awe-inspiring action films and TV shows, endorses Total Gym...and who killed you 3 months ago, but you just don't know it yet.

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