D&D 5E Has 5E Restored or Diminished Your Faith in WotC?


My take: I have less faith in WotC's ability to stand by a product, try to improve it, and to try to nurture the fanbase. For better or worse, they have given up, pulled products from the queue, and said "we're cutting our losses with this piece of junk (4e)."

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They are listening to other companies' customers (chief among them Paizo) more than their own (those who currently play 4e). If this trend continues, who's to say that they won't change 5e again to appeal to Goodman Games' customers or those from other hobby games (Warhammer)?

From what I've read, the design goal is to take the game back to pre-3.x. I've already got those books, and retroclones exist that are cheaper.

Between Pathfinder, retroclones, and this debacle, I think I've finally realized that I don't need WotC to play D&D.

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It's a company that sometimes has things for sale that I like. The designers they've hired have made some things in the past I like.

But I haven't seen what they've made this time -- since it hasn't been built yet.

There's no faith to lose or gain really. What matter is if I like the new thng they plan on trying to sell.


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Diminished. They didn't learn from the total failure that was 4E launch and are doing it all over again.

Alienating fans, zipping their lips on the details, not reaching out to internet fans, etc.

Keefe the Thief

Let's see...

Did you lose faith in Wotc completely? Wotc, did the faith you had in them get lost? This faith, that you had in Wotc, where did it go? What is the negative status of your faithbased relation to Wotc?

Well, i don't know about you, but i lost my faith in Wotc completely. Their affronts to gamers are an affront to gamers..."

I am not very good at this, am i?

the Jester

Neither. Everything I've heard about DnDN is encouraging, but that doesn't mean anything; everything I heard about Tron: Legacy was encouraging too, but I still found it disappointing. So I'm reserving judgment.

Also, until we see them really drop the 4e support, let's not assume that they're dropping 4e support, eh?

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