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Your forgetting the 4 epic Warhammer 40,000k decks and the fact that New Capenna had 5, no 2 decks.

So for this year 2 Kamigawa Decks, 5 New Capenna Decks, 4 CLB (Baldur's Gate) Decks, 4 Warhammer 40k Decks, 2 Dominaria United Decks, 2 Brothers War Decks, and now coming 5 Starter Commander Decks and a Entire 700+ card set dedicating to draftable Commander (includes the CLB decks). That hunreds, if not thousands of cards, new and reprints, targeted straight at Commander. That's 24 decks and a full Commander set. (Honorable Mention, Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate CLBs Arena offshoot). 25 if you include the secret lair Commander Deck.

For comparison last year was the previous high, by a lot, 2 Kaldheim Decks, 5 Strixhaven Decks, 4 AFR Decks, 2 Midnight Hunt Decks, 2 Crimson Vow Decks, for a total of 15 Commander Decks.

The year before that was 0 Commander Decks for Theros sadly (I would have loved Theros Commander Decks), 5 I think for Ikoria, 2 Decks for CL1, 0 for Core set, 2 for Zendikar, and 1 Commander Legends Set (Includes the CL1 Commander Decks). 9 Commander Decks and 1 CL set.

Before that Commander Decks were not tied to Standard Sets or Supplemental set, you'd get 4 to 5 Commander Decks at most (and go before the Commander Format was created and there were no Commander Decks).

So massive change, this year was roughly 2.5 times as many Commander Decks as 2020, and a little over 4 to 5 times as many decks as 2019 and previous years.

This isn't a complaint, I prefer Commander Deck Precons to most mtg products, just that I wouldn't understate the volume of Commander Products this year. I didn't even include Commander targeted cards like the Transformer, the Universes Within versions of the Stranger Things SL, etc..., you can find in set boosters.

That's a lot.


OK OK, I know I've said I was done, this is it unless we get hard numbers on this travesty, or Wizards says 'yep, we screwed it on this one!'

A Play, in Two Acts.



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