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Which is interesting…Hulk seems to have both incredible resistance and regeneration. I wonder what would have happened if he’d been the one to sacrifice himself there…

Presumably, he'd still die. Or, alternatively, he'd survive, but nobody would get the stone. It depends on which is more important to your iterpretation - the supposed "reality" of physics, or the metaphysical power of the stone.
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My friends and I developed a fun theory for the animated Batman series. In that version of multiverse, all humans are super durable compared to our version. It explains how people like Lois Lane can do the crazy stuff she does and live, and how Batman can take the punishment he does.
The "Rifts" damage thing; SDC and MDC (Structural Damage Capacity/HP and Mega Damage Capacity). SDC weapons do diddly squat to a MDC creature, unless you're talking about something that does hundreds of SDC. Some characters have a high enough SDC that they could be back-handed by a lesser super strong character. Once. So Lois Lane gets punted by super-baddie and just survives, while Superman shrugs it off.

My invulnerable super hero character in Rifts was introduced to the party when the GM told them they saw a dot in the sky that could be an adult dragon, fighting something they couldn't see. That something fell and as they watched, hit the ground and left a 10 metre crater. Yup, my character, with barely a scratch. First words to the dragon hatchling who was the first PC to look into the crater; "Don't tell me I have to kill you TOO."

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