D&D Movie/TV Here's The D&D Movie Trailer!

"Who needs heroes when you have thieves?" The movie arrives March 3rd, 2023. Here's the trailer! When they said it was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, they weren't kidding! We have dragons, owlbears, mimics, gelatinous cubes, quips, and more!

There was also a clip shown at San Diego Comic Con where the party cast speak with dead, and got to ask five questions. Also, apparently, the D&D cartoon characters from the 80s have a cameo!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


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Seems likely the next MM will make owlbears beasts rather than monstrosities (or change wildshape so it doesn't use monster stat blocks in the first place)

If nothing else, I think we can guarantee druids will be able to shift into owlbears in the 2024 revision.


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That's Neverwinter, not Waterdeep.

Edit: The cityscape we see twice doesn't quite match Neverwinter, either. But it's much closer than Waterdeep, which, for one thing, doesn't have a river running through it.
It has a close resemblance to Neverwinter, somethings look off though. I'm guessing we see it as if we were approaching from the bay?

Doesn't really excite me. It was a nice collection of iconic monsters, though. And, of course, everything is better with an owlbear.
I'll probably give a try when it hits streaming services.


So wait - if Hugh Grant is meant to be playing a/the villain, why have they give him the rogue class symbol?

Will the Red Wizards be the real villains?

In all my gaming I've NEVER seen a harper.......
My immediate thought was the Harper NPC who can be encountered in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. He's been buried up to his neck in the road, and if you free him, he's not wearing a shirt and has the Harpers symbol visibly tattooed on his chest. Like WTF?!


I crit!
So, there was an announcement of the announcement to announce the trailer. When that happens it means it'll be good, right?


Also, remember the last (or last but one) WotC survey, the one that asked a bunch of questions about how angry you would be if (for example) a sorcerer was seen in the movie casting a healing spell? Yeah, it's now abundantly clear that this survey contained a load of hints about what would be in the movie—including Dagult Neverember, Triboar, Frozenfar, Szass Tam, etc. etc. I'm certain we glimpse most of these in the trailer.


I think those are the duergar of Gracklstugh in the background there. EDIT: Actually, they look like statues. I still reckon the underground scenes with all the lava are in/around Gracklstugh, which is where Thembercaud the obese red dragon lives (and that is almost definitely him).

Also, is it just me, or does Regé-Jean's paladin have the Rage of Demons logo on his forehead? (Perhaps it's just an Easter egg reference to the fact that Gracklstugh is featured in Out of the Abyss.)

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