Heroes #25:An Invisible Thread/Season 3/2009

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Oh, I think folks are a little too hard on this show....and a little too easy on Chuck. :D

If they just played up the elements of comedy, would all of the "dumb" stuff suddently be forgiven as farce?

No, then it would be bad comedy and dumb. I'm not easy on chuck, i don't watch it. Chuck seems to be really corny and cliche. I find Reaper to be a far better version of the normal guy in extraordinary circumstances plot.

Now, if they ever go the spoof route complete with the "i'm so dumb gong" I'm there. I could imagine that scene where they talk about making sylar the president (or something) done that way with peter walking across the camera every now and then shapechanging. Then hiro pops in and suggests how zany it is to erase every other memory in a person indefinitely with no real knowledge of how it works when the person only knowing a limited amount of info about the person to begin with. (remember, he didn't fully gain all of Nathan's knowledge because clair interupted) .

And now the emmo power seems to fluctuate at the speed of plot.


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I didn't think it was a terrible episode like some here seem to, but I will agree that a lot of it seemed contrived.

I literally yelled at my TV as if it could do any good when they didn't show the Peter/Nathan/Sylar fight. This is a serious problem the show has had since the first season that I know fans are in an uproar about. In the season finale, if you're going to show a battle, BLOW YOUR (*&^#*& BUDGET ON IT! :rant: There was no reason that fight shouldn't have been shown. I'm still pissed off about it three hours later.

I don't get why Peter wouldn't pretend to be Sylar either. If Peter only absorbed one ability, and it wasn't shapeshifting... okay, I can see that. However, there was no reason to keep Sylar alive when Peter could pretend to be Nathan for a bit and then retire (maybe even in scandal). It just flew in the face of all logic, especially with regards to Noah.

I've learned to ignore the Hiro Paradox - that is, why doesn't Hiro just stop time and kill Sylar. I'm glad they actually had him get to Building 26 and free the rest of the heroes though.

What I'm not happy about - Ando not getting to use his power. He has the red lightning, he has the super-charging ability, none of them came into play.

In fact, I think this really is a reflection of the season as a whole. There were so many plot points that had almost no point. While individual episodes were good or bad, the arc as a whole suffered from too much extraneous stuff.

Anyway, back to this episode.

I enjoyed the movement in this episode. That is, things happened, and they have consequences. I thought the writing was pretty solid (aside from above) and the dispatching of an uber-powerful person they literally can't kill was clever. I'd love it if Tracy went on a Kill Bill style revenge rampage next season.

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My girlfriend and I are done. Not showing the big fight? Completely contrived reason to keep Sylar around (and utterly idiotic to boot)? All of the usual stupidity? We're done. If we hear several episodes into next season that it's suddenly gotten good then maybe we'll check it out, but we're not going to keep watching something we're just not enjoying.

Chuck, on the other hand, we both loved.


So who is this Chuck character?

And could someone explain to me why they didn't resurrect Nathan with Claire's blood like they did a while ago with Noah? He got shot in the freaking eye and recovered.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
And could someone explain to me why they didn't resurrect Nathan with Claire's blood like they did a while ago with Noah? He got shot in the freaking eye and recovered.
The writers have conveniently forgot this ability. Repeatedly. Just like they forget several other things.

That being said, I think the Sythan possibilities are intriguing.


Or, they could have just sort of had him magically resurrect himself, like they did last season. You know, when he rose from the dead and had a never-explained, born-again religious conversion? For two episodes, before it was forgotten about?


You know what I'd do to save heroes? Start season 4 off normally, with the usual oversights and conveniently-forgotten plot points, and all that. 'Round about the 4th episode, it starts getting really bad...obvious inconsistencies between scenes from earlier in the episode, people acting completely out-of-character, etc. Cut to a scene of Peter (with scar), Matt, Sylar, Ando and badass Future Hiro, in Isaac's loft, enveloped in Red Lightning, all staring with grim concentration somewhere in the middle distance. "I can't hold it together any longer!" shouts Peter, through the Parkman Mind-link.
"You HAVE TO!" Sylar shouts back.
"There's been too much damage to the Space-time continuum," snaps Hiro. "At this point even if we..."
Hiro is drowned out by a sound effects crescendo and a lot of shaky-cam as, our heroes screaming, the scene cuts to black.
Post-commercial break, it's revealed that when Hiro appeared to Peter back in time, they broke the space-time continuum with some kind of paradox, and the past 2 seasons have been the future-heroes trying to splice things back together, with increasingly frayed and jumbled results. From that point, either each of the Heroes get shunted off into their own stable reality, and has to figure out the lay of the land in the world they've found themselves trapped in, or all the gang gets shunted, Quantum Leap style, to a new world and a new plot every couple of episodes.

You explain away the bad stuff that lead up to that point, and can focus on the parts of Heroes that have worked the best...the discovery and exploration stages.

I dunno. I still like the show, but I don't feel too bad if I miss it, anymore, either.

There were a lot of scenes I liked. Claire in "action", Sylar as usual. The way they tricked Sylar was well done, too. But then... They have the protagonists come up with a really bad plan and have them believe that could work.

They could have at least just killed off Sylar after he has done is part at fixing the company. :(

That they didn't show the fully fledged SFX battle.. I didn't care about that. That the characters had the brilliant plan that erasing Sylars memory and having him believe he is Nathan (did Sylar learn to fly?).

Ah, well, I suppose next seasons threads will be emptier, eh? I think I will still be watching. I still want to see what the characters will do next. But I am not seeing that they will actually come up with sensible, consistent plots.


And could someone explain to me why they didn't resurrect Nathan with Claire's blood like they did a while ago with Noah?

There can be no adequate explanation, IMO. The writers want to have their cake and Sylar, too. Not sticking with bold decisions has weakened the show.

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