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5E Homebrewed - The Godcaller


Peace Among Worlds
Konvikt: Inch Toward Daylight is a fairly massive and epic game project I am working on with vague hopes of bringing it to Kickstarter sometime in 2020. It will use the D&D 5E SRD and will be, broadly speaking, kind of sort of quasi-compatible with most D&D 5E content. All of those qualifiers are there because the setting is drastically different from any D&D setting, the tone is different enough from that of D&D that I've removed the alignment system and all references to it, and so on. For those of you who are familiar with any of my existing ludography, it's a spiritual sequel to/reboot of my game (I guess technically it's best-selling, is it okay to say that, "my best selling game"? I mean don't get me wrong, I know that Silver on DriveThru is really NBD) SPLINTER (originally published in 2011, greatly revamped in 2014 thanks to Kickstarter), using the 5E rules which I think will or at least could help it reach a substantially broader audience.

The ten page PDF that can be downloaded here from my Patreon is one of three new classes the game will have. (There are six playable classes in the game total, but three of them are just basic classes from the PHB, renamed: the Fighter, Monk, and Rogue, each by different names but basically identical except for some restricted subclasses.)

It is the game/setting's rough equivalent of the Warlock and has six new Patrons (called Beyonders in Konvikt). It is slightly more powerful than the D&D Warlock, because for the most part, Konvikt characters are slightly more powerful than D&D characters (at least when they're in the Hole/the Nether, and not on surface Earth; on Earth they have the rather brutal handicap of always being reverting to level 1 in every way except for their Fame (Proficiency) bonus, plus there's no magic on Earth OR IS THERE there isn't), owing largely to the fact that each of the seven races ("Bloodlines") has abilities that progress as characters level up, complimenting class abilities.

This is the kind of content that, if I can ever scrape together any Patrons, I'd like to try making Patron only, since it's a significant chunk of game content with fancy formatting that took more than a few hours to assemble.

I know it's probably kind of hard to comment on something with so little of the context it exists in, but I'd still love to receive any feedback on the class's mechanics and the wacky concepts for the Beyonders, most of which are passing strange and one of which is downright BIZARRE.

- Devon

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