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How do you like your steak prepared?


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I Love cooked outside, raw-rare inside. BUT I will normally get the meat more cooked the less I trust the meat / establishment. That is ONLY for beef though. Chicken or pork? well done. Fish? Sushi please! No sushi? Overcooked please!

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Pielorinho said:
About an eighth of an inch on either side seared, and the rest red and cool. And served with fresh-grated ginger. And made out of tuna :).


Hmmmm.... Something tells me that's sarcasm but I'm not quite sure. Smells kind of fishy.

If I get it from a Restaurant or a normal grocery store.

Well Done. Cook that baby till I know everythings dead in it.

I've known too many people who work in kitchens to trust what they're cooking.

Likewise, I've known too many people who work the Meat Counter at your local Mega-Mart.

But, I live in the midwest.

That gives me the option of going out and saying:

"I want that one!"


"That brown one there sir?"





(Chain Saw sounds).

Fresh steak I like cooked medium well over my charcoal grill using hardwood brickets with some mesquite chips. Also can't forget to marinate the night before in just a touch of Soy Sauce & Apple Cinder Vinegar; rub it good with my Sesoning Rub, then throw it over that open flame.

P.S. Tuna Steak (when you can get it fresh) is just as good as any steak I've ever had.

I just got done with my lunch where we were discussing how well (or not well) done we prefer our steaks... during this conversation, I discovered that one of my co-workers has had steak a grand total of 3 times in her life. Once in the past 10 years.

Now - maybe it's just b/c I'm a South Dakota girl with a husband whose family ranches cattle... but - that TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT.


Mad Scientist
It depends who is cooking it... And my mood.
If I'm cooking, then it's blue, as in seared on each side on a good old cast iron pan and in the plate.
At the restaurant, rare, but outback is the only place they'll serve it so.

And often I'll eat the meat raw::p

Julien's famous steack tartare
Take a 1lbs piece of tri-tip (more taste but harder, can use tenderloin instead, will be much softer, do NOT use NY steack, the fat marbling isn't great when raw.)
Using a thin knife remove the excess fat, tenderize the meat a little using the back of a cleaver.
Then using a serated knife cut 1/4" slice in the beef, then cut in slice then cubes.
I insist to cut by hand, stay away from any mechanical method!
Now to go with that you need two shallots and one small onions, diced small, a small spoon of worcestire, a spoon of caper, sea salt, olive-oil (black truffle infused if you can find it) and three egg yolks, stir all that in the meat.
Not you need to get your hand on some "sel de guerande" or other flake of sea salt and season to taste.
Serve with some form of potatoes

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