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D&D (2024) How Does Greyhawk Fit In To The New Edition?

Dungeon Master’s Guide contains a sample setting—and that setting is, indeed, Greyhawk.


According to Game Informer — “the surprising importance and inclusions of what is arguably the oldest D&D campaign setting of them all – Greyhawk.”

So how does Greyhawk fit in? According to GI, the new 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide contains a sample setting—and that setting is, indeed, Greyhawk. Not only that, but the book will come with a double-sided poster map with the City of Greyhawk on one side and the Flannaes on the other—the eastern part of one of Oerth’s four continents.

Even as the multiverse of D&D worlds sees increased attention, the Dungeon Master's Guide also offers a more discrete setting to get gaming groups started. After very few official releases in the last couple of decades, the world of Greyhawk takes center stage. The book fleshes out Greyhawk to illustrate how to create campaign settings of your own. Greyhawk was the original D&D game world crafted by D&D co-creator Gary Gygax, and a worthy setting to revisit on the occassion of D&D's golden anniversary. It's a world bristling with classic sword and sorcery concepts, from an intrigue-laden central city to wide tracts of uncharted wilderness. Compared to many D&D campaign settings, it's smaller and less fleshed out, and that's sort of the point; it begs for DMs to make it their own. The book offers ample info to bring Greyhawk to life but leaves much undetailed. For those eager to take the plunge, an included poster map of the Greyhawk setting sets the tone, and its reverse reveals a map of the city of the same name. "A big draw to Greyhawk is it's the origin place for such heroes as Mordenkainen, Tasha, and others," Perkins says. "There's this idea that the players in your campaign can be the next great world-hopping, spell-crafting heroes of D&D. It is the campaign where heroes are born."
- Game Informer​


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Actually, if you remove some of the more problematic bits concerning Ming, Flash Gordon would make an awesome Spelljammer campaign.
That's what Lights of Xarsis is supposed to be. It didn't turn out well.

Neither did putting the Death Star in the original Spelljammer (from WildSpace).

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Morkus from Orkus
Apparently next to Al-Qadim and the Isle of Necromancers (detailed in the 2E Book of Necromancers), there's a large island that is the ancestral home of the flying monkeys present in Chult and elsewhere.
Al-Qadim makes a lot of sense. It had all those strange islands to represent the Sinbad adventures.
I have no idea what that kind of island would be like, but I 100% want to find it out.
I'm just saying, you have to fly to get to Oz and it has lots of flying monkeys. It could very well be a floating island of flying monkeys!!

You're welcome too reject it . A Mos Eisley pub in Greyhawk city just wouldn't seem very Greyhawk to me. I limit races to pretty much 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign guide. Even in 5e I don't allow races outside the Players handbook in my own campaigns but I pretty much Run 3rd edition and Castles and Crusades now for the fantasy genre
Then you would be wrong as the various humanoids like Orcs, Goblins and others were stated in the original book as having a fairly notable presence in the city.

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