How many iPodders we got here?

Dark Jezter

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A few months ago, I transferred to a different department in my company where I answer emails instead of telephones. Following the advice of my coworkers and supervisor that I bring a CD player or MP3 player to listen to while I work, I went out and bought one of the new video iPods with 30 gigabytes of storage space.

I'm surprised at just how much I've come to love this little device. I've put all of my music (nearly 1700 songs, mostly rock and country, but music of many different genres as well) on it, as well as several music videos and movie trailers. I've also become a member of iTunes so I can get new music cheaply and quickly (99 cents per song is one hell of a deal). I listen to my iPod while I work, while I study, while I play World of Warcraft, et cetera.

I haven't subscribed to any podcasts yet, but it's something that I'm definately thinking of doing. I'm also looking at getting more accessories for my iPod, such as a car kit or iPod boom box. I also plan on checking out games and other software that can be downloaded for the iPod.

So how many other EN Worlders have become iPod fans? What do you use your iPod for and what accessories/software do you use?

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I <3 my iPod! I got my 30 gig Photo iPod as a birthday present in February and it's easily the best birthday gift I've ever gotten. I take it everywhere, even sneak it into work every now and then even though I'm not technically supposed to be listening to headphones. Right now I've got almost 3000 songs and podcasts on there, more than I know what to do with.

Dark Jezter said:
I'm also looking at getting more accessories for my iPod, such as a car kit or iPod boom box.

If by "car kit" you mean some kind of dock built into your car stereo, I don't know too much about them except that I want one. I'm using a Belkin FM transmitter and it works great though.

As far as a boom box, my girlfriend just bought me an IH5 clock radio for Christmas and it's pretty sweet. It starts charging the iPod as soon as you put it in the cradle and puts out generous sound too. It's not quite up to the level of the Bose Sound Dock, but it is about a third of the price. It's rated an A- on, which if you aren't addicted to by now you will be soon.


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I've had my 30GB ipod video for almost 3 weeks. I have already managed to store about 3000 songs, several short videos, a concert video and 3 full length movies. I invested in a better set of headphones, a Belkin FM transmitter for the car and PQ DVD to rip my DVD's to the ipod. I use the pod every day.



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I got a 20 GB iPod a few Christmases ago. I'm quite fond of it. I will say I'm not quite as devoted as some of you appear to be though. I use it when traveling, long car trips, at the gym, or walking the dog. At home I have my Mac wired into my stereo and run all my music via iTunes, so that is fairly simmilar.

I have an odd way of doing my car adapter for it. I initially bought an FM adapter (by Monster Cable) which didn't seem to work very well here due to too many stations on the dial. I could never find a station to set it to which worked without a lot of cut in from a broadcast. The adapter, however, does a nice job of charging it. I ended up complimenting this with a cassette adapter which is good since the factory stereo in my car has cassette, which I would never use otherwise (don't own any anymore). Thus I end up with both adapters being used, one to charge, one for music. I did look into stereo adapters for the iPod and unless you shell out a good bit, they are pretty rudimentary. Also my car has volume controls integrated into the steering wheel, and any change from the factory installation would make those useless. My current set up works fine and still keeps those controls working.



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I had one of the original 10 gig iPods. Unfortunately, it crapped out on me a few weeks ago. There's no one locally who can fix it and Apple wants $260 up front to take a look at it. At that price, I'll just go get a newer, bigger one. Alas, I do not have the money right now. I really miss my iPod. I took it with me everywhere.


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I have quiet a commute in the mornings, so have come to love my video MP3 player (Creative brand not iPod). I'm slowly making my way through season one of Lost :) and I still have tons of room for music while at work.... Cool little toys.

Frozen DM

I received a 20 Gig iPod as a gift last year, but after about 6 months or so it started going on the fritz. The internal disk drive seems messed up so all my songs skip now. I've been having trouble getting through the Apple support system to get it fixed/replaced.

I was using it while traveling (I used to fly every week for work) or while at the gym, but since it broke it pretty much acts as a fancy paper weight in my room.


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Laurel said:
I have quiet a commute in the mornings, so have come to love my video MP3 player (Creative brand not iPod). I'm slowly making my way through season one of Lost :) and I still have tons of room for music while at work.... Cool little toys.
I've tried that, but I kept crashing my car. :heh:

Just kidding... I have gotten into a habit of listening to books on tape (ok, CD) from the library during my commute - no iPod needed for that.

My partner is a heavy iTunes.iPod user though. She's teaching these yoga + dance classes, and she's constantly putting together new playlists for that. One or two a week - she likes to keep it fresh. She's also gotten addicted to the iTunes store, which is a little more worrisome. :D


I bought my wife one of the 6GB iPod Minis before they were discontinued. I love that little thing. She used it for working out, I use it for mowing the lawn...great little device.

I will, someday, get a video iPod.


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I just got a 30Gb Video iPod a couple of weeks ago. I went all over the house reclaiming long lost CDs. Who knew we had so many? Some I hadn't seen in years! I carry the thing all over the place now, but I've only used up about 5Gb on it.

As far as podcasts go, I subscribe to three: The Adult Swim video podcast, the Ricky Gervais video podcast and The Colts 1st and 10 audio podcast.

Did you know that you can use it as a big honkin' USB drive too? Very cool.


The man with the probe
I'm looking at picking up an 8 GB Creative Zen MicroPhoto soon. Currently, I use my phone, which has 50 megs or so free.


I download books from Audible to listen to while I exercise. "Caesar's Legions" has been very entertaining. I also listen to "Science Friday" podcasts from NPR. My only real music love is "filk" which is mostly on cassette (the stuff I own anyway), so I can't load it up on my ipod. Bummer.

iPod Nano here --both me and Mrs Olgar. We mostly download books from Audible and listen to them while commuting, on long trips, and on airplanes/in airports. We're working our way through Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series right now. At about 40 hours per book, it's a lot of listening time.


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I owned an iPod Mini (which is also the name of my cat to boot) for some time before giving it away to a friend of mine who is going to get married next week ... she uses it in the exercise gym I hear ....

Anyway, I had the longest battery life version of the mini, and added an extra battery onto it, giving me approximately 26 hours per charge (advertised length ... actual length was about 22). The sound quality was excellent. I had no problems with it tech wise and it was plenty sturdy.

But most recently I got a Palm Tungsten E2 which has a external memory slot and can take up to 4gb cards. Battery life for it playing music is about 16 hours (I kid you not). So for me it is a good arragement. There is a background hiss when the music is not playing in the Palm which, of course, was not present with the iPod Mini, but I can deal with that. It actually cranks out more sound than the mini with less battery drain....


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Conaill said:
Another question for the 'podders out there: how many of you are running out of space on your 20GB or 30GB iPods?
With video included, we have run out of space. But when going for long drives and just have music stored on it still extra space.... must find more music! :D


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I've had my 30 gig Video since last november. I love it. Not that it was that much better than my previous Creative player, but anyways. Nice if you have to travel for work (or otherwise), or for just plain old commuting. Now I couldn't live without it. Just get good ear/headphones instead of the apple ones.

During last 2 weeks in Thailand it was just surreal listening to finnish rock or pop music on the hotel balcony from minispeakers while watching a tropical thunderstorm blast away on the opposite jungle mountains. A little piece of home, 8000 kilometres from home :)


I'm a Creative Zen user myself. I'm not a fan of the iPod's "restrictions" (I know they can be circumvented), although I do like iTunes for its sheer organizational power. Plus I just like knowing I'm not supporting any Apple products (I hate Macs).

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