D&D General How many of your 5E D&D books have you used?


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I have a shelf full of official 5E D&D books, but I have used only half of them at most (and I stopped automatically buying all of them about 3 years ago, choosing the ones I think I'll use now). Then again I have 10 x that number of RPGs total, many of which I've never had chance to play. That's OK -- I like reading RPGs!

How many official 5E D&D books have you got?

How many of those have you used?

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I'm of a similar mould to you in as much as I stopped buying them all and cherry picked a few years back.

All of the non-adventures have been used thoroughly. About a third just adorn my shelves.


Morkus from Orkus
I have a shelf full of official 5E D&D books, but I have used only half of them at most (and I stopped automatically buying all of them about 3 years ago, choosing the ones I think I'll use now). Then again I have 10 x that number of RPGs total, many of which I've never had chance to play. That's OK -- I like reading RPGs!

How many official 5E D&D books have you got?

How many of those have you used?
I own 11 and have used 10. Soon to be 12 and 10 when Minsc and Boo arrives.

I tend not to buy adventure paths, because I like running my own stories. I will buy things like Candle Keep Mysteries and Tales From the Yawning Portal, since I can pull out dungeons/adventures to throw into my campaign. The exception to that is Dungeon of the Mad Mage, which I bought because I love Undermountain. Even then I'm pulling out individual levels to use as dungeons elsewhere in the world.


B/X Known World
I have 12. The core three, the two extra monster books, the two extra rule books, the 3 D&D setting books, Theros, and Curse of Strahd.

I've used them all. But I haven't used them all more than once. The setting books are mostly reference material, sit on the shelf until I need them. Curse of Strahd I've run a few times. I use the DMG a bit, mostly looking up variant rules and firearms or random charts, but that's it. It's the PHB and two extra rule books that get the most use. The monster books are used the least. I just homebrew monsters as the official ones are weak sauce.


I only own 3 physical 5E books: the PHB, DMG, and JetPack7's Gods & Goddesses. Goodman Games' Beowulf will make four.

I've definitely used the first two, I'm sure G&G will get used, and Beowulf...maybe? I'll probably pull ideas from it for use in not-Beowulf things.

Enrico Poli1

I've got21 (PHB, DMG, MM, the introductory Boxed Set, Rick and Morty Boxed Set, VGtM, MToF, XGtE, CoS, ToA, DiA, WBtW, RotFM, GoS, ToYP, DotMM, DH, Ravnica, Eberron, Ravenloft, Wildemount)

I peruse the core books and the adventures, plus the bestiaries.

The ones I didn't use but are happy to own are: Rick and Morty, Eberron, Ravenloft, Wildemount.

The ones I didn't use and I am a bit disappointed with are: XgtE, Ravnica


Official: Own 18 (counting Starter and Essentials Kits as one each), used 9 at least partially.
3rd party: Own 4, used 4 (all monster books, so they're easy to get some use of)

I also own a few PDFs, and have used almost all of them at least a little.

The only thing I would note is that of the 9 I've used, many of them have only seen a very small amount of use - about a third of "Storm King's Thunder", one chapter of "Curse of Strahd", and the monsters from Volo and Mord's Guides.

And despite all that, 5e is probably the most efficient edition I own, in terms of books owned vs. used.

I own 31 - all but Acquisitions Inc. and D&D x Rick & Morty.

Of those, I have actively used content from 18 of those books. If we count adventures I've been a player in as content I've used, that adds two more to the count.

Now, the stuff I've not read (in part or in total) but own resides at just three.

I like to think that even books I never use, but read, help me as a DM/GM. I might get a really great idea from this RPG on how to design an adventure, or a bit of history from a setting book might inspire some worldbuilding in my homebrew.
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Own and used the three core books to death plus the guides of Xanathar, Volo, Modenkainen, Tasha, and Van Richten. I’ve used LOTS from each of those source books and really enjoy them for developing my create-as-I-play emergent home campaign setting.

The only other books: Over the Next Hill 1 & 2!!! So great when it’s time to fill in another empty region, and the hooks are irresistible. The only-hinted-at investigation of the apothecary of Rivereave had a profound impact on a wilderness region I had no ideas for!


CR 1/8
Core 3, as well as: Xanathar's; Van Richten's Ravenloft; Curse of Strahd; Storm King's Thunder; Out of the Abyss; Tomb of Annihilation; Rime of the Frost Maiden, and Yawning Portal. I've also got the Essential Kit and (the important bits of) a Starter Kit.

So if I am remembering correctly that's 11, or 13 counting the beginner's kits. The most used are the Core 3 and the beginner kit rulebooks (which I like for being so small), followed distantly by CoS and Yawning Portal. I only just got Ravenloft, but that will probably get a lot of use in the near-ish future.

Of current books, there are a few others I will likely acquire, eventually: Tasha's; Ghosts of Saltmarsh; and (probably?) Witchlight

Of books known to be on the horizon, the only one I'm likely to get is Mord's Monsters of the Multiverse.

*Edited to add one I forgot!
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Really used: only core 3 + now Tasha (and that's only for the Artificer I currently play). I have read/skimmed more, but they never saw use at the table (I have subsequently sold them).

Currently using in order from most to least
Volos Guide to Monsters

Currently reading for future sessions:
Goodman Game's Isle of Dread

Read once, thought about DMing it but i didn't.
Out of the Abyss


Aspiring Lurker (He/Him)
I have the core, the player-side expansions, the monster/lore expansions, and most if not all of the settings, and a couple adventure books.

Theros/Ravnica/Wildemount/Eberron/Van Richten's
Yawning Portal/Rime of the Frostmaiden

I've used at least one thing from all of those except the adventures.

Plus I have a smattering of 3PP, which I use pretty extensively.

22 books and adventures, 21 of them on FG. The one I own in hardcopy (Frost Maiden) I have not used. The only other I have not used is Tales from the Yawning Portal. Not that I have run all the adventures, but in FG is is so easy to use/re-use monsters, maps, & items from every source you own that I've at least used one of those items in something else. i.e. pulling a magic item from Tomb of Annihilation, or a monster for Mad Mage, or...


Have 5(+1 3rd party)
I have used all of them, but not to the same extent. The only Tasha's content that has been actually used at my table are the ACFs plus Artificer. I have had subclasses and items from XGTE used at my table.

+Strongholds & Followers - haven't used anything from this yet.


Victoria Rules
I own about 6 or 7 5e books - the core three plus several adventure books - and though I've mined some ideas from some of them, in actual play I have used but one: I converted and ran part of Princes of the Apocalypse.


Hardcopy 5e:

Curse of Strahd (used)
Dungeon Master's Guide (used)
Eberron Rising From the Last War (used)
Monster Manual (used)
Player's Handbook (used)
Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden
Starter Set (used)
Starter Set Stranger Things (used)
Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (used)
Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft
Volo's Guide to Monsters (used)
Xanathar's Guide to Everything (used)

So I have used 10 out of 12 WotC 5e books/sets that I own.

I also used my brother's copy of Tales of the Yawning Portal to run an adventure from there.

I have a ton of 5e PDFs I have not used and a few that I have (Creature Codex, Tome of Beasts, Fifth Edition Foes, Tomes of Ancient Knowledge, some conversion documents for four adventure path modules, and a couple individual modules come to mind as actual use).

I use a lot of older edition and non-D&D elements in my 5e games.

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