D&D General How serious are your D&D games?

How serious are your D&D games?

  • A complete farce (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

  • Lots of humour (Guardians of the Galaxy)

  • Mostly serious, with moments of levity (Lord of the Rings)

  • Deadly serious at all times (Conan the Barbarian)

  • Wallows in misery (Game of Thrones)

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I went GotG, but it’s more like a bell curve, where it’s usual around the middle leaning on the light side, but can get Monty Python silly or Dead Serious/Misery on the rare occasion.

When it comes to plots, mostly serious with moments of levity.

When it comes to what we the players talk about, it's probably closer to "lots of humor."

I don't tend to include intentionally farcical elements, but people will crack jokes and make puns and stuff as we play. We laugh for a minute or two and then move along.


The High Aldwin
Pretty much LotR. Serious with great moments of comedy and a just a pinch of silly.

I voted Guardians of the Galaxy, but I’d say my preferred tone falls in between that and LotR.
I does seem like you would have a level in between these, but LotR fits mine well.


D&D Playtester for WoTC since 2012
My D&D is serious in building characters, NPCs, monsters, traps, encounters etc but is somewhat less so in play with regular funny hints, jokes and burst of laught!
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I voted Lord of the Rings, as keeping the humour at GotG level isn't achievable, but then it does go to farce on occasions. So it's hard to say.

I tend to run the game itself pretty seriously, while the players crack wise. But we do have long moments of serious drama, and moments of explosive comedy where nobody can stop laughing for 10+ minutes.


Like some others above, our game and story tends to be serious (which makes the characters tend to be serious). The players, however, interacting with each other at the table outside the game's narrative are goofing around, making jokes, and having fun.


I play with a group in which we've known each other since college. For us, that will be 40 years this year. To keep humor from entering into our games would be like keeping a vampire away from a blood bank - way too difficult and a waste of time. We enjoy not only catching up but also seeing who can make the group laugh more often. I have nothing against serious games, but it definitely depends on the group and individual players who create an environment that dictates how much humor is going to permeate the gaming sessions.

D&D is one of the systems which most easily and repeatedly turns to farce, in my experience. I think this is largely because of the high chance of just outright failure on most rolls due to the d20 RNG and total lack of degree of success, together with some inherently silly rules and concepts (falling lol particularly).

When I picked up Dungeon World, which is basically a D&D vibes PtbA game, I assumed it would be less serious than D&D, but every time I've run it, it's gone way more seriously (Conan on this list).

If it was up to me, when I run/play D&D it'd be at LotR level, but in reality it never fails to be GotG level.

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