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D&D (2024) How should the Artificer be implemented in 1DnD?

Edit: This is an older thread I made, but I'm repurposing it into the "how should it be handled" series of threads.

We know the Artificer isn't coming to the new PHB, but we do have some clues about consistent changes which are being made to classes across he board. When (or if) Artificer returns, what changes would people like to see made to it this edition?

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Well, it doesn’t need to “return” because it isn’t going anywhere, but there are some things I’d like to see in an update.

Some of This Stuff I Doubt Will Happen
Also Not All of These Things, It’s The List I’d Present As Options To Explore

  • Expand spell levels available by introducing infusions that let the artificer replicate higher level spells
  • Expand spell storing item to store fewer uses and start at a lower level, and then scale up to what it currently is. Let it be defining.
  • Give more infusions at a given level, preferably by adding bonus infusions to all the subclasses, similar to the armorer
  • Explore shifting more of the Spellcasting to item based mechanics more directly, or give the artificer more that it gets from having prof in a tool.
    • Stuff like smiths tools prof lets you give a small buff to armor, at will, while cobblers tools lets you give a speed or stealth buff. Idk. Or maybe add a general rules layer to tool proficiency like in Xanathar’s, with expanded uses if you have expertise. Maybe if the Art helps someone with a check where a tool prof they have is relevant, the ally also gets +1d4 to the check?
  • Let Artificer burn slots to recharge magic items
  • More spells that do stuff like buff an item (magic weapon) or otherwise feel like imbuing magic into something or someone
  • Some infusions could be more abilities? Like if you prepare this infusion you can make 1+Int weapons you touch deal fire damage and gain +1d4 fire damage on each successful attack, which lasts for 1 minute, and can be done pb/lr times, or the same idea but armor and fire resistance or DR/Fire similar to heavy armor mastery.
    • Also, single target damage resist is…not a good spell? Can we get a review on that?


I'd like a very different Artificer, that isn't using the standard spellcasting progression. I find they suffer as a half-caster, I'd sooner try to make something different. Also, it seems like a lot of the more interesting features are buried too deep in the class progression.

In a thread from a few months back I thought the best way to do the spells the base class had available to it was giving Artificers cross-list access to just Abjuration, Conjuration, Evocation, and Transmutation spells.


I rather like the core class and features. Though I have a few nitpicks.

The scaling on the artillery could be smoother. The THP in particular is OP at low levels, but falls hard at high levels.

Arcane Propulsion Armor is kind of crap.
Eyes of Charming need to scale.
Boots of Striding and Springing and Ring of Jumping both don't need to exsist, and should be lower level than Winged Boots. Boots of Levitation are similarly useless.

Off the top of my head:
  • The alchemist needs tuning up
  • There need to be some permanent magic items created by the artificer.
  • More non-steampunk theming. (Easiest for the Alchemist as a hedge witch)
  • More prep work for the artificer so they can adapt to situations
  • D&Done style splitting the "are you a back line support, a healer, or a brawler" from the subclass.
I think I'd prefer more a pact-magic style caster than a mass of spell slots caster.


I'd like a very different Artificer, that isn't using the standard spellcasting progression. I find they suffer as a half-caster, I'd sooner try to make something different. Also, it seems like a lot of the more interesting features are buried too deep in the class progression.
Yup. I always thought that the Warlock chassis made much more sense for the Artificer. Might have to do it myself.


I know that the UAs have suggested that Artificer would be an Expert...but I kind of prefer them associated with the Mage group. I prefer the Mage-based epic feats to the Expert ones for Artificer, and I don't like the idea of the Artificer being hedged out of options when they're caster-like. And, well, while I don't have an issue with Expertise on tools, we now have Expertise on skills only, and I don't like the idea of Artificers going around as Experts in palming objects. Artificers should have tools that make them really good at palming objects instead.
Starting proficencies... I think starting proficencies, HP, and multiclass rules are fine.

Level 1. Spellcasting, Tool Expertise, Magical Tinkering. Spellcasting is, well, spellcasting. Rather than being purely Arcane, I would like to see the Artificer share a spell list with the Bard which touches on spells from all three other lists (henceforth the B&A list). And Magical Tinkering is just... Prestigitation/Thaumaturgy/Druidcraft for Artificers. Should honestly be a cantrip like the other three, but for the B&A list. It works really well for bards too.

Just spellcasting isn't enough for a level 1 half-caster. If we're going to be an awesome gish, we need more. So, lets start by pulling Tool Expertise down from the old level 6. And we're going to start breaking tools down into a couple categories. Smithing + Jeweler, Thief + tinker tools, Alchemist+poisoner+brewer+herbalist tools, carpenter+woodcarving, weaver+cobbler+leatherworker, mason+potter+sculpting, calligraphy+painting+cartography. Each group not only gives you double proficency for each member of the group, but other bonuses as well related to their theme. It should be something on par with the warlock's Pact Boon, imho, and synergize with subclasses that rely on things like heavy armor (smith), or Artilerist with lots of gun-like wands (woodworking). You can even make it "cantrip like" if you really really need to by letting them be imbued with your Spark, all Girl Genius lilke.

Right Tool for the Job should probably also merge in above.

Level 2. Imbuements. I'd like to see just a blanket "you can make and use all items" that intersects with good crafting rules. I'd also like to see rules for some consumables as Imbuements. But, yeah. In general, this is good.

Level 3 subclass. Alchemist, Artilerist, Armorer and Battle Smith to start with. After that, I'd like to see a "PaperMaster" class, something closer to thread-based abilities, and weapon-based "unlimited blade works" type thing.

Level 4 feat. 'nough said.

Level 5 is a bit odd, in that the major subclass boost was here before. But now that's been pushed back a level to 6. So, I'm putting Improved Tool Expertise here, in that it can serve to grant Extra Attack or whatever is necessary to keep the power curve on single classes going.

Level 6 is subclass. Level 7 is Flash of Genius, as before. Level 8 is feat. Level 9 is Magic Item Adept. Level 10 is subclass. Phew!

I don't really play past 10, so I'm a bad judge at how the artificer works past this point. But, I'm going to asume its roughly a good power curve and just go with the rest as close as possible; tweak via infusions as needed. Level 11 is Spell Storing Item, 12 is feat, 13 is Magic Item Savaant, 14 is subclass, 15 unlocks the best imbuements, 16 is feat, 17 is Magic Item Savant, 18 is Soul of Artifice, 19 is feat, 20 is epic boon.

Aaannnnddddd... tada. What I would do with the artificer.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I’m building a witch, and gave it “vocations”, which give expertise in a couple tools and a secondary benefit like enhanced potion-making, crafting better Spellcasting focuses, making semi-magical cloaks that aren’t technically magical, or getting info from spirits about a person by reading their fortune.

My initial thought was that if I ended up needing to make an alchemist class, it would have the same feature with only a couple vocations in common, and instead have tinkers, smiths, etc.

Now I probably won’t unless they decide to not put artificer into the SRD.

But I night still give arti vocations, more infusions, and make spell storing item part of thier Spellcasting from level 1 (way toned down until higher levels), and put in infusions that give access to spells at the levels a full caster would get them, allowing the arti to “break” spell level progression bit by bit. (Like the UA warlock)

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