I need somebody with a spare dollar to help me out


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I'm testing the new community supporter accounts. I can't pay myself via PayPal, so I need somebody willing to part with a dollar to help!

If you click on the above link, you should have the option to purchase a $1/week community supporter account (no, it won't be weeky when it goes live - but I don't want to to wait a month to test what happens when the billing period ends!)

It doesn't do anything yet. For the moment, I'm literally just testing the payment processor (well, it should give you a snazzy "Supporter" banner next to your posts).

If somebody could sign up for a dollar and post here to let me know they've done it, I'd be super grateful. I'll then be able to look at their account and check that they've been moved into the new usergroup.

I'll then need to check that it demotes you if you cancel. But first things first - let's check it promotes correctly.

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