D&D 5E [IC] Against the Slavelords


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Scourge of the Slavelords
A1 – Slave Pits of the Undercity
A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition PBP game

The Heroes
BlueLotusLevanna, Female Human Wizard Sage
KahlessNestorTirion Cayde, Male Human Life-Cleric
ScotleyKelvyn Black, Male Human Arcane Trickster Rogue Squire
Zeromaru Alegast, Male Grey Elf Bladesinger Mercenary
ArwensDaughter - Quellathe Meliamne, Female Elf Ranger Beastmaster

The Lost
3SpdDragsterEvendur Buckman (Grigor Marsk), Male Human Rogue/Warlock Charlatan
CathmoreCedric White, Male Human Ranger “Bastard”
ForgedFuryBrak Blood-Bear, Male Human Barbarian Gladiator

OCC Thread
Original Recruitment Thread

The setting is Greyhawk pre-Greyhawk Wars.

Once a minor jewel of the barons of the Pomarj, Highport was the center of a bustling shipping and trading industry. But a dark tide of death swelled out of the hills - murderous bands of humanoids. Highport was too rich a target to be ignored, and although it resisted, five times repulsing the attackers with bloody losses, it could not stand. A whirlwind of destruction entered the town: fires, lightning, and hail mixed with the savagery of the attackers. Highport burned and its few remaining citizens were slaughtered.

Much of port today remains in ruins dating back to "The Night of the Bloody Spear," a legacy of that great conquest. But slowly the city is being rebuilt and repopulated. It is now ruled by a coalition of humanoid tribes, split by factions and blood-feuds. Humans and demihumans have slowly returned: none of the original inhabitants, but evil men with evil reputations. Half-humans mix freely with full-blood humans and humanoids. Justice is unknown and the laws are simple: a strong sword-arm is judge and executioner, a dark alley the execution ground.

Still, the lure of trade and profit brings many here. But it is a much different trade than what it once was - an evil trade dealing in misery and hardship. Many slaves pass through this port to stand on the block in its dark markets. Many come to buy. And all are under the eyes of the slave lords.


For years now, the dark humanoid races that shacked the old city (now called Port Fury by most residence and sailors of Woolly Bay and the Wild Coast) have made a living by raiding the coastal towns around them. They descend quickly and ruthlessly; pillaging, killing and carrying off innocent citizens into the night. Feuding amongst the lands of the north and lack of funds (and the growing threat out of the lands of the Bandit Kingdoms, Horned Society and the lands Iuz) have prevented all but an occasional naval battle with the villains and the slow fortifications of coastal towns. Bribery was often a more effective method of protecting one’s lands from incursion of these avaricious sea-wolves.

Recently, however, the attacks have become more frequent and vicious and the raiders venturing farther than ever before; from the Azure Sea all the way north onto the waters of Nyr Dyv (the Lake of Unknown Depth). A new organizing force has sprung up amidst the pirates and reavers. Calling themselves the Slavelords, the Nine and the Pirates of the Yellow Sail, they have burnt entire villages and pulled down the walls of many towns. Women, children and whole families have disappeared; and through bribes are accepted, the agreements of old are now ignored. Vast tracts of coastline have been reduced to ashes, left barren except for packs of wild dogs.

The free cities of Greyhawk, Dyvers, Hardby and Safeton, along with the nations of the Kingdom of Furyondy, and the County and Duchy of Urnst have finally become determined to take action against these raiders. Through information gained from escaped slaves, and those fortunate enough to have been found and bought by family and friends, the alliance has determined that the slavers are using Port Fury as a major hub of their illicit trade between the lands of the south and parts of the Old Kingdom.

While many have advised taking a fleet and crushing the port once and for all, no one is will to commit such a force. Instead the alliance has chosen a plan of stealth, and gathered several bands of adventures to infiltrate the settlement and find out where the slaves are taken and by whom. Caution is recommended, for the true strength and extent of this slaver ring is not known, but they seem stronger and better organized than the humanoids whom nominally rule the city appear.

As unknown ships are generally attacked on sight at Port Fury the group that the players are a part of have hired a captain of ill repute to take them the free port-city of Elredd, itself a vile cesspool of barely tolerated scum and villainy that still does some trade with the free cities. The twisted streets of Elredd are lined with taverns, brothels, gambling halls, and other vice dens. Its teeming market squares do a brisk trade in all manner of stolen goods and contraband, such as exotic silks, spices, poisons, and dark relics. From there they are to make their way south to Port Fury by land and the supposed lair of the Slavelords.[/sblock]

[sblock=House Rules]Right now we only have a few

Rolling Dice: Most of the time I will allow you to roll your own dice but for Initiative (just to get any combats going as fast as possible), or certain secret rolls I will make them. Otherwise when making any of your rolls, please use the one here on EN World and have them at the bottom of you post. You can use a third party online roller so long as you post the results and the link to your roll at the bottom of your post.

If you opt for the EN World roller, this is the nomenclature you use:

{rollv}2d6{/rollv} – displays each roll separately

You replace the { } with [ ]. You can name your dice rolls, too. This:


will yield this result:

Initiative - (1d20+3)[22]

Group Initiative: Everyone will still get a roll, but if the group of characters wins they all go first but if the set of bad guys wins they all go first, etc.

Inspiration: with at least a good basic background (and those not familiar with Greyhawk can just use generic terms and we can fill in as we go) that you will start with 1. When you really play up your Personality Traits or Flaw, and its’ a good point in the story I will give another BUT I want you all to suggest it also ("Hey Dave really played the heck out of Two-Boars just now I think he deserves an Inspiration point")

Also I am going to allow you to also spend your Inspiration to re-roll, instead of using them only for Advantage (you can still roll with advantage if you want to).[/sblock]

I would like it very much if everyone could post their characters name and class(es) at the top of each post you make so that everyone can remember who is who.

If you want to use a color for your dialage, please do. Thoughts should be italic so we know what your character is thinking.

Any rolls, skill checks, ability checks, saving throws, etc. that your character is asked to make (or you want to on your own, like making a Wisdom (Perception) check to look for something, etc.) please use the dice roller and post the results as an OCC or sblock at the bottom of your post.

OCC questions and comments should be directed to the OCC thread that I linked above.[/sblock]

A foul wind of rot and sea-algae blows across the bow of the Ghoul as a small band of hardy adventures slowly pulls into the port of Elreed, this night of Starday in the month of Readying (Spring). Under the captain known only as ‘The Mad Elf’, he and his crew of privateers who had been hired out of Hardby to transport them here. Dirty and ill-tempered the adventures had been warned not to trust the crew or its captain overly much as they are not above raiding those they have not been ‘commissioned by Hardby’.

The port of Elredd is a dark and reeking place. Garbage and dead fish float on the surface of the brackish harbor. A battered fleet of fishing smacks are lashed to the moorings, and a few broken-down cogs lumber at anchor. Ramshackle huts and buildings lean precipitously over the stone quay. For all its decay, the port pulses with activity. But as the Mad Elf maneuvers up to a dock for unloading, no ‘yellows sails’ can be seen. A crowd of grimy stevedores gathers as the mooring lines are thrown out. Most quickly disperse when the Ghoul produces little cargo. The party does notice though that a number of hanger about and never-do-wells remain, eyeing the ship and anything (and anyone) offloading. They don’t appear to be doing anything more than loitering but all are arms and lightly armored.

Some of the crew, evidently released for shore-leave, scramble onto the dock and away into the town. One sailor in particular hurries away, but amidst a hail of curses from the first mate (by the name of Rottgum, a huge half-orc or maybe half-ogre who seems very loyal to the Mad Elf), ending with “ Yer a son o’ the bottomside of a goose-necked barnacle, desertin’ inna first port we enter!” he throws a broken block at the retreating sailor, who breaks into a run. The mate stumps against the rail. Anyone nearby hears him mutter further, “ No good runt got passage fer work, and nae much good o’ that too.

About then the harbor master, an ugly and fat human with grease stained green robes, boards and speaks to the first mate whom hands him a heavy bag of coin.

As the party collects any remaining personal gear, the Mad Elf bids the party farewell, able to spare just a few words of caution given the tremendous profit he has made from them:

’Tis a wicked place, I tell ye. Aye, a leaking bilge o’ rat-water, or me Ewe’s nae the swiftest o’ this coast.”

“If’in ye wants to do some pokin’ around here, I would suggest the Broken Rutter just over yonder. But I would keep a hand on yer weapons and not sleep ther’ were I ye."

“And of course, iff’in ye are thinkin’ about hirin’ a ship to sailin’ ye the rest of the ways south, the Rutter have the rep of bein’ where a number of the Eyes of the Nine gather.

If the shack that the Mad Elf had pointed to is the Broken Rutter lay, it looks like just another broken down hut; maybe slightly larger than others, and build partly underground (into the stone pier).

[sblock=OCC]This is a good place to introduce your characters and describe what you look like. NOTE that you have been advised to not advertise overly “good” deity symbols here (and especially in Port Fury) or societies that you might belong too. Even lawful good characters know that keeping their thoughts to themselves and using subterfuge in such vile and wicked places is not only acceptable but smart.

Also what would you like to do next? If you wanted you could head for the city gates right away and leave this night. You are all assumed to have all your normal gear and food, etc. If you want to take the Mad Elf’s advice you can make your way to the Broken Rutter as it is right along the docks. There are a few patrons outside drinking and singing and a light from inside spills out into the streets, so it appears to be open even at this late hour.

What you know of Elredd – it is a large independent village (population around 800) made up mostly of humans with a fairly large half-orc minority. The village is suppose too be surrounded by a wooden palisade (you can’t see it from the docks at night). The town is ‘ruled’ over by a Dwarf call Baron Ragnar Ruvik. Most of the villagers are fishermen, sailors and merchant traders but the slave-trade is rumored to be very important also. If you want to make an Intelligence (History) check to remember or think of anything more you can now.

Also one last note. The group that hired you all also front 1,000gp for you to use for expenses like buying horses in Elreed, etc.
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Forged Fury

First Post
Brak Blood-Bear, 5th Level Barbarian

The grey-haired mountain of a man slowly stretched out his frame. Brak had mostly kept to himself during the voyage, curled up into as small a space as he could. His past had made him accustomed to spending long stretches in tight spaces. The foul stench of the port reached his nose and he growled deep in his throat.

Gathering his gear, Brak stood to his full height of two meters. His short, grey hair was matted to his head, his steel grey eyes dimly taking in his surroundings. While little in the way of intelligence gleamed in those eyes, there was a certain cool appraisal of those around him, as if he was assessing and categorizing those around him as threats. The scars that crisscrossed his face and body stood as testament to those who underestimated him in the past.

Bare chested, the warrior wore a steel and leather manica on his left arm and cradled a brass thraex helmet under his right arm. A greataxe was tethered to his back along with a sheath of javelins. A primitive dagger was strapped to his left leg.

Approaching the rest of the group, Brak licked his lips and opined, "Tavern looks like a good place to start."
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First Post
Evendur Buckman Rogue Level 1 (warlock 4)


Evendur Buckman ran a hand through his sweet soaked red hair and nodded at the big man’s suggestion. Taking hold of his pack he crinkled his nose a bit at the smell of the ‘port’.

“Much like home,” he grins. “I suppose I could use a drink, it has been a hot, thirsty trip.”

Most of Buckman’s discomfort had come from his refusal to remove his breastplate on the ship. Though everyone had warned him of the dangers of armour on a boat he was reluctant to ‘just leave him armour lying around’, especially when he remembered how he had acquired it.

Turning to the others, “This probably goes without saying,” said the young thief. “But keep your stuff close at hand and don’t wander off by yourselves.”

He grins impishly. “This is my kind of place.”


[sblock='Mini-Stat Block']
Grigor (Rogue1/Warlock4) 5th level
Initiative: +2 Perception: +5
Passive Perception: 15
Passive Investigation: 14
Speed: 30'

AC: 18 (Breast Plate + Dex + shield)
HP 33/33

In Hand:Rapier Silvered
Off Hand: Shield

Character Sheet

Zeromaru X

Arkhosian scholar and coffee lover
Alegast Wizard (Bladesinger) level 1

[section]The blonde elf donned the hood of his brown traveler cloak while making sure he hid his weapons and leather armor under it, before he followed his companions slow enough to wait for Lavanna. She was a woman capable of watch for herself —something impressive, for a human—, but that harbor wasn't a place for a woman to go alone. As they left the Ghoul, Alegast tried to recall what their employers said about the place. The advise from Evendur was a wise one, and he want to be ready for any surprise.

Alegast was tempted to call Theophrastus from his "dimensional home", as the cat could do some scouting for him, but he refrained of it. That would get undesired attention. Maybe in the tavern, if he could get an appropriate place for it. "Yeah, I'm with you guys. My throat is thirsty", he smirked. "And I hope the beverages are at least drinkable", he said for himself.

OOC: History check:
geez, :/

[sblock='Mini-Stat Block']
Alegast - Wizard (Bladesinger) 5th level
Initiative: +3 Perception: +4
Passive Perception: 14
Passive Investigation: 17
Speed: 30' (40' while Bladesong active)

AC: 15 (Studded leather + Dex) - 19 (while Bladesong active)
HP 27/27

In Hand:Rapier
Off Hand: Wand (of the War Wizard +1)

Prepared Spells:
1st: Absorb Elements, Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Shield
2nd: Magic Weapon, Mirror Image, Misty Step
3rd: Fireball, Vampiric Touch

Spell slots remaining/Spell slots total:
1st: 4/4
2nd: 3/3
3rd: 2/2

Active Spells: (c) denotes concentration

Character Sheet
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The rank odor hit Levanna as she emerged from belowdecks. The din of sailors and harbor workers moving about their business clashed with the racket of the crew of the The Ghoul as they secured lines, hauled the meager cargo to the gangplank, and shouted commands and replies. The wizard scrunched up her nose in spite of herself and fought an urge to pinch it shut with her fingers. She knew of Port Fury's reputation and was told what to expect. But knowing what was coming, even hearing and smelling it through the bulkhead did not fully prepare her for the assault on her senses.

Still, she did take some precautions. Instead of her usual blue velvet cloak and matching tailored robes, she wore a subdued outfit consisting mostly of leathers. A brown traveling cloak, showing signs of wear and fastened with a simple button instead of her jeweled silver and ruby brooch, covered most of a green jerkin over a white blouse and tanned leather breeches with the legs stuffed into laced boots that reached to her mid calf.

Too late in the journey Levanna had realized that her orb tipped staff and spellbook would do just as much to single her out in a crowd as someone worth robbing as her fine clothing. With much discomfort, she had stuffed them into her magical Bag of Holding, now shouldered over her cloak as a backpack. Though she was prepared to deal with such a ruffian, she would rather avoid the encounter altogether.

Mustering her dignity, Levanna made her way across the deck and down the gangplank after her companions, ignoring the stares and occasional cat call of some of the sailors around her. She fell in step with the group, nodding with a small smile at Alegast. She unconsciously maneuvered herself between Alegast and Brak Blood-Bear as they made their way along the docks. "I would not turn down some wine at the moment. But before long, I must see if I can obtain some components for my spells," she said.

[sblock='Mini Stat Block']
Levanna (Wizard 5) 5th level
Initiative: +1 Perception: +2
Passive Perception: 12
Passive Investigation: 17
Speed: 30'

AC: 14 (Mage Armor + Dex + shield)
HP 32/32

In Hand:Quarterstaff
Off Hand: None

Prepared Spells:
1st: Mage Armor, Shield, Feather Fall, Disguise Self, Magic Missile,
2nd: Misty Step, Suggestion, Invisibility
3rd: Counterspell

Spell slots remaing/Spell slots total:

1st: 3/4
2nd: 2/3
3rd: 2/2

Active Spells: (c) denotes concentration
Mage Armor, Suggestion (c)

Character Sheet
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Tirion Cayde, Cleric Level 5 (Life)

Elredd/The Ghoul
Day 1/Night

Tirion slid the pieces of his dragonchess set into their box and closed it up, slipping it into his pack. The moonlight off the water glittered off the highly burnished bronze of his mithral armor and the mace hanging at his hip. He pulled a pair of gauntlets with leering ogre faces from his belt and tugged them on. As always, he took a breath as he felt the swell of magic. Already a strong young man, his muscles swelled with power.

After the initial rush passed, Tirion slid his helmet on over his short black hair and pulled up the cloak. Made of rough brown homespun wool, it was nondescript and even peasant-like. He pulled it around himself, covering his armor completely. Finally he picked up his shield. The front was covered in black goat hide that he could remove to reveal the holy symbol of Pelor beneath in time of need, though he also had the amulet at his neck. Currently that holy symbol was tucked into his armor to hide the light it continually emitted.

“If’in ye wants to do some pokin’ around here, I would suggest the Broken Rutter just over yonder. But I would keep a hand on yer weapons and not sleep ther’ were I ye," the Mad Elf told them as Tirion approached. The dwarven-made mithral plate he wore gave only the barest susurration beneath his robe as he moved.

“And where do you think we could find rooms?” Tirion asked the captain of The Ghoul. He eyed the Broken Rudder warily. Such establishments were not his typical place to frequent. He had been in some shady taverns, but this one was the worst. “It is likely unwise to set out in the night, anyway,” he had to agree with the others, “so the tavern is as good a place as any to start.”


[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +0
Perception: +4 (Passive: 14)
Speed: 30
AC: 20 (plate and shield)
HP: 33/33 HD: 5/5d8
Main Hand: None
Off Hand: Shield
Conditions: None


The lithe young man thanked the captain politely for the voyage and watched the sailors unload his horse, a tall handsome Palfry that frankly looked like a lady's mount. The military saddle he secure to the horses back only added to the incongruity. The horse was clearly of the finest quality, but not a war-beast or hunter-jumper. The man was a bit of an odd mix himself. He spent much of the voyage dicing with the crew or playing bawdy tunes on his lute, yet he spoke with courtly manners and grace. Today he wore comfortable traveling clothes over light armor and packed a slim gentleman's sword as well as a crossbow on his back and a smaller one on his hip. He put a couple of packs of gear onto the horse as well.

With one hand on the crossbow at his hip and the other on the horse's lead he swaggers confidently along with the group toward the Broken Rutter staring hard at any who approach too close. His features suggest a mixed heritage perhaps Oeridan and Flan. He tall and slim with tan skin and brown hair neatly and fashionably styled. "I don't much care for the look of yon establishment, but it appears we have little choice. Lead on."


First Post
Cedric White, Ranger 5

[section]Cedric lets out a long and releaved sigh as his feet touch ground once more. Nothing says 'life threatening' like relying on a boat to be your entire world in the deadly sea. He reflexively strokes his -normally shor and neat, but currently unkempt- beard with abnormally long fingers as the Captain gives them advice his parting advice. Grey eyes look out from under a sharp brow, surveying the harbour with distaste. "Can't say I am impressed," he grins wryly at his companions, they had all known what they signed up for, and this place was the like to be the least of their challenges. Though Evendur is right, certainly cannot be too careful with your belongings in a place like this.

He stretches his long limbs and yawns, before he offers his agreement with the thoughts of the others, "A drink and a solid place to stay are well needed, though I lament staying in this place for a night." He allows the others to lead the way to the Broken Rudder, watching out wearily for more immediate dangers.

[sblock=Mini Stats]Initiative +4
Passive Perception 15
HP 39/39
HD 5/5d10
AC 16
Spell Save DC 14
Speed 30

Spell Slots
1st 4/4
2nd 2/2[/sblock]
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First Post
[sblock=History results for Levanna and Tirion]
Levanna knows that Elreed is the southern-most of the so-called free-cities on the Wild Coast. Most villages south of here have been abandoned or destroyed over the last ten or so years and the orcs and other humanoid marauders have ventured farther and farther north. Even so it is barely tolerated by the other free cities or Greyhawk, mostly for the good fishing products that are caught in the waters nearby. The rumors of slaver influence started two or three years ago when a lot of folk immigrated from the city to places north and the village gain a darker reputation.

Tirion also knows that the local ‘baron’ Ragnar Ruvik is a member of the Iron Black Lads, a all dwarf mercenary troop that took over the city two years ago. They had a very dark reputation, working for almost anyone, doing almost any merc work, if the gold was right. Ragnar himself is a zealot follower of Hextar, god of war and discord. He has been preaching about a stronger defense for the village and funded the wooden palisade that surrounds it. Most folk seem to appreciate the fact that with his works and starting guard patrols outside the village, humanoid raids are very rare.[/sblock]

The captain eyes Tirion and shakes his head "if'in it were me, I wount' be a sleepin' under any a roof here abouts. There are suppose to be farmers outside the walls that will a rent a barn to ye without much fuss. If I had to'a stay heres I suppose I would try the Lusty Lady but then they charge ye an captains' wager there... and someone to shares it with ye of course...

Without further comment he turns to his first mate and starts shouting orders too his men.

On shore, the party (and one horse) head towards the Broken Rutter. Grigor and Cedric notice that the stevedores watch the group with a bit more then healthy interest, even though they are ‘pretending’ to be more interested in the boat.

A stone stairs leads down five feet into the earth and leads to the doors of the tavern. Outside, sitting on a wooden stool, is a large fat half-orc wearing dirty studded leather and with a belted mace at his side. He stares up at the group with flat eyes and snots. "Ye wonts be a gettin' that there horse in heres maters. But if'in you have coin I could watch him fer ye"

The doors into the tavern are wide open and laughter, cursing and drunken singing spills out into the night along with the smoke and stink.
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