D&D 5E [IC] Against the Slavelords


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Uhtred slashes and tries to push the monk but the female is too fast on her feet and avoids his attacks. She sneers at him saying “Uncouth heathen, you dare try and lay hands on me?”. Quellathe moved up to behind Kelvyn and shots the lone orc dead! Levanna target spoiled she tried to hit the monk instead but missed. It mattered little as then Kelvyn moved forward and stabbed her. She tried to dodge but his blade pierced her side and she cried out and fell to the ground! Then Tirion stood and readied himself, still being a bit shaky on his feet.

The ogre threw its last javielin to crash against Uhtread’s shield and wounded him slightly while the bald headed human fled back his whip at the ready. Then the wizard muttered words of power that Levanna feared as a ball of fire flew into the mouth of the hallway and exploded!!!!

GM: Initiative
18 – Uhtred
17 – Quellathe
14 – Selattee
13 Levanna, the Ogre and Dutch Diamonds
12 – Kelvyn and Khalil
4 – Tirion
3 – Orcs

[sblock=Round 7])Uhtred missed and did not shove the monk
Quellathe moves up behind Kelvyn and only has a good line of sight against the orc who gets +2 AC from cover (Uhtred). An 18 is good enough to hit and 9 damage kills him.
Levanna can sort of see Selattee but she gets ¾ cover so +5 to her Reflex defense against the Acid Splash Dex save: 1D20+12 = [3]+12 = 15, takes no damage. You could use your luck but she needs to roll a 2 to fail.
Kelvyn will move up behind Uhtred, draws his Rapier and stabs at Stelatte (for sneak attack); Attack and damage if it hits: 1D20+7 = [16]+7 = 23; 1D6+4+3D6 = [5]+4+[6, 1, 5] = 21, kills her!!!
Tirion stands (½ move) and readies his mace and shield again. Yes this round as he just got up from being unconscious I thought should lose his Standard Action. Can still take the rest if he wants.

Then Dutch Diamond retreats 30ft back and readies an attack on anyone who comes close.
The Ogre throws a javelin at Uhtred; Attack and damage if it hits: 1D20+8 = [17]+8 = 25; 2D6+5 = [1, 4]+5 = 10, hits for 7 damage (bring him down to 38 HP)
Khalil cast Fireball into the hallway. Everyone takes Fireball damage: 8D6 = [6, 2, 4, 2, 4, 5, 4, 6] = 33 fire damage (16 with a Dex save). He then moves 30ft up on the map[/sblock]Heroes Actions & Rolls Round 8?
[sblock=Conditions]Kelvyn HP 22/33
Levanna HP 38/38
Quellathe HP 46/46
@ Naeris HP 24/24
Tirion HP 10/45
Uhtred HP 38/64

Ogre HP 2/69
Khalil HP 42/42
Dutch Diamonds HP 54/54
Selattee dead
Orc Guard #1-5 dead[/sblock][sblock=Map] Map.Pit.jpg[/sblock]

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Uhtred, Fighter 6

As the whip wielding human retreated, Uhtred took a swing at him but missed. Then he noticed the wizard chanting, Uhtred had no idea what she was conjuring but it couldn't be good. He ran straight at the Human who had just escaped Uhtred's reach, hearing massive WUMP behind him. The heat singed Uhtred, but he could bear it. Uhtred could see the man readying to strike Uhtred, but there was nothing for it. Swinging his axe low, Uhtred manages to knock his legs out from under him before bringing his own axe up for a hard hit on the prone man.

[SBLOCK=Actions and Rolls]
Move: To K8
Action: Attack Dutch
Reaction: AoO vs Dutch
AoO vs Dutch: 1D20+7 = [4]+7 = 11
1D12+4 = [4]+4 = 8
Dex Save: 1D20 = [20] = 20
WIN! :) saved for 16 damage
Uhtred shove prone vs Dutch save: 1D20+3 = [20]+3 = 23
1D20+1 = [8]+1 = 9
Awww, a crit :( Dutch knocked prone
Uhtred attack and damage: 2D20.HIGH(1)+7 = [14, 2]+7 = 21
1D12+4 = [5]+4 = 9
Dutch takes 9 damage

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
Conditions: None
Action Surge: 0/1
Second Wind: 0/1
Inspiration: 1

Great Axe +1: +7 1d12+4S
Maul: +6 2d6 +3B
Handaxe: +3 1d6S light, thrown(20/60)

Initiative: 0
Perception: +5 (Passive: 15)
Speed 25 AC: 17 (Splint)
HP: 22/64 HD: 6/6d10
Main Hand: Great Axe +1
Handaxe: 1


Quellathe managed to throw herself against the wall and avoid the worst of the fireball. Naeris, however was not so lucky and fell to the ground, singed fur still smoking.

"No!" shouted Quellathe. She shoved her way past her fellows into the room, and shot two arrows at the mage. The first whizzed past him without causing damage, but the second hit true.

[sblock=Actions and rolls]
Q's dex save: Dex saving throw: 1D20+6 = [17]+6 = 23

N's dex save: Dex saving throw: 1D20+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Attack rolls:
Two arrow attacks: 1D20+8 = [3]+8 = 11
1D20+8 = [14]+8 = 22

Damage roll for the hit: arrow damage: 1D8+3 = [8]+3 = 11
Note that this was one of Q's remaining drow arrows, so he needs to make a saving throw or go to sleep.

Q will move past (the unconcious?) Tirion, Uhtred, and Kelvyn. I presume this counts as difficult terrain, so I think she can only get to k14, but she'll move to m 14 if she can get there.

[sblock='Mini Stat Block']
Quellathe (Ranger 6)
Initiative: + 3 (w/adv.)
Perception: +5
Passive Perception: 15
Speed: 30'
Inspiration: 2

AC: 15 (16 when dual wielding)
HP 46/30
HD 6/6

In Hand:
Off Hand:

Arrows: 2/20 [1 coated with drow poison]

Spell Save DC: 13

Known Spells:
Cantrip: Booming Blade
1st Level: Hunter’s Mark, Speak with Animals, Hail of Thorns (b.act, conc, next ranged hit, 1d10 p creat & within 5 feat. sex save for 1/2)
2nd Level: Beast Sense (1hr, conc, see/hear thru beast; blind/deaf to own surroundings)

Spell slots remaining/Spell slots total:
1st: 2/4
2nd: 3/3

Active Spells (c) denotes concentration
Hunter’s Mark (c)

GP: 99

Consumable Magic Items, etc.
Potion of Healing (0/3)
Dust of Disappearance (1/2)
Spell Scrolls: Animal Friendship, Detect Poison and Disease, Speak with Animals (x2), Fog Cloud
Healer’s Kit: (18/20)

Naeris (Panther)
Initiative: + 2 Perception: +7
Passive Perception: 17
Speed: 50’ climb 40’

AC: 15
HP -9/24

Character Sheet



Tirion Cayde, Cleric Level 6 (Life)
Where: Port Fury/Beneath the Temple
When: 3.5/Morning
Round 15

OOC: Well, being unconscious doesn’t make you lose your turn when you come back up. Technically I could have rolled a 20 on my death save at the beginning of my turn and gotten a full turn at 1 hp.

Even as Tirion got to his feet, the world erupted in fire. He tried to bring his shield up in response and dive away, but the conflagration caught him fully, throwing him off his feet again to land in a smoking, steaming heap on the stone floor once more, unmoving.

[sblock=Tirion’s Actions]
Dex save: 1D20 = [6] = 6
Bonus Action:
Inspiration: 1

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 20 (plate and shield)
HP: 0/45 HD: 3/6d8

Channel Divinity (2/R)
Turn/Destroy Undead (CR 1/2)
Preserve Life (30)

Prepared Spells:
+7/DC 15
Cantrips: Guidance, Thaumaturgy, Mending, Sacred Flame
1st: (Bless, Cure Wounds), Healing Word, Guiding Bolt, Command
2nd: (Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon), Prayer of Healing, Hold Person, Blindness/Deafness, Silence
3rd: (Beacon of Hope, Revivify), Spirit Guardians, Dispel Magic, Mass Healing Word

Spell Slots Remaining/Total
1st: 2/4
2nd: 0/3
3rd: 0/3


[section]The cacophony of battle drowned out the mage's chants until it was too late. Then Levanna's eyes widened in dread as it dawned on her which spell the mage was casting. But she had no mana to counter the spell, nor time to shout out a warning before the spell detonated in the corridor. The blast caught her straight on, nearly knocking her off her feet. Even though she was at the limits of the blast, every nerve felt on fire and she nearly passed out.

There was no longer the luxury of saving her remaining resources. On the edge of a panic she hurried forward, seeking a foe for her magic.[/section]

[sblock=actions]Levanna is going to move towards J-14.I don't know if it's too crowded to get there. If she can she'll cast Magic Missile and send 1 to the Ogre and 2 to Khalil.

[roll0]: Ogre damage. [roll1] Khalil damage.

If she can't get that far and she can see Dutch, she'll cast Charm Person on him from her ring. He gets a Wisdom saving throw to negate (DC is based on whoever cast it into the ring?) at advantage. Any Charm Person target currently in combat with the party gets advantage on the save.

If she can't see Dutch she'll use her action to use Benign Transposition and swap places with Tirion. Then she'll move to O-14 to at least get out of Fireball Formation.[/sblock]

[sblock='Mini Stat Block']
Levanna (Wizard 6)
Initiative: +1 Perception: +2
Passive Perception: 12
Passive Investigation: 17
Speed: 30'

AC: 16
HP: 5/38

Inspiration: 0 Luck: 2

In Hand:Quarterstaff
Off Hand: None

Spell Save DC: 15

Prepared Spells:
1st: Mage Armor, Shield, Magic Missile, Protection From Evil and Good
2nd: Misty Step, Suggestion, Invisibility, Flaming Sphere
3rd: Counterspell, Fireball

Spell slots remaining/Spell slots total:
1st: 1/4
2nd: 1/3
3rd: 0/3

Spells contained in the Ring of Spell Storing:
Charm Person, Feather Fall

Active Spells: (c) denotes concentration
Mage Armor, Water Breathing, Comprehend Languages, Unseen Servant

Character Sheet

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