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[IC] Bone Wars (for Sidewinder: Recoiled)


Reconstructed from Google cache:

02-09-06, 06:17 PM #1
Committed Hero D20 Modern - [IC] Bone Wars (for Sidewinder: Recoiled) This is the play thread for Bone Wars, a western using the Sidewinder: Recoiled rules based on d20 Modern.PC Roster*enigmatic expatriate Rudolf Stromm (Charismatic 4/Pony Soldier 1) [Wilphe]*hardy guide Dan Johnson (Fast 3/Rifleman 2) [Max]This is the recruiting/OOC thread.This is the rogues gallery.Introduction-Kansas City, MOMatthew Stitter has arranged for the party to assemble in Cheyenne, Wyoming territory. The Kansas Pacific goes west from Missouri through Denver City and then north to Cheyenne where it meets the Union Pacific line. The professor is staying at the Columbia Hotel, which is not far from the station. The two of you can come from any direction but north.

02-09-06, 07:40 PM #2
Wilphe Rudolf looks about himself as he rides down from the station. A slight, wiry figure in a dark brown leather coat, dark crimson breaches and well-used riding boots. No hair is visible under a wide-brimmed black hat. His horse is not exactly a looker, but he handles it with confidence and assurance. Eyes are always moving, scanning and checking things out. Partially this is an automatic attempt to assess any new situation in purely tactical terms; it's also a search for any pretty faces or other suitible companionship. Either reflex is so automatic as to be sub-conscious - this is pretty much as relaxed as he gets when going into a new town.He pulls up outside the Columbia Hotel, dismounts, and ties up his horse before entering. A pistol hangs from his belt, which is not remarkable, that a workmanlike sabre hangs on the other side is - but he certainly doesn't move like he is expecting to use either. As he approaches the reception desk he removes his hat, revealing short, neat blond hair, "Good morning. I am here to see Professor Aulbert, where might I find him?"
02-11-06, 05:32 AM #3
Dan Johnson pushes back from the table with a sigh of contentment. Two weeks of eating his own cooking has certainly given him an appreciation for what a real cook can do. And real eggs ... he hadn't seen an egg for months down in the Indian Territories. Leaving some coins on the table to pay for breakfast, he grabs his carbine and wanders outside and watches the comings and goings around town.Leaning his lean, 6 foot frame up against the building, he checks his watch. "Seven in the morning? No way some Eastern Professor is up yet. Guess I got some time to kill, yet," he decides. Putting action into words, so to speak, Dan quickly finds a spot on the bench outside the restaurant, lays his carbine over his knees, tips his hat over his eyes, and dozes for a while. A while later he decides that it is late enough for an Easterner to be up and ambles on over to the hotel. "You got a Professor Aulbert here?" he asks the desk clerk. "I got business with him."
02-11-06, 01:06 PM #4
Committed Hero A wiry man in Eastern clothes rises to your questions."I'm Dr. Bartelby Cullen, gentlemen. Welcome to Cheyenne."After short introductions he arranges for your rooms at the hotel this evening. "We'll be departing tomorrow morning, so settle your affairs in civilization today if you can. The professor has invited everyone to dine with him tonight."He sniffs and continues. "Most of the other men are here already. The nightly card game wound up just an hour ago, in fact."
02-12-06, 01:52 PM #5
Wilphe "Please to meet you," Rudolf grasps Dr Cullen's hand with obvious sincerity, "You won't need to worry too much about me gambling, I have way too much difficulty getting money as it is without being reckless with it," he looks at Dan, "I reckon that it'll be just us two for the moment, seeing as how almost everyone else'll be sleeping.""I'll be happy to dine with the Proffessor tonight, I have no other plans and nothing to spend on them. Might as well sort ourselves out and get acquainted." He arranges for his horse to be stabled, unsaddling her himself, rubbing her down and checking her over. Then he goes and sorts out his own accomodation. A few hours later will find himself in the lobby, reading over whatever Newspapers he can find.
02-13-06, 08:36 PM #6
Max "Well, sleeping in a real bed will be a treat before we head on on the trail," says Dan. "I'll go grab my gear from the livery barn and bring it over.""Nice ta meet you, Rudolf. I'm sure I'll see you around. If we're gonna eat with the perfessor, I reckon I better get cleaned up a mit. I'm off to the barber for a bath and a shave. Better see about getting my clothes washed, while I'm at it. Don't want to offend any Eastern sensibilities," he says seriously.Dan moves his gear from the livery barn (where he slept in the hay loft last night) to the hotel, and gets a bath, shave and some clean clothes. After that, he will hang around and watch the people go by. He'll either be in the bar having a beer, sitting on the front porch of the hotel, or checking on his horse at the stable. He keeps his carbine with him at all times, as a general rule.
02-14-06, 02:01 AM #7
Committed Hero RudolfThe hotel has a generous selection of newspapers from San Francisco as well as several cities in the Midwest (as well as Cheyenne's paper). The most recent are about a week old. Dominating the headlines are the sucession of a new Chinese emperor and the theft of US banknotes bound for a Fort Worth bank.DanYou are not the only person sporting a weapon on the streets of Cheyenne, but after your visit to the barber you look better than most of them. Cleaning your clothes takes up the rest of your afternoon.The Columbia Hotel, eveningA large group is collecting in a private room on the ground floor. Still, you can hear the sounds of revelry from a loud saloon across the street. In addition to the staff of the hotel, who will providing the meal, there are seven persons seated at the table. You recognize Cullen and an elderly man who must be Professor Aulbert; the third obvious greenhorn introduces himself as Marion Whitney. A silent black man stands behind the professor and a grizzled mountain man has already helped himself to the bread on the table. Two additional men who look like they have spent some time in the saddle round out the group; they are Gus Bullock and Frank Colclough.There are several bottles on a cabinet against one wall, it looks like the professor is willing to open his pocketbook for the group - at least tonight.
02-14-06, 05:45 PM #8
Wilphe Rudolf will bathe in the evening, shortly before dinner and spend yet more time browsing the papers - especially if anything about the expedition is mentioned, probably not, and if it is it'll be one paragraph in an Eastern paper that means nothing to him."Just plain Marion Whitney, no Dr or Proffessor? Or are you hoping to earn your doctorate as a result of our little trip?"
02-15-06, 08:57 PM #9
Max "Pleased to meet you gents," says Dan in reply to the introductions. "I'm Dan Johnson." He walks around the table to the Professer and shakes his hand. "Perfessor, I look forward to hearing where you want to go and what yer lookin for. I've been through Wyoming a few times, but I don't know that I've been right where you want to go."Seeing that everyone has a drink and is seated, Dan takes a quick look at the booze and asks the hotel staff for a shot of Irish Whiskey. He then grabs an open seat and gets ready to sit through any speaches the Professor wants to make (that's what Professors do, right? Make speaches?) and then eat.

02-16-06, 02:17 AM #10
Committed Hero Quote:Originally Posted by Wilphe"Just plain Marion Whitney, no Dr. or Professor? Or are you hoping to earn your doctorate as a result of our little trip?"
"You pegged me. But the place we're going should change all that. The whole area is good fossil country."
02-16-06, 02:21 AM #11
Committed Hero Quote:Originally Posted by Max"Perfessor, I look forward to hearing where you want to go and what yer lookin for. I've been through Wyoming a few times, but I don't know that I've been right where you want to go."
"This part of the west used to be a seacoast, back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Just last year in Montana, one of the northeastern professors discovered the fossilized remains of a great lizard that walked on two feet. Teeth as long as this dinner knife," he pauses, holding up a piece of cutlery. "I need some men who are willing to get their hands dirty bringing something like that back. Then I'll fill them with cash."
02-16-06, 02:25 AM #12
Dinner is served with the small talk, which consists of huge slabs of beef ("They cook beef like this at Delmonico's," remarks the professor, "about the only thing they get right in New York City."), potatoes and vegetables. Whisky and other alcohol flows pretty freely.[If you have specific questions, ask away; otherwise I'll move things ahead]
02-16-06, 04:27 AM #13
(I'd say move things ahead, unless Rudolf has some questions. Once I have more info I'm sure I'll have questions but right now I need more info to know what to ask.)
02-16-06, 07:29 PM #14
Wilphe Registered User Join Date: Oct 2002Location: ReadingLast Seen: Yesterday (09:46 PM)Posts: 1,526 "We're going to the seaside? I'd have packed my costume," Rudolf raises a slightly sceptical eyebrow at the description of the beast they are looking for, "So what did this beast need such big teeth for? What'd it eat?"After that get's answered, he'll pick a suitible moment to pitch his next question, "So, these gentlemen you mention in your ad sir, Proffessors Cope and Marsh. They enemies of yours? You expecting trouble?"
02-16-06, 10:23 PM #15
"Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh are two of the most notorious scalawags to prowl the dust for old bones," huffs the Professor. "Although, with such company as yourselves, I daresay we have little to fear from them."
02-17-06, 02:18 AM #16
Max "Unless they done hired such a company their ownselves," Dan notes, wryly. "I'd be curious to know what you figger everyone's job is in this here company. Makes the work go easier if'n everyone knows who's to be doing what."
02-17-06, 06:20 PM #17
Committed Hero "Well, along with the rest of the ruffians who saw fit to ignore my invitation this evening, I envision using you to impress any Indians who challenge our authority to travel in these lands, protect us all against unimpressed Indians or others who consider robbing this expedition as a quick way to make money, assist with the manual work of making casts and removing fossils, and get anything we find back to civilization."
02-18-06, 10:31 PM #18
Wilphe "Uh huh," Rudolf nods sagely, "How familiar are you with the country we are headed through sir?"
02-19-06, 01:23 AM #19
Committed Hero "I confess I have not been there before, but Stetter assured me had made arrangements with the leading tribe of natives to guarantee safe passage to the river valley. It appears to be fairly dry country, but not extremely difficult to traverse. No severe changes in altitude, either, so the horses and pack mules should be comfortable."
02-20-06, 11:53 AM #20
Wilphe {Rudolf has no further questions unless Dan has any}
02-20-06, 04:11 PM #21
Max "Last question. One detail your telegram was short on was how much we'll be paid for this trip," says Dan, looking to wrap up the details.
02-21-06, 02:17 PM #22
Committed Hero Quote:Originally Posted by Max"Last question. One detail your telegram was short on was how much we'll be paid for this trip," says Dan, looking to wrap up the details.
"An understandable consideration," begins the professor. "I will be responsible for all expenses incurred on the expedition, as well as distributing a $75 bonus upon our safe return to Cheyenne. Naturally I will not be bringing the latter sum with us into the field."
02-21-06, 05:08 PM #23
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed Hero"Naturally I will not be bringing the latter sum with us into the field."
"Well then, I guess we'd better be sure you get back here safely then," Dan says with a grin. "I'm in. When do we leave?"
02-21-06, 09:34 PM #24
Committed Hero "After lunch tomorrow. We will be loading up the mules then. Have a good night,"As the diners disperse, Frank comes up to you, out of earshot of the professor."Gus and I are going to meet the rest of the team. They're in the saloon back room playing cards. Wanna come?"
02-22-06, 06:39 AM #25
Max "Sure, I'll join you for a few drinks and maybe a hand or two," says Dan. Gathering up his rifle and slinging it barrel down on his left shoulder, he wanders on over to the bar with Dan. Ordering a beer, he watches a few hands to see how fast a game these boys are playing.As he watches the game, he asks the room generally, "So, anyone had a chance to check out the route we're gonna take, or are we all just gonna follow the Professor's directions?" Dan asks, his tone clearly indicating he belief that letting some Easterner pick the route through Wyoming is not a great idea.
02-22-06, 05:38 PM #26
Wilphe Rudolf will take a beer and socialize, but he certainly won't touch liquor or cards, "I'm from further East than him, if that's reassuring, but I'm not navigating anyway. He pays the bills, he can do what he likes so long as it ain't gonna get me killed." Last edited by Wilphe : 02-22-06 at 05:44 PM.
02-23-06, 01:47 PM #27
Committed Hero There are three tables of gamblers. Two involve poker while seven people are playing fan-tan. This is the table that Gus & Frank approach."This here's Zeke Bartlett & Bert Maddox," Frank indicates to two of the players, who nod and return to their cards. The game seems pretty simple, involving emptying your hand on stacks built up from an ace. Dan thinks gets it after a watching a few hands.When asked about the professoer, Frank remarks "Did you see that guide, Pappy? Lewis and Clark asked him for directions!"
02-23-06, 06:26 PM #28
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed HeroWhen asked about the professoer, Frank remarks "Did you see that guide, Pappy? Lewis and Clark asked him for directions!"
Dan chuckles politely. "Good, glad the Perfessor got someone who knows the territory. Hope he listens to him. I mind the time I was guiding this English Count, or Baron -- never did get that straight -- hunting grizzlies. I swear every time I tried to lead him to one, he decided to take off in the other direction. Lucky he didn't git hisself killed doing that. Ah, well. Long as the boss listens to the guide, we'll be fine."When there is space, Dan will sit in on a few hands of fan-tan. He doesn't have much cash on him, so he keeps his bets small. Win or lose, he'll drop out again after 3-4 hands and get another beer. After that he'll just watch the poker players and participate in conversation.
02-26-06, 02:45 AM #29
Committed Hero Tell me how much you want to stake, and if you are spending an action point.
02-27-06, 08:01 PM #30
Wilphe Rudolf quietly sits, drinks, listens and sizes up those sitting at the table. Are they confident, cocky, scared?OOC: Sense Motive Check...
02-27-06, 10:16 PM #31
Max Dropping into an open seat, Dan asks, "Deal me in for a few. Never seen it before, but I think I've got the hand of this here game." Dan drops a couple dollars on the table as his bet. "Two bucks all you wanna risk on this hand?" Zeke asks, with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry boys, I'm gonna have to keep these bets a bit on the small side, until I get paid. Hell, if I had a lot of money, then I wouldn't need this job, would I?" he jokes. Apparantly the joke was good enough that Zeke and Bert decide not to ride him further on his small bet. Dan plays three hands, at $2 each. For each hand he wins, he'll play another. Once he's lost three hands total, he calls it a night for gambling.(OOC: Is that what you had in mind for controlling the NPC's at times?)edit: no action points used
02-27-06, 10:31 PM #32
Committed Hero Rudolf- Spoiler: (OOC - exactly!)Dan is a quick study, as he stays even, then wins money on the next hand immediately. Then his luck turns south twice in rapid succession (down $2 total). As he gets up for a drink, Zeke speaks with menace in his voice."Hold on, partner. I call cheat.Shocked, you look at the trail hand, only to realize his eyes are fixed on one of the other players, who had just cleaned up on the last hand. The sounds of coins moving across tables and the banter of cardplay stop immediately."Hold on, son - we're all friends here. I ain't nothing but lucky tonight."Rudolf- Spoiler:
02-28-06, 11:41 PM #33
Max OOC: could you describe the layout of the room, so we have an idea where we are standing relative to the cheater and Zeke? I initially posted my actions, but deleted the post pending getting a layout. My actions will be different depending on if I'm next to the cheater, on the opposite side of the table, or somewhere else. Thanks.(another OOC: I use the email alert so that I know when someone has posted to this thread. When you use the spoiler tag to hid information, it doesn't come through hidden when I get my email. So, I'd already read the "hidden" info for Rudolf, not realizing it was supposed to be hidden, before I logged onto the boards. In other words, the spoiler tag isn't going to conceal much if that was your goal since nothing is hidden in the email alerts.) Last edited by Max : 02-28-06 at 11:44 PM.
03-01-06, 02:58 AM #34
Committed Hero You are seated at a large table in the center of the room. There are two smaller tables at 12:00 and 9:00 (the door being 6:00). The bar area is at 3:00. Around the table are you, Zeke, potential cheater, empty seat, Bert, unknown player.Don't worry about spoiling the spoiler tag. Thanks for the warning.
03-02-06, 12:15 AM #35
Max Deciding he's had enough, and is getting thirsty, Dan automatically grabs his rifle, stands up, and starts to sling it over his shouler. Quote:Originally Posted by Committed Hero"Hold on, partner. I call cheat.Shocked, you look at the trail hand, only to realize his eyes are fixed on one of the other players, who had just cleaned up on the last hand. The sounds of coins moving across tables and the banter of cardplay stop immediately."Hold on, son - we're all friends here. I ain't nothing but lucky tonight."
Dan looks at Zeke, but quickly realizes the cowboy isn't looking at him. He's looking at the gambler to his right. Taking a step or two away from the table to give Zeke room, Dan keeps his eye on the situation. In particular, he's wondering about the other stranger at the table. He's heard that card sharks sometimes work in teams, so this other guy might be in on the cheating. Burt is probably watching Zeke and the cheater, so Dan keeps a close eye on the other unknown player. If the fight remains one on one, then Dan will stay out of it. If anyone else butts in to help the cheater, then Dan will probably join in as well.
03-03-06, 02:54 AM #36
Committed Hero "I think about half the room saw you palm a card."He seems to be waiting for someone to back him up.
03-03-06, 03:23 PM #37
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed Hero"I think about half the room saw you palm a card."He seems to be waiting for someone to back him up.
OOC: Is that Zeke looking for someone to back him up, or the cheater?
03-04-06, 02:07 PM #38
Committed Hero Quote:Originally Posted by MaxOOC: Is that Zeke looking for someone to back him up, or the cheater?
At everyone, not just the people at the table.
03-04-06, 05:33 PM #39
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed HeroAt everyone, not just the people at the table.
OOC: Ok, but WHO is looking at everyone for support? Zeke or the cheater? I couldn't tell from your original post who was looking for support for their position, so I'm not sure how to respond to it.
03-04-06, 10:25 PM #40
Committed Hero Sorry, Zeke. The accused is shifting his look around the room as well.

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04-16-06, 07:52 PM #81
Wilphe "Now what? We move on now, or wait and if that other bunch want to talk to us, then move tomorrow?"
04-18-06, 06:50 AM #82
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed Hero[Dan's Spot check succeeds][/color=grey] - One of the horses in the party, still heavily laden by whatever it was carrying, is going with them.
Dan watches the horse being lead away, as he stuffs the Indian pouch in his shirt pocket. Commenting to Pappy, "I sure hope these magic beans are worth evertyhing the Perfessor paid for 'em.""So, we hitting the road in the morning, or is there more to do here at the lodge?"
04-18-06, 02:35 PM #83
Committed Hero "Don't rightly know if they'll do anything, but I'm not the sort who turns down a gift," sniffs Pappy. "Anyhow, we should be safe here tonight, and well along the route to the fossil beds by tomorrow. I don't think we need a watch, even."No one is as quite as comfortable as that, however, so a small watch passes the uneventful night. In the morning, the caravan moves off. The terrain has gotten much more rocky and uneven. The few water holes you find are clouded white, and the water is bitter and alkaline. Dan can see a line of greenery a hard ride to the northwest which he makes for a bend in the Caroline River - which you will need to find for your fresh water.Towards the end of the day, you find yourselves in a broad basin. The eastern edge is a steadily rising rock wall that looks unclimbable, while the western side is a jumble of broken terrain and narrow arroyos choked with rocks and weeds. The sun sits just atop this ridgeline, which runs closer and closer to the trail you are following. Grimly, you notice that this track takes a sharp left turn where the two pieces higher land guard a tight passage.Just before you turn to traverse this pass, a friendly voice floats down from above you."That's as far as y'all need to go, partners."
04-18-06, 09:00 PM #84
Wilphe Rudolf's reply rings out from the head of the column, "Is it now, and why's that?". This is not a good situation, surronded by high ground, probably by at least some enemies with the sun to their backs and no clear idea where they are. Okay, keep calm, keep them talking, hopefully get a hold on where they are, give everyone time to recover from their suprise and hope no one does something rash.His eyes move to Dan and Pappy and his voice drops to a low murmer, "No shooting, this is a lousy position to fight from. If this turns nasty we turn and run." OOC:K/Tactics check. Likely position of any enemy?
04-19-06, 01:29 PM #85
Committed Hero 28 - The western ridge is ideal for a commanding view of the track, especially just above where the road turns. You doubt that anyone could get to the opposite ridge without a hard climb or long ride to easier ground. It's also possible someone could get up or down using one of the defiles along the western canyon wall.Because of the large number of animals with you, your best bet to avoid sniper fire is cover behind a horse or mule.All of the men are squinting into the sun, looking for the source of the voice."'Cause we got the drop on you."
04-24-06, 10:28 PM #86
Wilphe OOC: Been waiting on Max, but I'll carry on.IC:"Yeah, that you have. Doesn't really answer the question though does it, you wouldn't have the drop on us unless you wanted it. Last time I checked this was Indian country, so why's it matter to you where we go?"
04-25-06, 04:50 AM #87
Max OOC: sorry guys. On the road this week. I'll try to do better.Squinting into the sun, Dan curses under his breath for being in such a situation. They are going to have to put out scouts in the future. Walking into a trap like this is just plain foolish.Rudolf seems to have the conversation going, so Dan concentrates on trying to spot who is up there - and how many there are. He will follow Rudolf's lead for now, ready to run or fight depending on how the little chat goes.
04-26-06, 01:49 PM #88
Committed Hero "Let's just say a little birdie told us you had some things we may be interested in," snickers the voice as it bounces off the rocks above. [Spot 19] Dan notices the odd echoes at the same time he sees a figure atop the bluff, moving towards the edge to get a better view of the party. This person does not seem to have been doing the talking, however."Poppycock!" shouts Aulbert. "This is a scientific expedition. Even if you have been hired by my rivals, you are too early - we have yet to reach the fossil beds. You're welcome to come down and see what we're carrying.""All in good time, suh. Unless your men are willing to stand down."
04-27-06, 07:27 PM #89
Wilphe Rudolf assess the situation and nods to Dan, "We're leaving, find some cover if you can and take up a position. Don't start anything, but if they start shooting cover our withdrawal. I'll dismount at the rear of the column and cover your withdrawal, you then overlap me and do the same til we're back and safe, okay?"His flicks his horse round and back from the head of the column and rides back to the Proffessor and Pappy, "Proffessor, this is not a good situation. I'm not in the habit of throwing down my guns to every ruffian I meet and then trusting upon their good offices. Therefore it is my considered recommendation that we leave, now."
05-01-06, 03:35 AM #90
Max Dan doesn't see much for cover, so holds his seat on his horse for now. "We're pretty exposed here, Rudolf. Not much cover to choose from, unless we want to duck into them arroyos on the right. I got one of the varmints spotted though."He will make sure he keeps sight of the man he saw, turning his horse so the man is ahead and left of him make it easy to bring his rifle to bear on the man. If things get ugly, Dan plans to fire on the man spotted immediately. Dan continues to try and spot other ambushers.What is the range to man Dan spotted?OOC: sorry guys, I got caught in a hotel with no internet access. that sucked big time. I guess I'm spoiled with the high speed internet most hotels (except where I was) have. Won't be staying there again.

05-02-06, 02:55 AM #91
Committed Hero It is odd to both of you that no one seems to have tried to round you up, although your opponents can be anywhere. The man Dan sees is no more than 150' away - in pretty bad shape, Dan thinks to himself. You suspect you can reach the cover of an arroyo with a short gallop (one round), but you will need to dismount if you're planning to hide inside.The others in the party are obviously deferring to those in charge, to their detriment - Aulbert hasn't spoken, and his manservant is keeping a close watch on him. Cullen looks pretty jittery, and you both notice he has a pistol in a holster which he appears to be considering. Most of the others are looking to the pack animals, as shots in this enclosed area might spook them.
05-03-06, 08:45 PM #92
Wilphe Rudolf looks at Cullen, "When a man with a pistol meets a man with a rifle, the man with the pistol s'a dead man. That's an old Mexican proverb and it's true. It goes double when the guy with the pistol can't see the guy with the rifle. Leave that thing alone, you can't shoot what you can't see,"steels himself and looks square at the Proffessor, "Sir, this is not the time or the place, we have to go," if there is no response he raises his voice and addresses the rest of the group, "Now, move, get going."OOC: Diplomacy Check at +12
05-04-06, 12:19 AM #93
Committed Hero He can tell you are sincere in your estimation of the danger you are in, but he clearly doesn't appreciate it as much as you."What's the harm of letting them down here? They're more than welcome to check. And where would you have us go, anyway?"
05-04-06, 06:31 PM #94
Wilphe "Well I suppose you are right sir, I mean we are probably already surronded by an enemy with concealment and high ground. I'm sure that throwing our weapons to the floor and surrendering couldn't possibly make our position less tenable.""With respect sir, we do not know that they are telling the truth that we have something they want, nor do we know that we don't have it. You cannot know for sure these men are employed by your rivals, and even if they are, you can't know that they aren't just here to kill us. They may be here for reasons other than your proffessional rivalries. It could even be just one or two guys bluffing us into disarming.""You have employed me in good faith. In good faith I have advised you to retreat. You may act on that advice or not, I however have no intention of surrendering to the mercies of every casual ruffian I encounter on the trail," he urges his horse into a trot and threads his way down the column, at about twenty feet beyond the last man he wheels to see if anyone is following.
05-04-06, 07:04 PM #95
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed HeroIt is odd to both of you that no one seems to have tried to round you up, although your opponents can be anywhere. The man Dan sees is no more than 150' away - in pretty bad shape, Dan thinks to himself.
Dan takes a closer look at the guy he spotted, as best he can. Does the man appear to be wounded, or just exhausted? Maybe starved and out of water? I'm trying to determine what you mean by "bad shape". Does the man appear to be armed with a rifle?
05-04-06, 09:41 PM #96
Committed Hero Quote:Originally Posted by MaxI'm trying to determine what you mean by "bad shape". Does the man appear to be armed with a rifle?
Dead if you decide to pull the trigger. Right now he's not holding any weapon.
Yesterday, 10:01 PM #97
Max Quote:Originally Posted by Committed HeroDead if you decide to pull the trigger.
OOC: lol! Ok, I get it. Sort of missed where you were going there."You know, Perfessor, seems ta me the only thing we got that ya can't go buy in town is these indian charms. Could be that's what their after," Dan suggests quietly. "Regardless, I ain't droppin my weapon for nobody. Either we call their bluff and push forward, or we turn around and see if they'll let us leave. Which is it gonna be?If'n it was up ta me, I'd go with Rudolf's suggestion. Them boys up there got all the cards on their side. We pull back, maybe a couple of us could get up on the rim 'n do some scoutin tonight. See what we're really up against. Or, we could find a way around this here bottleneck too.