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[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun

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Yedra, Lady of the Deeping Vault, Mistress of the Malachite Halls, Pontiff of the Diamond Falls, Dao of the Shuddering Depths and Protector of Under Raam.

does not listen to any entreaties. In playing along, you find yourselves confined in a small, if comfortable home. She has ample bedding and decoration and can fill a table with fine food and drink with a wave. She seals away your weapons and equipment, somewhere nearby, but there could be 30' of solid rock in the way. She demands you wait on her every whim, but it becomes obvious that she cannot leave either.

Days and possibly weeks pass and it seems like time has little meaning.
you long for the ability to go outside and resume the lives you were leading before.

End of Chapter 2.

Until the day the outside world intrudes again and she sends you on a dangerous mission.
from which she likely does not expect you to return.

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