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[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Blaze recognizes the peculiar dialect of Primordial, and unable to contain his curiosity moves further into the passage. He holds his club up cautiously as in his other hand he conjures up a flame to see more.

"Who are you, mysterious one?" the genasi calls out in a loud flair which would fit nicely in a theatre or arena.

OOC: Ouch, that flying debris hit me for 11 points of damage? Darn, I need to get out of that room...

Action: Produce Flame

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Chtckh followed everyone though the door, still holding his three swords. When he saw the woman, he clicked and gestured toward the ray with his one free hand, asking her if she was holding the creature prisoner, and why. He finished with a gesture that indicated that he wanted her to release it, if her reasons were not a matter of safety.

Varsk turns to stare at the sudden appearance of a passage. Wary of the sudden appearance of a passage Varsk slips into the shadows. When the female voice welcomes the group Varsk summons his blades fearing a new threat. He curses under his breath as he watches the others walk into the passage towards a possible threat.

Varsk moves up carefully towards the passage and reaches out to Blaze with his mind.

Do you think following a strange voice is a good idea? This could be a trap.

OOC: Stealth check to hide: 1d20+7 8
Now that was some crap luck.

I will also summon my blades.

I am also moving up so I am within 30 ft of Blaze and can see him so I can use my psionic enhancement feature to speak telepathically with him. Blaze can reply telepathically if he so wishes.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Blaze abruptly stands still as a voice sounds in his head, and somehow he knows that it is Varsk.

Not daring to look behind him, the genasi tries to make a response by thinking very hard, "OF COURSE IT'S A TRAP, I'M SPRINGING THE TRAP!"

Then he moves on, unsure whether Varsk could hear his reply.

Steve Gorak

OOC: If Kel has time, he’ll attempt diplomacy

lacking confidence, Kel says: “sorry mistress, we were exploring this cave and meant no harm”

OOC: cast friends (note target does not become hostile due to psion devotion):Persuasion 7
Boy, this is the worst roll with advantage I’ve ever gotten!


Yedra, Lady of the Deeping Vault, Mistress of the Malachite Halls, Pontiff of the Diamond Falls, Dao of the Shuddering Depths and Protector of Under Raam.

The 8 foot tall ebony-skinned woman, wears steel amour, washed with gold. Her earrings and waist are set with massive gems, and her cloak appears to be made from the hide of some huge scaled beast. At her hip, an enormous sword made of bone seems almost to vibrate hungrily.

She advances until she can peers into the room around Blaze, nodding she gestures and a 3" thick wall of stone rises around the edges of the room, sealing the cloud rays cage, cutting off the storm and closing the passage you used to enter.

"I needed some new slaves, and y'all are just perfect! Now, sweeties, I can tell you may be thinking about a ruckus, but if y'all are too tiresome, remember that your in my home, and that when I redecorate,I just collapse the rooms I don't need.

Kel, Blaze - identification rolls : 1D20+3 = [16]+3 = 19 1D20+3 = [16]+3 = 19
both Blaze and Kel have heard of the Earth Djnn known as Dao. Greedy, cruel and proud they like slaves.
Blaze - Wall of Stone, Stone shape, Move Earth, Transmute Rock to Mud... all abilities rumored to belong to the powers underearth.
Kels finely honed political instincts catch a second title "Protector of Under Raam" Earth Lords wouldn't care about a surface city, but they can be bought or forced into servitude. The Sorceror-Queen of Raam herself would easily have the power and motivation to do so.

[pictures] may not be exactly to scale
FG sword.jpg
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Blaze inhales sharply as the massive woman steps into view, and it is not just her massive size and obvious power that catches his attention...

"M'lady Yedra, the pleasure's mine," the fire genasi says with an unexpectedly warm and soft voice. "My name is Blaze, elemental descendant and former gladiator. I had heard of the Dao and their absolute mastery over the earth and rock, but the stories never mentioned your.. magnetism!"

He looks the massive woman over with an approving look, and the flames in his hand ignite larger ones on his bald head, giving the impression of a stylish hairdo that he nonchalantly tosses back.

OOC: 'May not be exactly to scale' - does that mean she is larger and is really Huge (the white base) or that she is of a reasonably smaller size? * hopes for the latter * ;)

Steve Gorak

Kel’s anxiety spikes as he sees Blase’a hubris towards the powerful Dao. Remembering his training in the way, he forces his heart rate down and kneels with deference.

Mistress Yedra, we apologize for trespassing in your home. Would you allow us humble slaves to leave and disturb you no more?

Kel’s manners are polished, and the others, including Yedra, can see he likely was not born to a life of slavery.

OOC: concentrating on friends, round 2.
Persuasion 17
Please recall that because of Kel’s psionic devotion (class benefit), target of friends does not become hostile when spell/power ends


Possibly a Idiot.
Plool takes Chtckh to the side and starts whispering "I don't think we can pick a fight with her and win, at least not right now" He looks at his bruises accumulated through this day. "Should we play along? I don't see any exit that isn't behind her."

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