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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble


Drake gives a Fire dance performance. Mostly to practice, but also to show off a bit. He ties rags to the ends of his quarter staff and uses some oil to light them on fire, and proceeds to spin them and twirl them around in an intricate dance, using his innate magic to cause the fire to swirl, spin, and change colors, at times making images, usually dragons, appear in the flames, so it looks like flaming dragons trail the ends of the quarter staff rather than just fire.


GM: Make a performance check. I'll let you add your prof bonus and you can choose Dex or Cha as the base stat. This will determine impressiveness only, not chance of failure.


The villagers are not quite friendly but pleasant enough. They seem impressed by the fire show. Some of the children ask Surina about living among the warm bloods. She finds out they acknowledge the 12 gods but worship a minor deity of the swamp, Issostle, a non-gendered god of all things swampish. Part of the dinner meal was in their glory.

Night rolls around and the village becomes quiet rather quickly after dark. You soon find your group is the only ones awake in the village proper.

GM: Anyone doing anything between now and an hour before dawn? If so, go ahead, if not, post how you wake up in the morning and prep for the travel to the mine location.
Surina wakes with the dawn and offers up prayers to Runella, praying that the hearths that have darkened due to the kidnapping of the villagers, may once again light houses full of joy. As the sun arises, she asks Kunar to grant hope to herself, her companions, and the lizardfolk who have welcomed them. She ends her time of prayer by asking Essembri for help and guidance as they seek to free the villages and end the evil committed by Ariamhodary and his followers.


Surina feels she is doing the right this after her morning prayers. Before dawn, a pair of scouts make sure all of you are awake and will be ready to go in 10-15 minutes.

At the appointed time, a scouting party, including Chief Warden Wesspra, head into the swamp. The route is relatively straight and after half an hour, they slow and indicate you should be quiet. One creeps forward and returns a few moments later. The Warden says, "The edge of the camp is two hundred yards ahead. This is where we part ways. Good luck."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon swaggers along with the others, appearing as if he spent the night drinking more of the strong lizardfolk liquor instead of sleeping. When the scouts say their farewell, the monk salutes them silently with a motion as if making a toast with his flask.

Overbalanced, the aasimar falls backwards, then rolls with the motion and spins so that he stands, once more, but now facing the camp. The roll was pretty silent, and Pelegon grins.

And proceeds to step on the only dry twig for miles around, which snaps a bit loudly here in the swamp.