[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble

Surina Runs forward, muttering a brief prayer to Essembri. She takes a deep breath and blows out a cone of frosty air at two of the lizardmen.

OOC: : I don’t need grid letters/numbers, but by my count, if Surina moves one square to her left and then forward until she reaches the upper right corner of the larger grey box those squares are in, By my count, if she moves to JJ20, she will be in range to hit both L5 and L6 with her breath weapon.

Breath weapon, cold damage DC 12 for 1/2 damage: 2D6 = [2, 2] = 4


Everett casts a spell and a fire appears under one of the lizardfolk in the back (L7). Flames appear beneath him but he manages to leap to the side to avoid getting burned. Everett moves back a little, behind Perin and Swithun. (to QQ24)

Perin fires his crossbow at the leader. The bolt strikes true and the leader is in rough shape. He stows his crossbow and prepares to charge into the ensuing fray.

GM: Waiting on Drake's actions before the Lizardfolk go.

L7 saving throw dex save dc 12: 1d20+2 13
Perin Crossbow: 1d20+4 21 1d8+2 9


Drake feels a surge of fire in his chest as he follows Surina, and mimics her actions. Only instead of ice, his breath erupts in fire, which engulfs the same lizard folk as hers.

OOC: Move next to Surina.
Bonus Action: Cast Breath Weapon on self - Fire
DC 13 Dex Save for half, or take Damage: Dragon Breath: 3D6 = [1, 5, 3] = 9


Brother P misses one lizardman with two strikes. He slips toward another one and hits that one with a jab.
Swithun's spear hits the leader squarely before he backs up to charge.
Everett summon a bonfire under a guard, but he leaps free before it does any harm.
Surina unleashes her pent up cold breath on two of the lizardfolk. One is more harmed than the other.
Drake follows it with a breath of fire on the same two. The opposite ones are harmed
Perin fires his crossbow at the leader. The bolt narrowly misses him.

The leader raises his crossbow and shoots at Everett, nicking him in the arm. Then he draws his trident and moves toward Drake.
L2, L3, and L4 all fire at Brother P. Only on hits, but it's a pretty nasty hit. Then they draw their tridents and swarm him.
L5 and L6 fire at Surina. L7 fires at Drake. Both of them are hit by a bolt, Drake taking it in chest. Then they draw their tridents and move toward Drake and Surina.

L1 vs Everett - 19 hits 3 damage
L2 vs Brother P - 20 hits 10 damage
L3 vs Brother P - 10 misses
L4 vs Brother P - 6 misses
L5 vs Surina - 8 misses
L6 vs Surina - 19 hits, 8 damage
L7 vs Drake - 24 crits, 16 damage (ow)

L1 hp 20/30
L2 hp 30/30
L3 hp 26/30
L4 hp 30/30
L5 hp 19/30
L6 hp 22/30
L7 hp 30/30

L5 two breath saves: Breath Weapon Saves DC 12, 13: 2#1d20+2 17 6, takes 2 points cold, 9 points fire damage
L6 two breath saves: Breath Weapon Saves DC 12, 13: 2#1d20+2 4 21, takes 4 points cold damage, 4 points fire damage
Flight of crossbow bolts: Crossbow: 7#1d20+4 18 20 10 6 8 19 24 7#1d10+2 3 10 7 11 11 8 10
Crit Crossbow: 1d10+2 6

Start of round 2

Please, when you post, indicate your currrent hit points, AC, etc so I don't have to look it up.

Swamp Prison.png


Drake Con Save: 1D20+3 = [15]+3 = 18

Drake feels the hit, but manages to hold on to the spell. He reaches into his pack and pulls one of the vials of oil, then shunts some of his inner power into the vial and sends it hurtling towards L7

Without looking to see if he hit, he takes a deep breath, kindling the fire once more, and attempts to engulf L6 and L7.

Bonus Action: Quicken Spell cast Catapult, sending the Oil Flask at L7. If I try to move to line up the shot, then they’ll get an opportunity attack, but this works.

Action: Activate Dragon Breath. I succeeded on keeping Concentration, so this isn’t casting a new spell, it’s just activating one from the previous round. It should be fine with Catapult.

Catapult Damage: DC 13 Dex Save to dodge: 3D8 = [4, 2, 5] = 11

Dragon Breath Fire Damage: DC 13 Dex Save for half: 3D6 = [6, 4, 3] = 13

If the Flask Hits, then L7 is covered in Oil as well, and whether he succeeds on his Dex Save against the Fire Breath or not, he will take some Fire Damage, and therefore activate the Oil, and therefore take an additional 5 Fire damage.

AC: 15
HP: 8/24
Spell slots: 1st 3/4, 2nd 1/2
Sorcerer Points: 1/3


Swithun stared at the Lizardfolk Captain with a steely resolve. He dug his hooves into the ground and drew his second spear. Then he charged, driving the long blade into the captain.

OOC: Darn, I can't use my Centaur Charge and my Samurai Fighting Spirit at the same time (both Bonus Actions) so I went with the latter. Gives Advantage and I wanna kill this guy.
Swithun AC16; HP 32/32 and 5/5 THP. FSpirit 2/3; Spears 1/2.
Spear: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [6, 14]+5 = 19; 1D8+5 = [6]+5 = 11


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Ouch," says Brother Pelegon as one of the lizardfolk hits him with a crossbow bolt.

As three of them surround him with tridents, the aasimar raises his arms as if surrendering, hitting one of them with his flailing arms, then mutters, "No drinkers, eh? Ah well," before making a dismissive movement that happens to slap one in the face twice and stumbling away with such jerky and unpredictable movements that none of the scaly guards can even begin to stop him.

"How about you guys," he says as Pelegon moves behind the other lizardfolk who are focused on Surina and Drake, once more gesturing with his flask.

OOC: Ha, I'm loving this Drunken Technique thing, despite rolling poorly on my attacks. :)

Action: Attack (unarmed) on L2
Bonus Action: Flurry of Blows, with Drunken Technique: two extra attacks (unarmed) on L4, provoking no opportunity attacks and gaining extra speed
Movement: to HH-21 (flanking with Surina and Drake)

Brother Pelegon attack and flurry of blows:
1D20+4 = [16]+4 = 20 (hit) 1D4+2 = [2]+2 = 4
1D20+4 = [3]+4 = 7 (miss) 1D4+2 = [3]+2 = 5
1D20+4 = [20]+4 = 24 (hit; critical) 1D4+2 = [3]+2 = 5

Extra damage on crit: Extra crit damage: 1D4 = [3] = 3

AC 15
HP 17/27
Ki points 1/3


3 scorching rays @L2,L3,L4: 3#1d20+5 6 15 12 3#2d6 6 4 7
Bite attack: 1d20+4 13 2d4+2 7
Bite attack Trip save DC 11: 1d20+2 22
Swordsword: 1d20+4 7 1d6+4 10
Catapult Dex Save DC 13: 1d20+2 8

Bite and Scimitar strikes: 12#1d20+4 8 6 7 24 11 16 23 7 21 19 24...
Blade Crit: 1d8 5
Bite Crit: 1d6+2 4 bah, only 2

Bro P hits L2 and L4 with one strike each.
Swithun rushes forward, jabbing his blade into L1.
Everett launches a scorching ray at the three lizardfolk surrounding Brother P, hitting only the one in the middle
Surina damages L6.
Perin charges forward on his wolf. The wolf bites into L5. It tries to drag him down but does not. Perin attacks with his sword, missing.
Drake launches oil at L7 who fails to avoid it. Then L6 & L7 are showered with dragon's breath. L6 seems to avoid much of it but L7 is nearly toast. (13+11+ 5 from the oil is 29 points of damage!)

L1 swings at Drake 8 [1d20=4] 6 [1d20=2] and tries to bite him, missing twice
L2 attacks Brother P 7 [1d20=3] 24 [1d20=20], critting with the blade. 5 [1d8=3] 5 [1d8=5]
L3 attacks Brother P 11 [1d20=7] 16 [1d20=12], hitting with the blade. 7 [1d8=5]
L4 attacks Brother P 23 [1d20=19] 7 [1d20=3], hitting the bite. 4 [1d6=2]
Brother P falls to the ground. L2, L3, and L4 move toward the rest of the group.
L5 attacks Perin 21 [1d20=17] 19 [1d20=15], hitting twice. 4 [1d6=2] 3 [1d8=1]
L6 attacks Surina 24 [1d20=20] 16 [1d20=12], critting with the bite, 7 [1d6=5] 2 [1d6=2]
L7 withdraws to EE28

L1 hp 9/30
L2 hp 26/30
L3 hp 22/30
L4 hp 22/30
L5 hp 19/30
L6 hp 12/30
L7 hp 1/30

Top of round 3. Everyone make a perception check.
There's a low rumbling sound coming from somewhere.
Somewhere to the north. Even the ground seems to be agitated.

Swamp Prison.png
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Swithun saw Brother Pelegon fall and he felt a pang of regret for giving these lizardfolk a chance. This was what he had expected to happen, but it had been what he had expected from the other lizardfolk too, and that had gone surprisingly differently. He furiously twisted his blade, slicing through the mocking lizardman squad leader. He spun around and thrust the sword-spear at the next lizardfolk to come up to him, finding himself surrounded. The blade glanced off of the lizardfolk's armour. Swithun was far too focused to see anything beyond his immediate targets.



the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: I'm at the wrong place on the map. I moved to HH-21. I imagine the lizardfolk followed me there, so I'm still down, though.

Edit: I don't think I can make a Perception check while unconscious. If you feel otherwise, please let me know.

Death saving throw: Brother Pelegon death save: 1D20 = [18] = 18 (made it!)

AC 15 (but prone and unconscious)
HP 0/27
Ki points 1/3

Death saves succeeded: 1/3
Death saves failed: 0/3
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Swithun nodded to Drake as he caught the firedancer's eye. He'd happily take a singe to fry an extra lizardman or two...

"What sound?" he asked Surina.


Bro P lays in the mud, unconscious.
Swithun severely damages the lizardfolk head guard L1.
Everett launches a scorching ray at the three most injured lizardfolk killing the recent injured leader and the fleeing guard. But Surina's target manages to avoid the flames.
Scorching ray vs L1, L6, L7: 3#1d20+5 24 9 21
Surina damages L6. She then calls out. "What's that sound?" One of the guards laughs when she does.
Everett replies, "Sounds like something is coming this way." He backs up the hill to higher ground.
Perin's wolf. The wolf bites into L5 and drags him to the ground.
Bite attack on L5 and trip save: 1d20+4 23 2d4+2 6 1d20+2 7
Perin stabs at him on the ground, killing him with a harsh blow.
shortsword: 2d20k1+4 24 1d6+4 6
Drake angles himself to breathe fire on the guards as he doesn't want to catch Surina or Bro Pelegon in his flames. L4 takes the brunt of the fire. L6 manages to take some cover behind L4.
L4 and L6 dex save dc 12: 2#1d20+2 9 12

L2 attacks Swithun 11 [1d20=7] 18 [1d20=14], hitting with his scimitar. 6 [1d8=4]
L3 attacks Swithun 20 [1d20=16] 8 [1d20=4], hitting with his bite 6 [1d6=4]
L4 attacks Surina 17 [1d20=13] 5 [1d20=1], hitting with his bite 5 [1d6=3]
L6 attacks Perin 12 [1d20=8] 5 [1d20=1], missing twice.

Bite and Scimitar strikes: 8#1d20+4 11 18 20 8 17 5 12 5 4#1d6+2 6 6...

L1 hp dead
L2 hp 26/30
L3 hp 22/30
L4 hp 10/30
L5 hp dead
L6 hp 1/30
L7 hp dead

Another perception check for everyone: Perin and Everett's checks: Perception: 1d20+4 18 1d20+3 15
There is definitely something rumbling. You can feel it on the ground. And if you heard it before, it's definitely getting closer.
Along with the low rumble, there's the sound of wood snapping in half.
Above the din, you can hear some of the prisoners shouting "The moat. Beware of the moat." That makes something click in your mind. Ah, rushing water. That's what the rumbling sound is.

Swamp Prison.png


Perception: 1D20-1 = [9]-1 = 8

Not wanting to hit the monk, and not noticing any noises while so filled with rage, Drake steps towards L3 and engulfs him and L2 in another flame bath, trying not to hit Swithun.

OOC: This is my first time using this spell. Oh my goodness. Don’t have enough Sorcerer points for another Quickened Spell, but I’ve only used 2 spells so far.

I think I’ve found my new favorite spell.

DC 13 Dex save for half vs Dragon Breath: 3D6 = [4, 3, 5] = 12