[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon is sure of it; he heard his wife's voice! Determined to find her, he flies through the nothingness that surrounds him towards where he thinks she must be, but silence reigns once more.

After a long while, he stops; his wings move slowly to keep him in place, creating small whirlwinds in the misty air. What now? Where is he?

Suddenly a great darkness erupts from him, hurting the aasimar both mentally and physically; he screams out, the pain impossible to endure...

And then, still screaming, he regains consciousness as some of the healing liquid lingers in his mouth, still working to close the worst of his injuries.

The pain is strong, but less so; the pain of many wounds that would have proved lethal if not for the healing potion administered to Pelegon by -- by who, really?

As soon as he opens his eyes, Perin moves away from him, shouting about water coming. What water?

Then he sees the huge wave moving down towards him, and Pelegon only realizes that he's running when he's almost at the camp...

OOC: Not sure how far I can run after just regaining consciousness, but Brother Pelegon is getting the hell towards safety. :)

Current HP: 9/27


GM: Bro P gains inspiration.

Swithun and Perin manage to rescue Drake and all three of them rush up the hill to the camp.
Bro P rushes up the hill.
Surina rushes up the hill.
Drake remains unconscious.
Everett backs away from the two lizardfolk climbing up the hill and prepares a spell. "Surrender or die," he shouts in Draconic.

L4 rushes up the embankment on the far side of the camp.
L2 and L3 rush Everett. When they get close enough, he unleashes an Ice Knife spell at them. L3 is unharmed by the initial attack but the ice breaks into shards that L3 dodges. L2 isn't as lucky.
Ranged spell attack at L3: 1d20+5 12 1d10 6
Dex save dc 13: 2#1d20+2 11 13 2#2d6 7 8
L3 bites at and swings his scimitar at Everett. Both manage to connect.
Bite and Scimitar strikes: 2#1d20+4 20 19 1d6+2 4 1d8+2 8

Some of the villages made it across the expanse before the waters wash. A few of them pick up sticks and attack L3. Two of them manage to connect with strong blows to the lizardfolk's arm and back.
makeshift club attacks at L3: 4#1d20+1 15 4 17 5 4#1d4+1 4 2 4 4

In the camp proper, the villagers are talking about the waters. "It will take a few hours for the waters to subside. The whole lizardfolk tribe will have us surrounded." "We can ford the waters in a moment or two once it settles into place." "Where's my mommy?" "Not everyone can swim." "What of the babies?" Among the chatter, one of the villagers say, "It is true. We should be able to swim across in a moment or two. They release these flow waters periodically."

L2 hp 0/30
L3 hp 2/30
L4 hp 2/30

Bro P 9 hp
Swithun 21/35
Everett 5/17
Surina 11/38
Perin undamaged
Drake 0 hp good 1/3 bad 1/3 death saves

Swamp Prison.png


"Someone take care of this man," ordered Swithun while lying Drake on the ground. He looked about for some way that they might install a bridge, or a raft, for the weaker of the prisoners. He began to tear apart the slave-huts.

OOC: Someone use a potion on Drake, I think we still have some, but I don't think I do.


GM: It would take as long as they are saying for the water to recede to build an actually bridge like structure. But these huts can probably be turned into some kind of guide rope that people could hold on to and pull themselves through the water without fear of being swept away or, for those who cannot swim, drowning.

As you start pulling the huts apart (and presumably explain your plans) the villagers start helping. Some of the women start weaving rope out of the thatch. Papoose-like garments are being made by some people to help carry children across.

While this is going on the water fully surrounds the mesa. The lizardfolk guard who took refuse in the camp drops his scimitar and surrenders. He is placed in one of the "kid" huts once it is emptied out. One of the women takes possession of the scimitar, obviously trained in its use.

Everett and the villagers across the river kill the last guard. Again, someone takes up his scimitar.

GM: I think I'm going to make a skill challenge out of this. Everyone can contribute a unique skill to solving the issue of getting over 100 people off an island before reinforcements from the lizardfolk tribes secure the area. So, Swithun has contributed the Int (engineering) check for getting rope together. I assume you will eventually succeed. But too many failed skill rolls before enough successes will waste time. And time is the enemy here.

I assume Drake is revived with 2d4+2 hit points from a healing potion.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Any more of those potions?" Brother Pelegon yells after Perin as he rushes to Drake's side, catching a vial someone tosses to him and wasting no time in pouring its contents down Drake's throat.

"Careful there, friend," the monk says softly to his fellow ex-prisoner. For a few moments, Pelegon drops the drunken act and shows himself completely sober and concerned for Drake, but then he gets up and once more swaggers towards where Swithun oversees the construction of the rope to get everyone across the water.

"Whadda ye want me to do?" he slurs.

OOC: Now Drake is definitely back on hit points. :)


"We are building a floating bridge of logs lashed together." grunted Swithun, "You will not walk on it; You will stay upcurrent and use it to stop yourself from being washed down. There will be loops to hold.. We must leave soon."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon nods, then swallows a burp before asking, "Shall I take one end of the bridge across the water?"

OOC: I will attempt swimming at first, but if that doesn't work I've got my aasimar wings as a backup plan. :)


“I can mend things with my magic,” he said. “I use it in my performances to break and mend my quarterstaff. It could help?”


GM: Bro P can make a Strength (athletics) check to drag the bridge out into the water. Flying would still be a Strength check because the bridge is heavy and being dragged by the water. The DC would be higher flying for that reason. But, even if you fail the Swimming check, it just means it took you longer to cross the river of water then it would have if you succeeded. Also, I assume some of the villagers will be helping you with this and thus you do NOT have disadvantage on your roll.

Drake can make a Intelligence (arcana) check to see if he is able to cast mending quickly and accurately enough so that if/when the bridge actually separates, he stops it from actually separating so far that time must be spent fetching the separated ends.

Surina? Suggestions for something the halfling wolfrider Perin might do?

A charisma roll of some kind to keep people calm during the crossing is an idea.

Adding other safety measures could help as well. (And I will suggest them if someone makes a really good Int check before the crossing starts, if you want help.)
Surina heard Swithun explain his plan. "Good thinking." She checked quickly on Drake and Brother Pelegon and then began making her way among the former prisoners, calming the most panicked, encouraging them to gather in an orderly fashion. She spoke calmly and warmly to them.

OOC: persuasion check:
Surina, persuasion: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17
(15 if it's just a straight CHA check instead of persuasion)
@tglassy and @JustinCase Surina probably has time to use healing hands on one of you, I'm thinking 5 HP worth, so she has some in reserve for later.


GM: Among the party are 3 additional Healing Potions in case anyone wants to use one.

Perin takes some time to count the villagers and whispers to the party there are about 150 men, women and children here.

Twenty or thirty men and woman, hale of health, get in the water with Bro P and Swithun to stretch the bridge across the water. It takes at least 10 excruciating minutes to get the bridge across the river and sufficiently stable for the weaker townsfolk to attempt the crossing. It is highsummer, but that water is freezing cold. Everett has a bonfire burning on the riverbank to help people get a little quick warmth after they get out of the water.

GM: Please decide if anyone is using the potions before I go any further with what happens next.


OOC: Swithun will stay longest in the water, making sure that no one drowns, even if he has to swim up and down the line. (Horses swim pretty good, what with that big hollow boat-shaped chest.)