Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Chapter#2

"The tomb holds the remains of Tular Seft, a scholar of the elemental planes—realms of air, earth, fire, and water. The object of our interest has no elemental properties, so why an elemental scholar would keep it, I cannot say."

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"Hmmm. A mystery. Good, I like those. Should we be getting stocked on all the usual dungeoneering kit, then, rope, rations, ten foot poles, that sort of thing?"

Vord shrugs. "Those are good precautions. But I can't say if they will be needed as I know nothing of the interior of the tomb."

"If there are no other questions, you may return upstairs to Cadamus who has a few supplies for you."


First Post
Setis nodded, and without further question or comment turned and headed back upstairs to meet with Cadamus.

Once there she simply said, "Supplies."

Jayesh bows to the Lady and follows the others from the room. Once upstairs the monk inclines his head to Cadamus.

"The lady said you have supplies. Do they include a map of the tombs location and it's surrounding area?"

Cadamus greets you as you arrive. Along with foodstuff, portable tents, and similar things. He has a carefully drawn map showing the direction to the tomb’s back entrance, an ivory scroll tube containing a scroll of fly, and a +1 shortsword. He says he has also arranged camels for your journey: One for each of you and two to carry the tents and other supplies. If any of you do not need a camel, he just asks that you let him know.

“May you find speed and insight on your course. For performing this service, you will earn a good name within the Order—a reward greater than the coin, whether you
believe it so or not.” He says as you leave.

GM: There is no actual map. Getting from Kelmarane to Pale Mountain takes several days. The journey, roughly 80 miles, crosses mostly flat terrain, low hills, and old roads. It will involve Survival checks to see how fast you can get there so figure out who will be the "guide". Pg 316 of the playtest book talks about overland travel. A camel's base speed is 35 and can travel 28 miles per day.

Charwoman Gene

After some discussion with Setis, Siobhan thinks that we'd be better of following Setis's lead, as she has a little more practical experience in different environments. Siobhan intends to lend her Aid, however.

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