Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Chapter#2

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You start moving toward the mountain. The terrain is difficult with squat trees dotting the landscape. Occasionally you find tiny clearings where the going isn't as slow. The barking of some kind of animal can be heard ahead. Setis whispers that they may be hyenas. As you approach another clearing, you see the beasts. There's three of regular ones and one that is oversized for the species. They catch your scent and laugh as they begin to stalk you.

Initiative order

Setis (Se) - 23 -
Antony (AD) - 22 -
Siobahn (Si) - 17 -
Jayesh (JS) - 15 -
Janivel (Ja) - 13 -
Hyenas - 9 -

Any square with veiny lines in it is difficult terrain. H4 is the BIG hyena.

B1 hyenas.png


Antony gauges the distance to the foes as he raises his hands, electricity crackling between them. Unfortunately it appears only one of the smaller hyenas is within the grasp of his lightning magic, but that will have to do.

OOC: 1. Verbal: Electric Arc
2. Somatic: Electric Arc [roll0] Electricity Damage (DC 18 Save)
3. Somatic: Reach Spell

Charwoman Gene

Siobhan takes note of the closest smaller hyena and launches two strikes at it.
OOC: 1. Hunt Target (H2)
2: Strike H2 -- [roll0] Favored Aim Damage [roll1]
2: Strike H2 -- [roll2] Favored Aim Damage [roll3]

Jayesh performs some slow deliberiate moves with his arms and settles into a crouched stance hands held out like claws. The monk then moves up next to Setis and watches the hyenas.

OOC: 1: Enter Tiger Stance
2: Stride to L20
3: -


They won't be laughing long, thinks Janivel, and her shortbow is already in her hand - and she looses three arrows in rapid succession.

OOC: She has Quick Draw, and since the hyenas have a lower initiative, Surprise Attack kicks in - foes are flat-footed to her until they act. She's hitting them in reverse order - Hyena 4 first, then if it drops, hyenas 3 through 1.


Attack rolls: 1d20+8 27 1d20+3 9 1d20-2 1

The first one's almost certainly a hit, so:
Shortbow Damage (Base, Sneak Attack, Critical Extra Damage if Applicable: 1d6 5 1d6 2 1d6+10 13

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