Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Chapter#2

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Antony summons an Earth Mephit and places it between the party and the creature.
Janivel fires a bunch of arrows at the creature but they miss or ricochet off the creature's hard chitinous plates.
Setis casts and launches an acid arrow at the creature, hitting it (errata says roll 2d8+mod for initial acid arrow damage so roll again)
Jayesh launches a dart at the creature and hits.
Siobhan designates the creature as her Hunt Target and then takes two shots at it. Only the first shot hits.
arrows against ankhev: 1d20+8 27 1d20+3 16 2#1d6+1 6 4 1d6 5

The big bug moves to F6 and unleashes a spray of acid that catches the mephit, Jayesh, and Janivel. The others are just out of range. DC 17 Reflex save or take 6 hp of damage (success for half, crit success for none, crit fail for double).
Spray Acid DC 17 Ref: 3d6 6
Mephit's save: ref save 17: 1d20+2 9

Initiative: Party goes first.
Antony 24 @a1 32/32
Siobhan 20 @a2 27/52
Jayesh19 @e4 27/60
Janivel 18 @b2 44/44
Setis 18 @a3 40/48
Big Bug 15 @f6 29/38 (acid arrow damage pending)
Mephit @e5 12/18

If there was healing I've forgotten, let me know.

Skimpy map:


Antony weaves lightning between his hands with practiced ease while keeping his mind focused on maintaining the elementals connection to this plane. He reaches out with one hand towards the bug and it is briefly sheathed in electricity as the crackling magic dissipates from his fingers.

OOC: 1. Concentrate On Spell: Summon Monster
2. Somatic Casting: Electric Arc
3. Verbal Casting: Electric Arc [roll0] Electricity, Reflex 18.

In the future I need to consider that I could just be holding my staff when I write the first description in combat. Produce Flame would probably be a better bet here than Electric Arc but I do not want to spend an action drawing it quite yet.


Janivel sees the acid incoming, and ducks out of the way... but not quickly enough.

OOC: Reflex Save: 1d20+9 13

Failed by 4; takes 6 hp, is at 38/44.

Cursing under her breath, she gets ready to advance, and then hesitates, seeing the quicksand and knowing just how sticky it can get. Instead, she takes a moment to examine her foe, before snapping off another couple of arrows.

  1. Battle Assessment: GM rolls Perception +7 versus the creature's Stealth or Deception, whichever's higher. Success reveals one piece of information; critical success reveals two.
  2. Attack 1: Arrow Attack: 1d20+8 26 1d4+4 6
  3. Attack 2: Arrow Attack: 1d20+3 22 1d4+4 5


Jayesh attempts to jump out of the way of the acid but the only clear path was directly into the quicksand. The brief hesitation is meet with the burning sensation as the liquid begins to eat into his skin. The monk moves trying to keep the bug from only being able to target one of the group with future attacks. As he moves he throws two more darts at the creature.

OOC: DC17 Reflex Save: 1d20+9 14
1: Stride to I5.
2: Dart attack on Bug w/ damage: 1d20+8 25 1d4+1 3
3: Second dart attack on bug w/ damage: 1d20+4 5 1d4+1 3

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